Review: Putting Fork

Simplicity Rules
There are many different putting training aids out there.  The biggest issue I’ve found with so many of them is how complex they are.  You need a giant instruction manual just to set them up and then to use them can sometimes also be very complicated.  While many of them work just fine and do help, something simple would be appreciated.
The Putting Fork is just that, a simple putting training aid designed to help you putt straighter.  It is all about getting the ball rolling in the right direction in the first 18 inches.  If you think about how just the slightest degree of error initially can lead to a drastic miss from a long distance, hitting it straight right off the face is very important. 
Set up is really easy, just put the putting fork on the green flat, (not stick it in like a fork) and place some tees in the holes.  The wider the tee are apart, the easier it is; the closer, the more difficult it is.  There is a rear anchor hole too, but I never used it because my putting backstroke hit that tee.  You don’t need that tee installed to anchor the putting fork, but if you do use it stick it all the way in the ground so that your putter doesn’t bump it while practicing.
There are 2 versions, the regular and the pro, I received the Pro model to review.  I had heard it was tough on the narrowest setting, so I started on the widest and worked my way inward.  I felt very good about my stroke when I started.  I was able to putt everything through the widest opening, 49 of 50.  As it got narrower, my percentage went down.  By the time I got to the narrowest tee setting, I was down to about 6 out of 10 going through.  Now when I use it, i just start with the narrowest and leave it there.  It is just wide enough for a ball to go through.

This simple training aid worked.  I tracked my putting for the next 8 rounds.  4 with the putting fork and 4 without.  I averaged 3 less putts when I used the fork prior to my round.  While it doesn’t help with reading the line or hitting the ball the right speed, getting it rolling straight is certainly an important factor.
I like that it is thin and lightweight so that you can take it with you to any course you are going to play, set it up in a couple of seconds and practice right before your round.  I did have a bag that it didn’t fit in because that bag didn’t have a long side pocket, but it should fit in most golf bags.

As their slogan says, “Eat up the greens”, you certainly will by using this simple putting training aid.  In my mind what makes it stick out for me is how simple it is.  For me “simplicity rules” with the Putting Fork.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Simple design and set-up
+Practice putting straight

–Some might get frustrated by the narrow setting
–Too long for some bags