Review: Rose & Fire Headcovers

Protection with Style
I’m a big fan of unique products, especially headcovers.  My first Rose & Fire headcover was about as unique as they come with Glow-in-the-Dark Denim.  After having it on my driver for over a year, it is still one of my favorites.  Rose & Fire main objective is to offer superior protection for clubs, but it’s the style that they continually experiment with that has me wanting more of their covers.  Their newest additions are Waxed Canvass and Bison covers and Recycled Rubber covers.  These covers offer the same superior protection with a totally unique style.
What I appreciate most about Rose & Fire is their attention to detail and high-quality design.  These headcovers should last a lifetime with their thick padding, strong seams and durable materials.  The newest additions continue in that tradition.  The Waxed Canvass and Bison are not just your run of mill sort of stuff, but the highest quality; thick canvass that is treated with wax, not just coated.  I happened to find myself in some rain while using them and it just bounced right off the covers keep everything safe and dry.  The khaki color matched with the dark brown Bison leather looks great too.  They also made a full Bison leather cover for my hybrid that is softer and more supple than any other leather headcover I have.

The recycled rubber putter cover really caught my eye when learning about the new Rose & Fire products.  Mike Buchfuhrer explained the inspiration for these: He noticed all the blown out tires laying around as he drove down the LA freeways, thinking there might be a use for some of that rubber.  He found a way to use recycled inner tubes and wash them thoroughly so that he can cut and sew them together.  Since it won’t fray, he’s able to leave some seams exposed for an creative look.  Obviously this product is weather-proof too.  The unique look and texture really set it apart from other putter covers.

Rose & Fire makes the most durable, most protective and most unique headcovers, period.  They continue to use stylish and high-quality materials to create each new line as they expand their offerings.  Their covers are not just about looks but also about protection.  I really don’t think you can find a better combination of protection and style in headcovers.

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Quick Hits:

+Excellent clubhead protection
+Highest quality
+Unique materials
+Extremely durable