REVIEW: Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS Driver

Yard for Yard the Best Deal in Golf

Everyone is chasing extra yards off the tee.  It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a 25 handicap golfer, we all want a little extra boost with the driver.  There is a reason that there are new drivers every season.  That new driver might be longer, but often only by a few yards.  Does the $500 price tag justify those yardage gains?  What if you can pick up those yards by only spending $350?  The yard for yard price is kind of a “no brainer” when it comes to the Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS Driver.  They created a new driver that can compete with anything on the market at a much lower price point, making it yard for yard the best deal in golf.

Last year Tour Edge introduced the first EXS driver with great success.  It had movable weights, carbon fiber, real deal shaft,  adjustable hosel and a hot titanium face.  They basically took that club and updated it for 2020.  Thus the 220 EXS driver has most of the same features just tweaked for better performance.  It has fewer moveable weights, a little more carbon, different stock shafts and some sound adjustment which makes this a worthy successor to last year’s model.
The Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS driver looks as good as anything else on the market.  They really dialed in the looks for this model with even more visible carbon and a little cleaner, glossier look.  Reducing the weights makes the MOI more forgiving and allows Tour Edge to place that discretionary weight where they want it.  I think this is a good move since, movable weights are more about fitting than about regular usage.  In all the years of moveable weights, I’ve almost never moved them once they were set.  This increased MOI means more forgiveness without tinkering.  The diamond face also add to forgiveness  with hotter ball speeds over a wider area.  The EXS 220 is a more forgiving version of the Tour Edge Exotics C721 driver.
The Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS driver offers 3 stock shaft options.  All very good choices, Fujikura Air Speeder, Fujikura Ventus, and ProjectX Hazrdus Smoke Yellow.  I also appreciated their basic fitting guide based on clubhead speed.  These real deal shafts give the consumer some really nice options.  I went with the ProjectX Hazrdus Smoke Yellow 6.0 since it is the best fit for my swing speed.  My only struggle with this counter balanced shaft is consistency with my swing.  Counterbalance shafts mess up my timing.  I’ve had to watch my timing very closely when hitting this driver.  When my timing is right with this shaft, the results were excellent.  When my timing was off, this shaft sent some wayward tee shots.  Tour Edge isn’t the only company putting counterbalanced shafts in their drivers, so if you looking to buy a new driver, make sure you understand if counter balanced shafts work for you.
Taking the Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS driver to the course will have you rethinking spending $500 dollars on a driver.  This driver can hit it out there with the best of the best.  I really liked the improved sound.  It was a little purer on the ears. They designed this club with a sound diffusing bar to make this sound really pure at impact. I also noticed the larger sweet spot on the face too as a few of my swings were less than perfect.  This is also an upgrade for the new model.  In combination with higher MOI this driver is more likely to hit the fairway with  “normal” distance than previous models.  They also kept the spin fairly low so the ball would still hit the fairway and run out.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS Driver

  • Spin: 1993 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 14.0*
  • Dispersion: 6.2 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 104.4 mph
  • Ball Speed: 155.8 mph
  • Total Distance:  296.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  271.9 yds

As I’ve said many times before in review, I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money.  I’ll let you know what I found on-course about how a golf club performs.  The Tour Edge Exotics 220 EXS driver performs as good as any driver on the market.  The $350 price point is just a bonus for your green fee budget or additional new clubs in your bag.  The improvements are nice touches to make the club more forgiving, better sounding and even better to look at.  If you are looking for a couple extra yards with a new driver, you will probably pick up a few on average but at less expense.  Yard for yard, this is the best deal in golf.

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Quick Hits:
+Great looks
+More forgiveness
+Excellent sounds
+Quality design
+Higher MOI
+Nice selection of stock shafts

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