Pure2Improve PUREHITT Golf Swing Trainer Review

Combining Features from Numerous Swing Trainers into One Ambidextrous Training Aid


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I added the Pure2Improve PUREHITT Golf Swing Trainer to my morning golf training session.  It combines some of the other swing training aides I’ve been using as well as being bag legal if I forget to remove it after practicing.  The PUREHITT is a heavy whippy “club” to Warm-up, Stretch, Get in Tempo, and Hit some balls. This training aid combines features from other training aids and works for right or left handed golfers.  

This is the definitive Pure2Improve PUREHITT GOlf Swing Trainer Review for 2023.


Another Training Aid?

Everyday I get an email or see an “infomercial” about the latest and greatest golf training aid.  All of them claim the same thing: Lower scores in no time if you use our product.  I find that most deliver the same results:  if you practice a lot they help, but more often than not, they sit in a closet.  Pure2Improve created a bag legal, warm up, stretching, tempo and hittable training aid that doesn’t need to join the pile of unused training aids.  The combination of features and bag legal design means you can always take it with you and use it before your round.


The Pure2Improve PUREHITT Golf Swing Training Aid is a heavy “club” like training aid ideal for warm-up/stretching before your round or practice session.  Those early morning rounds can be tough to get stretched and access to all of your power.  Cold, tight muscles need the weight and flex of the PUREHITT to “wake” them up.  Maybe a dozen swings or so and suddenly you can turn fuller, swing faster, and feel better for that opening tee shot.  All the stretch and warm-up benefits of other training aids are found in this one.  There are a number of exercises that can be found on their website to create a good warm up routine.

Super Flexible

Tempo remains one of the most important swing mechanics for better ball striking. The Pure2Improve PUREHITT Swing Trainer is a heavy super flexible swing trainer which can help improve your tempo.  Since it is hittable you can learn if you are on-plane by watching the resulting ball flight.  If your hands, shoulders, path, take away and transition are all in sync you will feel it and see it with the PUREHITT.  If something is wonky, it will become apparent the more you use this training aid.  Learning proper load, wrist bend and tempo are all learnable and can be felt while using this tool.  Because it is heavy and super flexible it can help generate clubhead speed too by doing recommended drills.


The Pure2Improve PUREHITT Swing Training Aid has a funky red hockey puck looking head.  It has 13* loft for either right or left handed golfers.  It certainly isn’t a legal club and won’t replace anything in your bag, but it can be used off a tee at the range for feedback.  I tried hitting it directly off the turf, but with only 13* loft and the plastic puck like design makes it near impossible to really learn anything about your swing.  Tee it up and this will show your tempo and path issues if the ball doesn’t go straight.  Making the proper corrections can still be difficult, but knowledge is the key to getting better.  Since it is bag legal and ambidextrous you can keep it with you and share it with your other handed friend. You can’t rely on feel since it is a plastic “head” but use the eye test to see what your ball does after impact.


The Pure2Improve PUREHITT Golf Swing Trainer combines features from some of the top training aids we’ve tested into one ambidextrous hittable super flexible tool.  Like all training aids it requires use and practice, but being bag legal helps keep it ready for the range or even 10 seconds before you hit your first tee shot.  If you want to get one training aid that combines what others do separately, this is for you.  While it doesn’t replicate the other training aids perfectly, it does a great job combining features that can truly help your swing.  If you want one bag legal, stretching, hittable, ambidextrous tempo aiding swing trainer, check out Pure2Improve PUREHITT Golf Swing Trainer.  

For More Information: Pure2Improve Website

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