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TRUE Comfort to Wear Any Time, Any Place, Any Occasion.

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TRUE Linkswear is branching out from footwear into apparel.  Their pants have been some of my favorite and now they polo shirt holds the tradition of being extremely comfortable and functional for every situation.  I wore the TRUE LUX Polo for 5 rounds of golf and multiple days off the course.

This is the definitive TRUE LUX Polo Review for 2023.

The casual golfer may believe that a golf polo is just a golf polo and they are all the same.  However, if you are reading this you probably know how false that is, even if you don’t shop for your own golf shirts.  The variety of materials, the cut, the style, the comfort, the color, the logos, etc.  There is a reason some golf shirts you like more than others.  TRUE has a long history of making the most comfortable shoes.  Their LUX polo carries on that tradition by being the most comfortable polo I own along with offering great minimalist style.


The golf shirt tends to be made with a couple standard materials like cotton or “dry fit” polyester, and maybe blend in a little spandex for stretch.  However the TRUE LUX Polo has a list of materials I’ve never seen before in a golf polo…Tencel® (45%), Repreve® Recycled Polyester (50%) and Spandex (5%).  While it still has some of those familiar threads it certainly is unique.  This ultra premium sustainable fabric creates the foundation of comfort.  The touch, the smooth, the stretch, the overall  sensation you get from the material of this shirt is another level.  It is the softest, most comfortable polo I own.

Color Options

The TRUE LUX Polo takes the simple is better approach to the color options and design pattern.  It comes in 5 color options, all of which are muted and earthy.  Grey, Black, Navy, Olive and Stone.  These color really match their pants and shoes well with their natural and classic look.  No neon, no wild pattern, no crazy logos, just elegant simplicity.  The color are soft and easy on the eyes.  I went with the stone color which is an off-white tone that goes well with many different pant and shorts options.  Along with their muted color options they toned down the logoing like you’d expect.  There are a couple tone on tone logos: TRUE on the back left shoulder, right sleeve, and a white box under the back collar and that is about it. When you make something this comfortable and stylish, you don’t need logos everywhere.


The final piece to the puzzle is the fit.  The TRUE LUX Polo offers a comfortable fit without being loose or tight.  It offers a good athletic fit in the chest that tapers toward the mid-section.  It  has enough length to stay tucked in, but not too much so that it can be worn untucked.  They have a sizing chart which helps makes sure you get the right size on yoru first order. On the golf course the fit is ideal that needs no adjusting or tugging while playing to get the sleeve out of the way or something like that; Swing away.  Off the course it has a smooth clean look that can be worn to the office, out shopping or even to a nice dinner.  Because it is smooth and muted, it really can be worn for many occasion and it doesn’t scream “golf” but rather says classic style. 


TRUE has built a brand on comfort and performance for the walking golfer.  The TRUE LUX polo is a perfect compliment to their shoes and carries on the tradition of comfort, style and performance. They created the most comfortable polo I’ve ever worn.  The simple style, minimal logos, and great fit mean it can worn fashionably on or off the course.  It is an any time, any place, any occasion polo that has amazing all day comfort.

For more information: TRUE Website

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