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Nippon Pro Modus 3 120 Shaft Review

A Nippon for Pros and Us

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Ryan Heiman
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Nippon Pro Modus 3 Shaft

This is my official Nippon Pro Modus 3 120 Iron Shaft Review. 

I put these shafts on my irons for many rounds of golf and got a good feel for them.

Here is my experience and how they performed for me.

Nippon Pro Modus 3 Shaft
Nippon Pro Modus 3 Shaft – Overview
Nippon has been making steel shafts for years and is the number one steel shaft in Asia.  But here in the US they haven’t been as popular.  For me personally I haven’t had a Nippon shafted club in the bag, ever.  I’ve tried from time to time to like a version of a Nippon shaft, but I always ended up with the same results; too soft, too light, too high launching and too much spin.

The Nippon PRO MODUS 3 changes all that.  This is a Nippon shaft I have seen in PGA pros bags and have seen popping up more in the amateur world.  It had been in development for some time, and is finally making its way into golfers bags.

I installed a set of Nippon PRO MODUS 3 Tour 120 S shafts in my Cobra S3 Pro irons.  I really liked the balance of these shafts. I didn’t need to add any tip weight to keep them playing at D2.  Their screen printed red logos look great on the underside of these shafts.  At 120 grams, they are finally a set that is in the weight range that stronger players need and prefer.

On the course I found that they still have some signature Nippon characteristics, with some modifications.  I’ve always liked the feel of Nippon shafts; they are as silky smooth as a steel shaft can be.  It is just so pure at impact.  The PRO MODUS 3 120 is just as good feeling as their other shafts without feeling loose or noodle-like.  They have a firm waggle but a smooth feel throughout the swing.

The PRO MODUS 3 shafts are still fairly high launching, but not in the clouds like before.  Maybe the biggest difference between the PRO MODUS 3 and other Nippon shafts was that I didn’t lose distance.  There was no excessive spin or extreme height, just a strong high trajectory.  I dropped them in my irons and distance wise; they played exactly the same as the original shafts.

As you have maybe read before, when you play a higher launching club, your accuracy tends to be better as long as you don’t lose distance.  The backspin and launch angle tend to eliminate much of the side spin.  I found this to be true with the Nippon PRO MODUS 3 shafts.  My iron play was much more solid and accurate with my rounds when these clubs were in the bag.  For me that translated into consistently lower scores this spring.

If you want the best feeling steel shafts that offer a strong, high launch and accuracy; the Nippon PRO MODUS 3 shafts are right ones for you.

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Quick Hits

➕ Strong high launch
➕ Amazingly accurate
➕ Silky smooth feel
➕ Tour weights at 120 grams

➖ Finding them to demo


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