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TRUE to Theme in 2023-Added Stability

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TRUE shoes are my all day shoes 5 days out of the week.  I wear some version of them all the time.  The All Day Ripstop V2 golf shoes take the comfort and style elements of the original All Day Ripstop shoes and add stability.  They updated the soles for a little more aggressive spikeless grip too.

This is the definitive TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Shoes Review for 2023.


Added Stability??

If I had to describe TRUE’s theme for 2023, it would be added stability.  They took every model they have been making and put in a dedicated effort to make them more stable without losing the comfort and performance of the shoes.  The three areas that improve stability are the heel, mid-foot and toes. Those three areas of their 2023 shoes were given thicker/firmer materials to lock the foot in place so that golfers could swing more aggressively.  I am happy to say that the TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Shoes added the stability without loosing the comfort and joy of these shoes.

Ripstop Material

The TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes shoes are built with mostly Ripstop material.  It is a wind and water-resistant 100% recycled, durable polyester shell.  This means they are great for most golfing weather conditions.  It is also very lightweight so that you feet feel light and airy on every step. It has a nice look to it while being very durable.  They offer these shoes in 3 colors to fit you preferred look.

V2 Rubber Sole = More Traction

The TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes are built on TRUE’s new deeper, more aggressive sole.  This V2 sole means you can swing a little harder, walk a steeper hill, and wear them even longer since this new sole appears to wear slower.  I’ve worn the original All Day Ripstop shoes for over a year and I still love them, but the thread is certainly wearing down.  The new V2 sole has a more durable, grippier design which appears to extend the life of the sole too.  This is a huge improvement in the TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes

Comfort and Cushion

The TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes live up to the TRUE legacy of comfort.  They put wool inside to help regulate the temperature which is a brilliant idea as sometimes rounds of golf are hot, and other times cool.  The wool helps balance that out. (the reason I wear wool socks too.)  The insole cushion along with the materials and design mean this shoe is comfortable out of the box for 18 holes.  There is room for the foot to move naturally without being sloppy.  There is enough cushion to reduce the impact on each step and the flex means no pinching or blisters no matter how new they are or how long you wear them.

Improved On-Course Function

The TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes are a more functional version of the original All Day Ripstop shoes.  I might still like my V1 shoes for style and comfort, but the new traction, stability and insides make these shoes more golf minded.  The improved traction helps for both walking and swinging.  The improved stability means they can hold up better to aggressive swings.  The inner materials deal with the elements better so that your feet are more comfortable and dry.  I find them just a nice to wear off the course too offering a casual comfortable look.


TRUE improved the All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes by maintaining their comfort and flexibility while improving their grip and stability.  I’m impressed how TRUE upgraded the All Day Ripstop shoe without losing what made them some of my favorites, comfort. If you are looking to add a spikeless all day wearing shoe to your collection, these are some of my favorites and certainly a nice upgrade by TRUE.

For more information: TRUE Website

TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE updated one of my favorite shoe models with the All Day Ripstop V2 shoes. Their new stability, improved traction and weather resistance features make them a great choice for most rounds of golf. I love that these were out of the box ready to go both on and off the course.

  • ✅  Pros: Stable, Comfort, Breathability, Improved rraction, Cushion, Wear all day, Wool liner, Weather resistant.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited colors

  • ⛳  Verdict: The TRUE All Day Ripstop V2 Golf Shoes are an excellent sequel that live up to the TRUE name while hitting the 2023 theme of stability. I love how they accomplished both features along with better traction and weather resistance. These improvements make these and even more functional golf shoe on and off the course.


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