BGT BRAVA Driver Shaft Review

Breakthrough Golf Technologies Has Done It Again With The BRAVA


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I installed a BGT BRAVA Driver Shaft with a SureFit Tip so I could try it on multiple driver heads and played 6 rounds of golf with it in my bag. The combination of stability, consistency and speed is impressive.

This is the definitive Breakthrough Golf Technology BRAVA Driver Shaft Review for 2022.


BRAVA the High Performance Driver Shaft brought to us by Breakthrough Golf Technologies, which has already crashed the party with Golf’s Most Advanced Putter Shaft – Stability. Next up was to create a shaft that had the same consistency shot after shot, regardless of swing speed or driver model. 


Breakthrough Golf Technologies brings us it’s Exclusive Speedflite NRG™ technology which is built with premium Toray™ carbon fiber. Utilizing high performance materials in construction the Toray™, which is 10x the strength of steel at a fraction of its weight, translates to less energy needed when swinging and results in an exceptionally stable driver head for more distance and tighter ball dispersion. The end result is the best of both worlds in the BRAVA driver shaft. Lightweight design that allows for faster club head speeds without sacrificing the stability/stiffness needed to gain more control. With less oscillation we see tighter dispersion patterns.


The first thing I noticed in testing was how solid the BRAVA shaft felt during the swing and impact. I was expecting something lightweight to be soft and flexible, but I was pleasantly surprised at the firm and responsive feel. Using my current driver, I hit 20 drives against the Tensei Blue 55 Reg and the BRAVA R-85 50G shaft. The claim of more distance and better dispersion is spot on. I saw club head speed with the Tensei Blue average 97-98 mph and ball speed range from 138-140 mph. The BRAVA shaft had average club head speed range from 101-103 mph and ball speed average 143-145 mph. In my own testing, the BRAVA was 15 yards longer with a tighter dispersion than the Tensei Blue. I personally favor a heavier swing weight, but this has me rethinking the driver head and shaft combination I have used for so many years.

Looks and Models

The look of a shaft says a lot with the endless color array to pick from today. The three models of BRAVA have slightly different colors, but keep consistent the overall look to recognize it as a newcomer in the shaft game. All shafts have a matte finish and black base with accents of gold, silver and bronze, leading into the tip section of the shaft with a matte solid of the flex accent color. The flex is broken down into head speed categories to make your choice simple. A flex is 75mph / 46g – R flex is 85mph / 50g – S flex is 95mph / 54g – X flex is 105mph / 58g. Depending on the strength of your swing, I would generally recommend rounding up to the stronger flex for more dispersion control given the lightweight design of the BRAVA shaft.


BRAVA by Breakthrough Golf Technologies is an impressive lightweight driver shaft.  From the company that created a STABILITY putter shaft, it comes as no surprise that this shaft is very stable.  The speed addition is what really impressed me.  If you want to go lightweight while maintaining feel and control, this shaft might be the perfect fit.  While they haven’t yet created one for the fastest of swing speeds, those of us that don’t have drive over the speed limit can benefit from a lightweight shaft like BRAVA.

BRAVA by Breakthrough Golf Technologies will be a major player in the lightweight shaft game in 2023.

Here more information: Breakthrough Golf Technology

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