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When All You Make Are Gloves, They Better Be Good...And They Are!

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I wore Red Rooster Golf Gloves for multiple rounds of golf.  The Red Rooster Silkie is the glove I used for the most rounds and I’m really impressed by the quality of this glove.  While a relative new-comer to the golf glove scene, they have made a name for themselves already with many positive reviews.  The reason for so much positive buzz is the quality, fit, comfort and durability of these golf gloves.  

This is the definitive Red Rooster Golf Gloves Review for 2022.

Breaking into the golf industry is no easy task.  The Large OEMs dominate just about every aspect of golf; hard goods and soft goods.  That is not to say these isn’t room for the smaller brands, it just makes it hard when people only shop for Titleist, Callaway or Taylormade because those are the names they know.  So how did Red Rooster gain a cult following so quickly?  They created a great product based on research and experience.  While they have expanded into a few other accessories, they are basically a golf glove company.  If all you make are golf gloves, they better be good…and they are.

Red Rooster makes 16 different golf gloves (If I counted right).  Each is named and slightly different from the others.  Some are color variations, while others are constructed completely different.    All their gloves are around $20-$25.  The creation of Red Rooster centers on performance, fit and feel.  While there is a wide variety of quality gloves coming from OEMs, Red Rooster has really stepped up to make the highest quality golf gloves you can find. I went with the Silkie, the Feather and the Comb.  These are some of their most popular gloves.

The Silkie by Red Rooster Golf Gloves is the one I really put through the paces over multiple rounds. It was immediately apparent the first time I slid this glove on how well constructed and designed it was.  The inner seams is really where you can notice a difference.  There was no excess material or shoddy work done on the inside of the glove, which means a comfortable and close fit; like second skin.  The use of spandex on the upper knuckles makes it very comfortable for 18 holes of golf since this is where the glove flexes the most.  The fit is very good as it stretches all the way to the base of each finger without leaving extra glove at the fingertips.  The back velcro wraps the hand nicely so that the glove fits like a glove. The palm grip is excellent because of the high quality yet thin cabretta leather.  It is actually that perfect balance between thin and thick so that the glove holds up for multiple rounds yet feel very connected to the club.

The Silkie by Red Rooster Golf Gloves really impressed in the durability category.  AZ heat can be really hard on gloves, but the Red Rooster has made it 7 rounds and still functions exceptionally well.  It has a weathered look to it from use, but no tears or even wear marks.  The replacement schedule is up to you, but Red Rooster does offer a subscription services so that you don’t wait until it is ripped to get a new one.  Regular glove replacement is a good thing for your golf game.

The Feather and the Comb by Red Rooster Golf Gloves are basically the same glove in 2 different colors.  The Feather is their best seller for a reason.  It is a classic take on the all white glove.  It looks classic and feels just as good.  While it doesn’t have any spandex or synthetic material for stretch, the design and fit a perfect.  It functions nicely with no bunching or problems for gripping a club.  The Comb is exactly the same except for the red color.  It does come with a “color bleed” warning.  If you wear this on a 100* day you might have some red dye on your hand after the round.  The glove will look cool, but you hand might look like you dipped it in paint after your round too.


You can keep buying gloves from OEMs which may or may not have put much effort into the golf glove or you can buy Red Rooster golf gloves because you know that all they make are gloves which better be good.  Thankfully they are some of the best on the market in every category; fit, comfort, durability and grip.  While the name Red Rooster might not scream golf, it is certainly memorable.  The Silkie, Feather and Comb are all excellent options and based on testing these 3 I’d venture that their other gloves are just as good.  If you are serious about your golf game, you should give Red Rooster a try, becuase they are serious about golf glove. 

For More Information:

Red Rooster Golf Gloves – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Red Rooster is a new golf glove company that specializes in golf gloves and that is it. This means the focus on the important aspects of a golf glove like fit, comfort and durability. They have an extensive line of gloves which offer different options for fit and looks. I'm impressed by their attention to detail and high quality product.

  • ✅  Pros: Excellent fit, Amazing comfort, Great durability, Nice style, Close connection to club.

  • ⛔  Cons: Unique branding name.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Red Rooster makes the highest quality golf gloves. If you want a glove that fits really good, wears exceptionally well and feels great on the grip; you need to check these out. All they do is make golf gloves and they do it really well.


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