Review: Puma Faas Trac Golf Shoes

Puma's most comfortable golf shoe
Puma has always made one of the best looking golf shoes on the market.  I’ve like every pair I’ve ever had from them.  They offer amazing traction, great style and comfort once they were broken in.  That always seemed to be the one factor that was a slight issue.  It took 3 rounds of blisters or some rubbing before they fit my feet perfectly.  The new Puma Faas Trac shoes were perfectly comfortable from day one.
So what makes them different from previous Puma shoes?  There are 2 main improvements in the 2012 Faas Trac shoes.  The first is the mid layer of the foot bed.  Puma calls it idCell.  It is some extremely soft cushioning in the sole of these shoes.  They are so soft to walk on, but yet don’t have an overly squishy/mushy feeling either. On top of the idCELL they also have an eco-ortholite insole.  This combination is just perfect. It is like walking on a high quality pillow-top mattress, firm yet soft, and not at all waterbed like. 

The second is the leather uppers, especially the heel area is much more padded than previous Puma shoes.  They call this new cushion Everfoam.  I was able to walk 18 the very first day I got these and didn’t even have the slightest rubbing, blistering or uncomfortable feeling.  They aren’t too bulky, yet have significantly more padding and cushion in the right places.

These shoes have a slightly different look than many on the market.  In the instep or center of the shoe, they didn’t narrow them or do a cutout along the sole, they have a real walking shoe look with a solid looking sole from toe to heel.

The rest of the shoe is all designed as an excellent golf shoe.  The uppers are waterproof.  I tested them during a downpour at Sand Hills, NE.  While everything else I was wearing was soaked, my feet were dry. The cleats on the bottom have held up nicely to walking about 10 rounds in dry, hard, wet, soft and sloppy conditions.  They have seen it all and really still look like new.  The new S2 quill spikes are excellent too.  There are only 6 on the bottom, but they are placed in way for comfort and maximum traction.

 They come in a couple different colors, these were mostly black with some blueish/purple and silver accents.  I would probably wear them every day if they were spikeless.  The size was the same as other Puma shoes I have had.  I wear a 9.5 and they fit perfectly.  Nothing too wide or too narrow, just enough space for thick wool socks, or I could get them tight when wearing thinner socks too.

 I am really impressed with these Puma shoes, I finally found a pair I loved right out of the box.  They look great, like all Puma shoes, and they offer everything a golfer needs as far as performance and comfort. 

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