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Getting Women Into Golf Without Breaking the Bank (or Buying Pink Clubs)

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My wife picked up the set of Robin Golf Clubs to tackle golf once again after years of avoiding it. She isn’t exactly new to golf, but hasn’t played in a decade either.  Robin Golf created a set to get her back into the game that didn’t break the bank, nor is it all pink.  While some ladies might want a pink, bejeweled set of clubs, many just want to blend in with the guys or they just want to look more “serious” about the game. This 1/2 set is perfect for her needs as a beginner ladies golfer.      

This is our definitive review of the Robin Golf Women’s Essentials Set for 2023.


Economical Women’s Golf Clubs?

Golf is hard and expensive.  It is even more intimidating for a woman.  She might not have any friends playing golf and her husband might have played for decades; leaving her feeling left out, alone and overwhelmed by the complexity of hitting a little golf ball in the hole.  There is a good chance she doesn’t want to spend $1000s of dollars on golf clubs, only to find out it wasn’t really for her.  There aren’t a ton of options out there for women, so Robin’s Essential Golf Set is a perfect economical way to get what a beginning women golfer needs.    Robin Golf offers a brand new set of Essentials clubs for $600.  It has everything you need in this 9 club set along with headcovers and stand bag(driver, 3-wood, hybrid, 5,7,9, irons, PW, SW and putter.) They even offer them in used so you can save even more money.  What sets these apart from other women’s clubs is their forgiving design paired with good looks.

9 Club Set

Robin Golf sells their clubs as “box sets” and partial sets.  You can get a variety of combinations of their clubs.  My wife went with the Essentials set which is a 9 club bag that truly has the essentials for a beginner.  Having the odd number clubs is plenty since beginners don’t hit the ball well enough to need all 14 clubs.  This makes the decision make process easier out on the course because of the larger distance gapping. You can get everything a beginner needs for $600 which is about 1/4 of what a full bag of OEM clubs would cost.   However they don’t look cheap or pink and a woman golfer can walk to the first tee with confidence that she has good clubs from Robin.

Driver and Woods

The Robin Golf Women’s Essentials Set comes with driver, 5-wood, and 7 hybrid.  This is a good set-up in driver and woods so it fits her needs perfectly.  I am impressed how nicely these clubs helped my wife take up the game again.  They are extremely forgiving.  They are not adjustable which makes them simple to set up and use without overthinking things.   The driver is 12* and has a slightly closed face.  It is lightweight and easy to swing. It has a good metallic sound and was VERY forgiving.  While my wife is just taking the game up, it offered enough success at least for her to consider sticking with it beyond testing these out. The 3-wood is 19* matches the performance of the driver.  The 4-hybrid is 25* and very similar to the 3-wood and fills the yardage gap nicely between 3-wood and 5-iron.


The Robin Golf Women’s Essentials Set comes with irons 5/7/9.  These irons are a game improvement cavity back with a ton of forgiveness.  The cavity back has weight pulled far from the face to help with launch and forgiveness.  There is a dampening rubber insert between the face and the deep weight of the cavity to improve feel. They look really sharp in black.  These are full blown game improvement irons.  The black graphite shafts are light and easy to swing. Playing just the odd number irons worked perfectly for her beginning game so that there was significant distance differences between irons.


The Robin Golf Women’s Essentials Set comes with a PW and SW.  The pitching wedge is designed like the irons so it is a deep cavity back forgiving iron like club.  The SW is a non-cavity back wedge that can be used for every short shot.  It helped reduce wedge confusion around the green, full shots with the PW and touch shots with the SW.


The Robin Golf putter is an anser styled milled putter. The basic shape looks like a high end “blade” putter.  The design is tried and true and a beginning golfer can look like a pro with a putter that looks almost as good as an expensive Scotty Cameron.  While no one is going to confuse the two, this black blade putter by Robin Golf looks great and puts a nice roll on the ball. The pistol grip has nice feel to go with this “traditional” putter.

Stand Bag and Headcovers

The Robin Golf stand bag is a great looking black compact carry bag. The bag is on the smaller side which is perfect for women and works great for the Essentials set.  The 4 way top offers plenty of division for 9 clubs.  The stand mechanism is easy to deploy and retract.  The backpack style shoulder straps are nice and it carries very well for 18 holes.  The lift handles works great too.  The 4 pockets carry the essentials for a round of golf and are easily accessible when the bag is set down.  The headcovers have a leather look to them in the simple black style with embroidered numbers and the Robin logo.  They differenciate the women’s golf by orange Robin logo compared to the men’s white logo that way you can tell them apart if both husband and wife are playing Robin clubs. Women are going to feel confident like the fit in rather than standing out with bright pink on the golf course.


While Robin Golf Women’s Essentials is a starter set, they more than perform admirably for a woman who is starting out or upgrading from men’s clubs that were given to her to try.  They are not going to replace a full on fitting of OEM clubs for the skilled woman golfer, but if ladies wants to dip her toes in the golf water, this is might be the best option for her to try golf without breaking the bank or playing pink clubs.  Eveything these needs comes in the Essentials set and she will be able to enjoy this complex game with clubs that are designed to fit her needs as a beginning golfer.  Lightweight, easy to swing and plenty of forgiveness.  She might even have a few people comment on how nice these clubs look, even if they have never heard of Robin Golf.  They are economical and offer performance ideal for a beginner; high launch, straight and lots of forgiveness.


Robin Golf offers an economical way for women to get into golf with either a full set or an Essentials set. My wife liked having her own set that wasn’t bright pink and helped her get back into the game after years away.   Robin offers the best options for an affordable beginners woman’s set that performs well enough to see if she wants to play golf more often.   Robin is looking to attract women to golf.  The Robin Golf Women’s Essentials Set is the 9 club bag women can enjoy while saving some funds and not playing pink clubs; they might even help her want to play more golf. 

For more information: Robin Golf Website

Robin Golf Women's Essentials Golf Set – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Robin Golf wants to make golf affordable and fun for women golfer. Their 9 club high performance set is ideal for a lady wanting to dabble in golf without breaking the bank or playing pink clubs. The whole package looks great and performs well.

  • ✅  Pros: Essential clubs, Easy to hit design, Lighweight, Very forgiving, High launching, Affordable, Modern looks.

  • ⛔  Cons:

  • ⛳  Verdict: I highly recommend checking out Robin Golf Women's Essentials Set for any lady new to golf or just getting back into it after years of not playing or a lady wanting to play women's clubs instead of some men's hand-me-downs. This economical brand new clubs will help inspire the ladies to take up the game of golf without breaking the bank or playing bright pink clubs.


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