VISIT: PXG - Scottsdale, AZ

PXG is Changing the Golf Industry While Evolving as a Company
Have you always wished you could run your own golf company?  If you are a club “junkie”,  you have probably imagined what it would be like if you could create your own clubs, make them just the way you wanted them and then play them on your own personal golf course.  For 99.99% of us those are just daydreams as we tinker with our clubs, or hit a wayward shot, or enjoy a round with friends.  For Bob Parsons it is the reality of PXG.  Entrepreneur and Founder of GoDaddy, he decided to take his fortunes and invest in his very own golf company;  Parsons Xtreme Golf Company or PXG.  He believed that better golf equipment could be made if there were no restraints to design or budget.  PXG was founded in 2014 and brought clubs to the market in 2015.  While the early conversations were consumed by the high price point, PXG has flourished because of their performance.  The reality is that PXG changed the golf industry by raising prices and performance.  In 2019 PXG is evolving as a golf company as well with their PXG for Heroes program for GEN1 clubs and their GEN2 driver being offered at a competitive price.
PXG believes their founding principle and has it written on the walls of their headquarters in Scottsdale: “Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.”  This means that they didn’t worry about price, they just wanted to make the best clubs possible.  Their distinct “screws everywhere” look has become their calling card.  They are much more than looks as they can adjust swingweight, CG and launch parameters by using different weights in different spots.  To the average consumer it is overload, but the golfer that wants a very high level of detailed specs, these are the best on the market.  The $400 per iron price seems crazy, but their manufacturing requirements and tolerances mean that those little weights cost as much as a competitors whole iron head.   Their line of clubs from top to bottom are certainly unique in appearance, but are meant to perform at the highest level.

PXG does their own thing on their own schedule. Even though GEN2 irons are out, GEN1 irons are still part of the line-up and are actually very popular because of their PXG for Heroes program.  Bob Parsons is a former Marine and generously supports our military, police, and other law enforcement agents by offering them a solid discount on GEN1 clubs.  GEN2 might out perform GEN1, but glancing around the build shop, GEN1 is still going strong.  The biggest news out of GEN2 is the new 0811 driver.   The GEN2 0811 driver is said to compete with the best on the market and now at a $575 price point; it will get attention from more golfers.

The PXG headquarters is a compact, efficient, and busy hub of all things PXG.  They have a well stocked retail space, along with 3 club fitting bays and 1 putter fitting platform.  Once you get past the 3rd set of doors you can see the factory where all the clubs are assembled.  You set will by built start to finish by one of their expert builders.  It goes through a quality control checkpoint for one final inspection and then into a PXG box for you to enjoy.  Every builder has a fully stocked work space that any club builder would love to have at their disposal.  They are busy filling orders all day long at 8 different work stations.  There was a 4th door that we didn’t get to open where prototype and tour stuff happens.  The components aren’t different, nor are there different builders, it is a place for Bob Parsons and tour players to test and evaluate prototypes.

PXG is Bob Parsons’ baby.  He takes a very hands-on approach to his golf club making company.  He is there testing prototypes regularly.  He tours the facilities often and his employees all know him and see him regularly.  Virtually all decisions are made by Bob directly about everything PXG.  If he likes it, he signs off on it, if not, it is back to the drawing board.  We heard the words: fair, honest, and straight forward for how he handles all his employees.  Everyone we talked to seemed to enjoy their job and the part they played in the success of PXG.

The PXG Xperience is a special way for the consumer to connect with the company.  For $17,500 you can enjoy everything PXG for a few days in Scottsdale, AZ.  We were given our tour by DJ who is the head fitter and “tour guide” for the Xperience customer.  They get fit for a full 14 club bag of PXG clubs, get a bag and hat to top off the set.  Then they spend 2 days enjoying Bob Parsons’ playground; Scottsdale National.  It has 45 holes of amazing private golf.  Lodging is at the Four Seasons while you are in town and transportation back and forth is taken care of during the Xperience.

PXG is here to stay in the golf industry.  They have changed the landscape of golf clubs.  Some might say for the good, other might say for the bad, but PXG doesn’t really care, they are going keep on doing their thing.  Making the best clubs no matter what it takes or how much it costs, PXG is committed to products that perform.  The GEN2 line looked great, especially the drivers.  I think if the success of the GEN2 0811 drivers pays off, we will start seeing some more modest prices of their other clubs too.  PXG changed the golf industry and they are still evolving as a company too.  Keep doing your thing PXG.

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