REVIEW: Shot Scope V3 Shot Tracking System

Better, Better and More Better
When golfers invest in new products, they want it to be better than previous products.  As technology improves, we want golf tech to keep up with it.  Shot Scope has produced one of the best shot tracking systems in the game.  They have kept improving their product with new versions and constant updates to their firmware.  The Shot Scope V3 is their best yet.  It is an improvement over previous models and still one of the easiest and best shot tracking systems on the market.  The watch is better, the app is better and the overall function and usage of the data is more better.
The Shot Scope V3 has retained the same in-club sensors that they have used since the beginning.  I agree with their assessment that there is no reason to change.  They are very small and are labeled for each club so you don’t pair them or swap them, you just put the corresponding sensor in the club.  They even give you a few extras in case you carry a “desert” club.  They are quick and easy to install and even after a few years, I still have V1 sensors in good working conditions.  They do show a little wear from rubbing on the bottom of your bag, but I’ve never had a sensor break or fall out.

Getting the Shot Scope V3 ready to use is very quick and easy.  Install the sensors in your clubs, charge the watch and download the app.  If you connect the watch and the app you can make sure all of your firmware is current.  You then select your usage, GPS, GPS+Track or Track.  I highly recommend just going with the GPS+Track since you are wearing the watch either way and if you have the V3 you have the sensors.  It is quick and easy then to select the course you are playing and go.

The Shot Scope V3 on-course functions are as easy as it gets.  While many things have moved to touchscreen, the V3 use buttons to navigate menus and options. They are fairly straight forward, but I do suggest tinkering around with the watch a little prior to your first round.  Once you are playing you don’t need to do much other than use the watch for GPS distances.  As with previous models you can tag the exact location of the pin for more better putting stats.  Tagging the pin location isn’t necessary, but it helps give you exact data.  The watch collects every shot.  If you do have to add a penalty stroke, you can do that right away so you don’t forget or you can add it later when you go through your shots post-round.

Another feature that makes the Shot Scope V3 is the usable data in the app.  Collecting data is one thing, but translating it into a way that makes sense is important.  I like they way that Shot Scope shows your shots around the course on maps as well as each holes details.  I think their pin tracking ability on the watch makes their putting stats the best on the market.  It can track exact distances on putts which really helps formulate your ability and area for improvement.

Shot Scope did it again and created an even better GPS and shot tracking system.  They continue to improve their product and make the collected data usable.  I like how little thought and effort it takes to collect the data as well has having a GPS watch that lasts 36+ holes on a single charge.  If you want to get better, you need to be honest about your game and track stats.  The Shot Scope V3 is the easiest way to get information in a usable format along with working as a rangefinder while playing.  Shot Scope just got better and it will help your game get better.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy set-up
+Accurate GPS
+Collects every shot
+Pin tagging
+Comfortable watch
+Improvement information in app