REVIEW: PuttOut Compact Mirror

A Quick Look At Your Putting Stroke

Most men and women are familiar with a compact beauty kit.  It is a small travel mirror often with a little make-up in it which fits easily in a purse and is use for a quick look to make sure everything was in place.  While they may not be as popular anymore, phones and mirrors are still used to take a quick look to make sure everything is in place.  The PuttOut Compact Mirror can serve the same purpose for your putting stroke.  It is small, it travels easily in you bag and can be used to take a quick look at your putting stroke to make sure everything is in order.

The Original PuttOut Mirror is still one of the best mirror training aids with its bumpers and gates.  It allows for both a reflective look at your putting stroke as well as feedback for path and ball direction.  It works great on my backyard putting green or with the PuttOut putting mat.  It is however a bit large for many golf bags, especially smaller carry bags.  The PuttOut Compact Mirror is the perfect travel accessory to take with you to the course for warming up before your round.  If you are playing a friendly round, you could even whip it out on the course if your putting seems off during the round.
The PuttOut Compact Mirror offers that quick reflective look at your swing.  It has lines and marks to get your eyes in the proper position over the ball as well as some guides for your putter path.  It has “spikes” on the bottom so that it self-grips to any putting surface.  It has a cut-out for proper ball placement.  All of these details make it a quick, easy and simple look at your putting stroke.  It is also shatterproof and very durable so you can throw it in your bag and not worry about bad luck from a broken mirror.

The PuttOut Compact Mirror is another simple, effective tool from PuttOut which can help with the most important part of scoring in golf; putting.  Less putts, means lower scores and for most golfers, this is the one area for the quickest and easiest improvement.  If you want to take a quick look at your putting stroke no matter where you are, the PuttOut Compact Mirror is the perfect travel companion.

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