Review: Rose & Fire Valuables Bag

The Details are Important, Even on Little Things
Many golfer know how important the details are when it comes to golf.  Even if you are only off by a centimeter, if it doesn’t fall in the cup, it isn’t in.  If your driver is off by a couple ounces, you will notice.  If your clubs are off a couple degrees, they won’t perform as you want them too.  That is why, even on the little things like a valuable bag, the details and quality are important.  I had one that I really liked that fell apart during my round and lost all it’s contents.  I wasn’t very happy to lose “valuables” during the round that were put in a valuables bag for safe keeping.  Rose & Fire did what they do and make the highest quality valuables bag you can buy.

The Valuables Bag is the newest addition to Rose & Fires line up of high quality, creative products.  It starts with the materials which are unlike anyone else is using.  Things that are almost indestructible.  Mine is made out of Mil-spec camo canvass.  The looks of this material is really cool.  Not just your “Cabelas” camo, but legit stuff made for our military.  The stitching is the highest quality along with a draw string top that won’t be falling apart anytime in the near future.

This valuables bag will keep my valuables safe and secure.  There is nothing to worry about because the high quality mateirals and construction.  Plus the price won’t break the bank.  Rose & Fire continues to impress with their attention to details, even on the little things.

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Quick Hits
+Mil-Spec matierals
+Excellent craftsmanship
+Looks cool
+Keeps your valuables

Rose & Fire Ball Marker

Custom Coins are just Cooler

You can use anything to mark your golf ball on the green.  The USGA literally allows anything to serve as a ball marker when you need to pick your ball up and clean it, or move it out of the line of a fellow golfer.  While the options are endless, why not get a custom coin.  It really is cooler than the random change at the bottom of your bag or the cliche poker chip that can be seen from outer space.

The Rose & Fire coin is a joint project that Mike made with LaMont Mann of MannKrafted Putters.  They are copper coins about the size of a quarter and then hand stamped.  They have your initials stamped on the back too.  It looks cool, it is personal and will be easy to spot on the green.  Sure you can use anything to mark your ball on the green, but custom coins are just cooler.

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