Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver Review

Diamonds Can Be a Golfer's Best Friend Too

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The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver won the gamer slot in my bag after 8 rounds of golf this spring.  I also tested it on the range and in the Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators.  The combination of on course testing and FlightScope numbers proved this driver can be a golfer’s best friend because it is compact, low spin, low launch, long and adjustable.

This is my definitive review of the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver for 2023.


Who doesn’t like diamonds?  A few years ago Callaway introduced the Triple Diamond name for their lowest spinning, often “tour only” drivers.  As you can guess, regular golfers wanted Triple Diamond clubs for their own bags.  Callaway has offered for a couple versions of their driver the Triple Diamond as their lowest spinning, lowest launching, compact driver.  This year they took the new technology of the Paradym line  (360 Carbon Chassis and Titanium Cup Face with AI Jailbreak) and created the Paradym Triple Diamond driver which is very playable for the amateur golfer, yet serves the pros very well with the lower launch, lower spin, compact size, long distance and fine tuning adjustability.  All-in-all the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver can be a golfer’s best friend too.


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver has a very strong, flat launch, but still gets up in the air for amazing carry.  While it might have the lowest launch of the Callaway line, I wouldn’t call it the lowest launching driver in 2023.  That is OK since low launch can also mean less carry.  This driver has one of the most majestic flight patterns I’ve seen in 2023.  The quick launch off the club is flattened out by low spin and long carry.  I gamed the 9* head and it is easy to get off the ground and fly it down the fairway, but I loved how I could still see nice height on each drive to carry bunkers or even cut the corner with trees.


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver is one of the lower spinning drivers for 2023.  While spin is particular to each person’s swing; the amount of swing spin compared to the amount of spin from the driver head correlates into overall spin.  Faster swing speeds tend to have high spin so lowering the spin helps get us into ideal launch numbers.  I’m not “high” swing speed, but I do swing faster than most and can still get the ball out there 3 bills sometimes.  I have always had a high spin swing so anything to reduce spin is going to help me. 


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver offers that big tall face driver forgiveness.  The tall face means if you miss in and out, this isn’t the best; but if up and down are your misses, this thing will reward you will lots of power.  The face has score lines that are vertical for framing the ball nicely.  The new AI designed Jailbreak is lighter and stronger which means the return of energy is every greater across the face.  I like this compact tall face better than the wide face which means this driver really fits my needs and my eye.


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver has rewarded good swings with some of my longest drives of 2023.  The carry distance paired with the launch angle and spin numbers mean that this club landed the furthest down the fairway and ran after that too.  The double weights allow for lower spin, lower launch or the opposite.  I went with the 14gram weight in the back to get a little extra launch, carry and forgiveness.  I was really happy with what I saw for on-course results.

Sound, Feel, Appearance

The new “engine” of the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver is the 360* Carbon Chassis. This means the majority of the clubhead is carbon allowing Callaway to manipulate the weight to optimize the launch, spin, forgiveness and feel.  This carbon body with titanium face has a most pleasant muted wack at impact.  It is very much like a wooden bat sound and feel.  The 450cc driver looks compact behind the ball because of the tall face.  It is one of the nicest looking drivers at address.  The deep navy carbon swirl has a cool look to it matched with the black, white and gold accents.


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver has 3 stock shaft options. All 3 models are very popular and offer great performance.  I went with one that has proven to work well with my swing; Project X HZRDUS Gen4 Black Shaft 6.0.  It too is low launch, low spin and better for strong/aggressive swings.  I like the tight feel and performance in this head.  I also used an aftermarket shaft, FreeFlex FF45 Watercolor shaft which unlocked some lower spin with higher launch. (full review here).  It is best to find a shaft that matches your needs and feel you are looking.  There are fitting events regularly at your local course or head to the local golf store to try their fitting cart. 

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver 9* Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 2015 rpms

 Launch Angle: 12.8*

Dispersion: 4.6 yds

 Club Head Speed: 105.6 mph

 Ball Speed: 157.3 mph

 Total Distance: 299.6 yds

 Carry Distance: 275.9 yds


The Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver offers Low spin, Lowish launch and Long carry with good forgiveness.  It is a combo for higher swing speed golfers that are looking to get the most out of each drive.  I’m impressed by both the numbers and the results on the course.  I had some of my longest drives this spring with the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver in the bag.  If you are looking for longer drives, triple diamonds might just be your best friend too.  It is looking like Callaway might have won the gamer spot again in 2023.    

For more information: Callaway Website

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Callaway offers their pro model to amateur golfers with the Paradym Triple Diamond driver which has their lowest spin, lowest launch, with a compact look and decent forgiveness.

  • ✅  Pros: Low Spin, Low Launch, Compact looks, Amazing feel, LONG Carry.

  • ⛔  Cons: Too low spin and launch for some.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Callaway continues to inovate with more carbon, AI technology, Jailbreak and Face tech. It is aimed at the higher swing speeds, but offers benefits for anyone that wants to reduce spin and launch. The Triple Diamond model is a strong, high swing speed golfer's best friend.


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