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Did Sun Mountain Make The Best Looking Cart Bag?

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I played golf for 4 rounds with the Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag in use.  It is the most stylish cart bag from the industry leader Sun Mountain.  If you want to stand out in a crowd of similar, this is the best looking non-custom bag you can buy. It has all the top features golf want in a cart bag: a 14 way top, front facing pockets, hidden features and style.    

This is the my Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag Review for 2023.


The first time I saw the Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag my jaw dropped.  It seems like golf bag after golf bag look the same.  Sometimes someone tries to do some wild prints, but those are short lived.  Classic, basic colors usually prevail.  Sun Mountain figured out a design that is simplistic and yet stylish.  It has kind of a retro/modern vibe all at the same time.  The jaw-dropping looks turned heads at the golf course and received compliments from every bag attendant that is touched.  There isn’t another off the rack bag that looks as good, or a stylish as this one.  However it isn’t just a looker, it is a full-fledged Sun Mountain golf bag that functions just as well as it looks.

The Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag comes in 7 color options.  The most subtle is a Black which has grey and white mid-stripes while the boldest might be the Cabin/Umber/Wheat which is a brown and tan version.  It went middle of the road with the white,grey, red combo.  It looks amazing with the large color sections with a simple mid-stripe divide.  The vinyl material looks like leather so it offers a high-end look while having incredible durability.  Weighing in around 6 1/2 lbs it is lighter than it looks.  It has a strong durable look to it, which also functions against wear and tear.

Just because the Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag is stylish, doesn’t mean it lacks function.  For me, the best feature is the 14 way full length divided top.  I am a firm believer in 14 way tops.  I know you can get clubs in and out of a 4 way top, I like having a slot for every club and keeping the grips separated down at the bottom.  The large putter well makes it usable for any “oversized” grip you might be using.  The other ones are square and hold every club from driver to lob wedge nicely in its place with only minimal chatter while cruising around the course.  The molded plastic handles that form the top also make lifting and moving the bag easy, and offers some added protections from your cart partners gear.

8 Pockets grace the front and sides of the Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag.  They can carry every accessories and golf gear you could ever want on the course.  The 2 “spine” pockets are great for the most used accessories like ball marker, rangefinder, divot tool and balls.  They are large and easily accessible.  The magnetic top pocket has a grab handle and is easily the most accessible pocket.  It is velour lined too so you can keep your rangefinder there or other “nice” stuff. The zipper pulls have straps on them which makes it easy to grab and pull to open or close each pocket.  The big ball pocket holds lots of extra gear if you need it. 

It also has side pockets which comprise the rest of the storage. One side pocket is velour lined while the other is a regular pocket.  They both have dividers to keep everything from just jumbling in a mess at the bottom of the pocket.  These ride on top of the full length pockets and are great for phones, keys, wallet and “birdie juice”.  The right side and left side have a full length pocket which are perfect for rain gear, shoes, more golf balls, etc.  The little leather and chrome details add style and function for a towel, brush, tees, etc. The only thing some might want that this cart is missing is an insulated beverage pocket.

The Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag has some “hidden” features which make it extra durable and functional on a cart.  The cart strap rides nicely under the “spine” handle. The rubber bumper pads on back of the bag also protect it from “cart rub” against the basket.  They also serve as stabilizers so that bag doesn’t move or twist on the back of the cart.  It also has a couple loops and clips for things like a towel, rangefinder, umbrella, water bottle, etc. that can be attached to the outside of the bag. It also has a couple pen holders for Sharpies or pencils.  The single carry strap is plenty padded and balanced for easy carrying to the car and cart.


The Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag is the best looking cart bag on the market.  If you want a cool modern/retro style that stands out without being loud; this is your bag. The combination of style and features make this a great option if you ride for most of your rounds.  If you walk, then the Mid-Stripe carry bag is perfect for you.  This cart bag also has the molded base to slide nicely on you Sun Mountain push cart.   The 7 color options should allow every golfer to find a fit for their style.

For more information: Sun Mountain Website

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Sun Mountain has a long history of making great golf bags. The Mid-Stripe is a 14 way top stylish yet full featured cart bag.

  • ✅  Pros: Amazing Style, 14-way top, Full length dividers, 8 pockets, 7 color choices, Molded plastic top handles, Easy access pockets, Vinyl material is very durable.

  • ⛔  Cons: No insulated beverage pocket.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Cart Bag is hands down the best looking golf bag you can buy. It is a combination of style and function. It provides excellent club protection, organization and storage in one great looking bag.


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