REVIEW: Puma 2021 Golf Tracks Collection

PUMA’s Unique Themes for 2021
Last year, Puma Golf introduced a new concept with apparel releases.  They called it their Passport Collection.  It was a series of apparel designed around some of the marque events on the PGA Tour.  A boutique collection of apparel launches themed around 7 tour stops around the world.  As I mentioned last year, it was a well thought out way to release unique themed apparel pieces.  I thought they did an excellent job with this and was thrilled to see this was adopted for the 2021 season as well.

This year, Puma is calling it the Tracks Collection.  Rather than a passport stamped with tour stops, they have designed this years launches around a classic 1980’s video game theme.  Each stop on tour that they are featuring is like the next level in a video game that you must unlock and conquer.  Just like in some of the classics like Super Mario World 3, you are not privy to the apparel until a specific date or until you reach that level of sorts.  This is a fun an imaginative twist that keeps the pieces in suspense until their actual stop on tour.
“In the golf universe, there are a handful of tracks that stand out from the rest.  These iconic stops on the PGA Tour have inspired Puma Tracks, a series of exclusive drops.  Each spot is a world waiting to be explored and a new capsule waiting to be acquired”

I had the opportunity to have a look at the first of these launches for 2021 in the Daybreak Collection.  This was inspired by daybreak on the shores of Hawaii for the first tournament of the calendar year, the Tournament of Champions in Maui.  Palm trees and the colors of the sun as it rises over the islands in the morning dominate pallet of this release. The signature piece is the Hana Polo constructed from Puma’s Cloudspun fabric.  Cloudspun has the feel of ultra soft premium cotton however, includes plenty of moisture wicking properties.  The Daybreak collection also includes a limited edition IGNITE PWRADAPT Caged “Palms” shoes which is designed to compliment the Hana polo.  Although the these are limited edition, the PWRADAPT is one of the most comfortable spiked shoe in golf.

Cloudspun Hana Polo: $75
Runway Crew: $80
Jackpot Short: $65
IGNITE PWRADAPT Caged Palms: $179
Following the Daybreak Collection, Puma Golf has seven more releases set for this year:
2/2:      Waste Management Phoenix Open
3/1:      Arnold Palmer Invitational
3/9:      Players Championship
3/16:    Honda Classic
4/2:      The First Major
5/18:    PGA Championship
6/15:    The U.S. Open
As mentioned, I am really impressed with the themed pieces around tournaments throughout the season.  It adds an element of intrigue to times apparel releases.  I appreciate the fact that each release it rather limited in pieces which adds to the “special” feel this this collection.  I hope Puma Golf continues this tradition every year and goes beyond the “scripting” that has become unremarkable over the years.