Review: Odyssey D.A.R.T. Putter

Alignment has never been easier
Putting really comes down to two simple factors: line and speed.  If you hit the right line with the right speed the putt will go in.  If you hit the right line, with the wrong speed you still have a chance of it going in, but if you hit the right speed with the wrong line, it can’t go in.  So what is more important, speed or line, I tend to think that line is more important for making the most one putts.

With the putt line being so important, having a putter that is easy to line up is important.  Over the last few years there have been many different attempts at creating the easiest alignment aide on a putter.  Odyssey has been the master of this for years with its two-ball putter.  It has been the mainstay of the Odyssey putter line.  There have been others that have come up with creative ideas and other alignment aides, but the two-ball is still the king.  Odyssey is now introducing an additional style of alignment aide called D.A.R.T. which stands for Direction And Realignment Technology.  For simplicity, it is an arrow/dart pointing at the target.

Initially, it didn’t really look that much different than any other putter alignment.  It is a series of black and white lines pointing at the target.  It comes in two basic models: mallet and blade.  In addition to the alignment aide, the ability to adjust the weight of the putter by 10 or 20 grams is done with a weight on the bottom right below the back of the dart.  This combination allows you to dial in the preferred weight for putting.  It also gives it a pretty high M.O.I, making it a pretty forgiving putter.

The Winn Odyssey grip is nice and soft and feels like a good midsize.  The headcover is a magnet style with a flap that seals it around the mallet head.

 On the course I found the D.A.R.T. alignment aid to be the easiest I have ever used.  Point it at your line and putt away.   It is said to help even after you make your initial alignment to realign (by sight) as you are swinging through the ball.  I don’t know if I consciously noticed this, but I don’t think I ever missed my line so it must have worked.  I think I made almost every straight putt.  On the breaking putts I consistently hit my line…

But, The issue I struggled with this putter was distance control.  Also a mainstay of Odyssey putters is the face insert.  This series uses the White Ice face, which is a little firmer than some inserts of the past but still a soft insert compared to a metal face.   I used it for 5 rounds and still haven’t found the touch with it.  If it was offered in a steel face that might do it for me, but I just couldn’t judge the speed it was going to come off the face.  So I was either leaving them short, or hitting them long.  I think it was most frustrating because I constantly hit my line. 

 So if you love the Odyssey insert, this putter should help you make even more putts.  I loved the alignment aide, just haven’t found the touch of the insert.

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Quick Hits
  +Easy Alignment
+Adjustable Weight
  +Standard Odyssey features

–Soft Insert

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