Super Stroke Putter Grips Review

Not if a Super Stroke, but which one?

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Super Stroke Putter Grips

This is my official review of Super Stroke Putter Grips.

I put these grips on my putter for a few rounds after seeing their popularity on tour and I don’t think I will be taking them off.

Here are my thoughts on them and how they affected my performance!

Super Stroke Putter Grips
Super Stroke Putter Grips – Overview
SuperStroke putter grips have taken the PGA Tour by storm. It seems like almost every pro has one style or another of grip on their putter. I kind of makes sense since putting is the key to lower scores, they look for a grip that will help them achieve that. The grip is surprisingly important on your putter. While many people just play what comes stock, I’ve seen many golfers improve their putting just by changing the grip. Super Stroke is one of the best options when it comes to aftermarket grips. The bigger size really improves the stroke by engaging the shoulder muscles and eliminating the wrists. It really isn’t a matter of if you should install a Super Stroke, it really is trying to figure out which one.
The basics of every Super Stroke grip is the same.  They are bigger in diameter than a standard grip so that when you grab the putter it fills your hands making it more difficult to break your wrists during the putting stroke.  While it is still possible to use a pure wrist putter stroke with a Super Stroke grip, it is more difficult.  They have a soft feel with a slight tack.  They are not squishy, but rather a soft outer rubber over a solid core.  They install like other grips and come in many different color options that looks to be ever expanding.

Slim Stroke 3.0 – This grip is a non-taper grip that isn’t too big or too small.  It has a nice size diameter in your hands.  I wear a size L golf glove and this feels like the best size for my hands.  It doesn’t feel like my hands are only partially around the grip, nor do my fingers wrap into my palms.  I installed this grip on one of my favorite putters, my Slighter Damascus Custom.  It just felt right going on this putter.  I’ve had some nice leather ones on it in the past and I’ve always putted well with this head, but adding this grip made it even better.  I really felt confident in my stroke.  Since the grip is still fairly lightweight I didn’t feel like I lost any head feel in the putter as it maintained the same swingweight.
Flatso Mid – This grip has a very distinct D shape.  The top of the grip is about an 1.5″ wide and flat from top to bottom.  This grip was installed on a Scotty Cameron Red X putter and put in my son’s bag.  He immediately fell in love with this grip and improved his putting immensely with this grip.  He was a very wristy putter with the smaller grip that had been on the putter.  We spent a lot of time working on the stroke, but his form would still break down during a match.  Adding the Flatso Mid really helped him maintain good putting from from the beginning to the end of a round.  His putts per hole stats were cut way down.  He went from a young junior golfer having many 3jacks, to a more confident putter with mostly 2 putts or less.
Flatso 17″ – This was the most fascinating grip of the bunch.  It is similar in shape to the regular Flatso only 17″ long instead of the standard 10.5″.  It is perfect for the many new counterbalanced putters or for creating your own.  I opted to install mine on an Odyssey #7 putter that has adjustable weights.  I went as heavy as possible in the head and then added about 20grams under the end of the grip to create a counterbalanced putter that was still in the normal realm of weight.  Sometimes counterbalance putters get to be too heavy and touch is lost, but with this build it felt really normal, yet offered that longer length and just a little extra weight above the hands.  I felt even more stable and more accurate with this set-up over the stock set-up.


There is a reason these grips are so popular on tour.  They really do help you putt better.  The only difficulty I see is trying to figure out which one works best for you.  Super Stroke has a grip finder on their website that will help narrow it down, but still I think it is a little trial and error.  Maybe you will be lucky and can pick one up and immediately know it is the grip for you, otherwise, most golf stores will have a number of them installed on putters that you may need to demo for some time to figure it out.  No matter what your preference is, I think that Super Stroke grips will improve your putting.  It not so much if you should get a Super Stroke, but figuring out which one. 

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Quick Hits

➕ Improves putting
➕ So many options of size and color
➕ Easy to install
➕ Good feel
➕ Maintains regular swingweight
➕ Durable

➖ Figuring out the right size and style.

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