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Officially it is summer and the beach is calling.  For much of the US, the summer months are divided between the water and the greens.  Which one gets more of your attention?  Puma and Duvin collaborated in a beach/golf collection that will have you feeling the beach while playing golf.  Spyzinger is showing his beach/golf style for iGolfReviews.

This is Spyzinger’s definitive look at the Puma Golf X Duvin Apparel for 2023.


The Puma X Duvin Collection was a surprise to me. Sometimes boxes show up on my doorstep that I have no idea or warning about what is inside.  Puma asked the #BestLookingManInGolf to show off his beach style while playing golf this summer.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Puma golf, so their collaboration with Duvin made a colorful addition to my closet.

Duvin was started by lifelong friends on a quest to create the world’s best swim short. The offering has expanded to include everything under the sun, featuring breezy garments made for easy living. Grab a cold drink, put the beach umbrella in the sand, and browse the Internet’s Go-To Beach Brand.

The all-new PUMA x DUVIN Collection brings together a modern golf fit with a dose of retro influences, 80’s surf culture, Florida flair, and SoCal leisure blended together to create the perfect capsule for easy living.

I love the fit and finish of this collaboration which is pure beach vibe.  MN has 10,000 lakes and while I love my time on the water, I prefer to spend as much of my summer as I can golfing.  Puma X Duvin helps we dream of the beach while sinking birdie putts.

Men’s Puma X Duvin Apparel Collection:

  • Polo
  • Vented Shorts
  • Windbreaker Jacket
  • SailBoat Buckets

The all-new PUMA x DUVIN GS-Fast Spikeless Shoes are based off Puma’s running shoes which create a very comfortable walk.  The cushion of running shoes make them ideal for walking 18 holes.  However, the requirements of golf are slightly different which means they require some torque and grip additions to help when swinging.  The running motion is straight down the line, while swinging twists the opposite direction.  Puma combined the benefits of both types of shoes into the GS Fast spikeless golf shoe.  These are extremely comfortable on or off the course while offering a special flare, especially in the Duvin collaboration.  These are great to go from the course to the beach and back to the course in comfort.

Men’s Puma X Duvin GS-Fast Spikeless Shoes:

  • Spikeless
  • Running Shoe design
  • Comfortable
  • Cool Style
  • Good Traction
  • $150


If beach and golf are on your summer bucket list, you won’t find a better collaboration in 2023.  Puma brings their golf apparel expertise while Duvin adds their casual beach style to an excellent collection that looks as good off the course as on it.  Look cool, play casual and do it all in comfort.  This is #BestLookingManInGolf Approved!!

For More information:

Duvin Website


Puma Website

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