Stick Grips Review

Get a Grip in Style


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

Stick Grips makes some of the best performing grips with style.  This new golf company has been working in rubber for years and has brought their expertise to the golf grip game.  Better rubber = better grips.  If you are going to make great grips, you might as well make them with some style. I was able to install, play and test the Stick Grips this summer in MN for a couple months. 

This is the definitive review of the Stick Grips.


Get a Grip

Two important points of contact in the golf swing are the feet on the ground and the hands on the grip. Golf grips are very important to a successful shot and have also become a fashion statement with different colors and patterns. If you are ready for fun and performance, Stick Grips are ready for you.  Upgrading your grips can improve your scores too, so just because your grips are “fine” don’t underestimate the benefit of new grips.


YES golf grips have technology.  Not computer chips or CG manipulation or something like that, but Stick Grips have numerous design advances to help your swing. Every Stick Grip has a Hand and Club Face Alignment Marker, Ascension Taper, Performance Rubber Blend and Grooved Pattern for Traction. The Ascension Taper feature is wider diameter grip with less taper, so both hands can have a comfortable grip for more control and power.  This way you don’t need to build up a tape layer under the grip.  I’ve played a similar grip for many years and didn’t miss a beat when I played with Stick Grips. The patterns also form more surface area to create a better grip when swinging. It was like the tackiness helped swing the club faster.

Look Good, Feel Good

“The birth of Stick Grips was built on the dream of a golf grip that could express personality and love for the game, while still performing with the best.”  Stick Grip offers 4 collections and 12 color options which means there is a little something for everyone.

  • PALM SPRINGS, with Palm Trees and Flamingos in two colors.
  • TOPO, 6 colors with a topographical map swirled around.
  • LAD, with homage to the emerald isles, clover leafs and 3 shades of green.
  • ZERO DARK BIRDIE, the stand alone camouflage pattern that doubles for birdie hunting.

Why Stick Grips?

Yes, stock black boring grips work (at least for few rounds), but why limit yourself to boring grips and cheap rubber.  If you want to upgrade both your style and your rubber, Stick Grips are one of the best options out there.  Instead of buying a whole new set of clubs, but a set of grips, it will help your game.  The new grips will help your connection with the clubs which improves your swing mechanics.  It has been said 3-5 strokes can be shaved off with new grips.  Just think what this small investment in your game means on the score card…

Stick Grips are $13.49 with free shipping on purchases over $50.  You can also purchase a Regripping Kit for $15 which has all the tools you need for a DIY regrip project.


Better Rubber, Better Style, Better Grip! What is not to love about Stick Grips?  These are really nice grips, they are worth the money and a little flashy.  I’m impressed by this new golf grip brand.  Their price point is right in line with other brands but they offer a whole lot more style, great technology and better rubber.  If it is time to upgrade your grips, check out Stick Grips.

For More Information:  Stick Grip Website

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