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The Fit and Power of A Beast

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The Titleist TSR4 Driver was in my bag for 5 rounds of golf.  I was fit for this driver by Titleist after testing the entire line of TSR drivers.  It is the lowest spinning and smallest head driver in the line up.  It was clearly the best fit for my swing.  If you are looking for a BEAST of a driver, the newest Titleist driver is impressive.  Testing was on-course, at the range, and indoors in the iGR Office by Carls Place DIY Sim which collected data on my FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor.

Here is my review of the Titleist TSR4 Driver for 2023.


I have preached “Get Fit” for almost as long as iGolfReviews has been publishing review of clubs.  Everyone swings differently and no single driver fits everyone, nor are my specs guaranteed to fit you (unless your swing speed and parameters are the same.) Titleist offers fittings at your local course so you can get dialed in to the proper head and shaft combination.  It became obvious to everyone at my fitting that the Titliest TSR4 driver was the perfect fit for me and offered amazing power and accuracy.

The Titleist TSR line in the next evolution of their Tour Speed clubs.  I’ve almost always been fit for their lowest spinning model year in and year out.  It seems to be the curse of my swing to put excess spin on the ball.  I have decent speed, (nothing crazy) but can still get the head moving around 105mph when swinging well.  I showed up at the fitting tent willing to try and hit everything with an open mind.  I thought that maybe the more forgiving TSR2 would end up in the bag since my driver swing has lost its way over the last few months.  I also considered the TSR3 which was my previous Titleist gamer model.  I didn’t know if the TSR4 would be too much club for me.  But after 1/2 hour of swings, shafts, heads and combination, it became very clear: The Titleist TSR4 driver offered the best speed, spin, length and dispersion.  It marked off every box as the best fit for me.  It easily bested my current gamer (different OEM brand) too.

The Titleist TSR4 Driver is an all titanium head that is only 430cc.  In my opinion it is the best looking driver in 2023.  The missing 30cc of volume make the head more compact.  It sets up very square behind the ball.  It has a tall face which is ideal for me.  It might not be fore everyone, but before you assume you can’t hit it, give it a try, it might just be the best fitting Beast you hit.

The Titleist TSR4 driver lacks carbon which is different than most other drivers in 2023 but nothing indicates that Titleist is lacking anything by sticking with all titanium.  The driver is very fast, has the top limit of smash factor and still sounds amazing. They still found a way to manipulate the weight so that you can put it forward or rear to get launch or lower spin.  The metal crack is strong and pleasant at impact.  It isn’t muted by carbon, but very pure sound in the compact head.  One of they keys to this driver is the new Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design.  It really creates a hot and forgiving face for such a compact driver.

The Titleist TSR4 Driver is the lowest spin option from Titleist.  It is a great fit for my swing as I’m always trying to fight spin.  When we watched the spin numbers go down on the launch monitor, we also saw distance increase and dispersion get smaller.  This is where our assumptions can be wrong.  I figured the most forgiving model might have the tightest landing circle, but it didn’t.  While the face might be wider and maintain more speed on off-center hits, the TSR4 created the best and most consistent flight and landing pattern.   The “eye” test, launch monitor numbers and on course performance all pointed to the same thing; the Titleist TSR4 is the best fitting beast with power for me.  I loved watching drives do exactly what I wanted them to do; piercing flight, hang in the air a long time and then roll out on the fairway.

The Titliest TSR4 driver can be ordered with virtually any shaft on the market.  However there are some “stock” options that don’t have an upcharge.  One that performed best for me was the Project X HZRDUS Black 4G shaft which offers low spin and low launch while still having good feel.  It is great shaft/head combo to have low spin, flat flight and excellent total distance and keeping the landing zone in the smallest circle.

Titleist TSR4 9* Driver Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 1957 rpms

 Launch Angle: 12.1*

Dispersion: 5.8 yds

 Club Head Speed: 104.5 mph

 Ball Speed: 155.7 mph

 Total Distance: 299.7 yds

 Carry Distance: 273.2 yds


Titleist created an absolute Beast with the TSR4 driver.  It might be aimed at the better golfer, but don’t dismiss that until you try it.  Get Fit!!  Have an open mind and let the results do the talking.  This low spin, straight and long driver was the best fit for my game.  IF you need to reduce spin, want a compact head and love the solid titanium crack of a Titleist, you are really going to like the new TSR4 driver.  The fit and power make this driver an absolute beast off the tee.  

For more information: Titleist Website

Titleist TSR4 Driver – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Titleist upgraded their driver line for 2023. The TSR4 is the lowest spinning model. After being fit it also showed the lowest dispersion for my swing. It is a BEAST.

  • ✅  Pros: LOW Spin, Piercing launch, Awesome titanium sound, Fast, Long.

  • ⛔  Cons: Too low spin, too small of head for some golfers

  • ⛳  Verdict: Titleist offers 4 driver models to fit your swing. GET FIT!! I was happy to see my best results with the Titliest TSR4 driver which is their lowest spinning, most compact, and for me the smallest dispersion too. I am happy to have this BEAST in the bag.


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