Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-Wood Review

The Most Tunable 3-Wood in 2023

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The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-Wood filled the fairway wood slot in my bag for 5 rounds of golf.  I also tested it on the range and in the Office by Carl’s Place DIY Simulators.  The combination of on course testing and FlightScope numbers proved this 3-wood can be tuned for many different flights and swings.  It is the most adjustable 3-wood in 2023.

This is my definitive review of the Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood.

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 was featured in our list of Best Fairway woods in 2024.


The ebbs and flows of golf products took 3-woods from simply matching the look of the driver to getting their own designs and technologies to having lots of adjustments to no adjustments.  The Tour Edge Exotics C723 is the most adjustable/tunable 3-wood in 2023.  The compact players 3-wood has multiple options for fine tuning this club to your needs.  It combine titanium, tungsten and carbon for a powerful 3-wood that can be low spin or high carry.

Flight Tuning System

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood has interchangable weights on the sole, one near the face and the other on the back of the sole.  The 15 gram weight stock is near the face, while the 5 gram weight that is in the rear can be swapped.  This change adjusts spin and launch as well as feel.  If you want to get even more custom you can buy additional weights from Tour Edge.  What this means is that you can tune this club to fit your needs.  While off the rack is comes in the low spin set up, it still launches easy and feels solid.  I like this set up right out of the box.  You can also adjust the hosel +/- 1.5* too for even more variety in terms of face angle, launch and direction.

RyzerSole Technology

The Ryzersole takes the weight technology of the Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood a step further by having a massive tungsten plate on the sole which is low and has 2 zones as well of front and back weight.  It extends from the leading edge behind the face all the way to the rear edge.  This creates deep low weight for easy launch, while having a large portion of the mass near the front means low spin.  It also acts on the Z axis for straight shots.  It is almost like the hull of a boat for a straight cut through the turf.

Diamond VFT Face w/ Carbon Crown

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood has driver like technology with the variable face thickness pair with a huge carbon crown.  This “3-part” club really has distinct qualities of the titanium face which offers high strength to light weight pop, the carbon crown which allows more weight to be moved around the club head and the heavy tungsten sole for creating easy launch, forgiveness and low spin.

Sound, Feel, Appearance

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood has the lowest most muted crack of any 3-wood I’ve hit. At impact it is a deep crack as the carbon body mutes the sound and the tungesten sole crushes the ball behind the titanium face.  It feels hot and the ball pops off the face with excellent speed.  The head has a compact, thin look to it when it sits behind the ball.  It is on the smaller side and with the nice glossy crown looks very sharp at address.


The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood has 2 stock shaft options.  I went with the Tensei AV Blue 75 stiff flex shaft which is a mid launch smooth launching shaft.  The balance of this shaft with the low spinning head means quick launch and flat flight.  If you want to go all-out low spin/launch the HAZRDUS Black will go even lower.

On-Course Performance

The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood is a bomber.  I’ve been impressed by the long, straight shots that this club hits off the tee or the turf.  I found it easy to square up, easy to aim, and swing for the fences.  It launches fairly quick, spins low and holds a pretty straight line.  The compact size inspired confidence in the better golfer and the performance backs it up.  I didn’t tinker too much since the results were good off the rack, but certainly could feel and see a slight difference when the weights were switched.

Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-Wood Stats

Data from Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

 Spin: 2953 rpms

 Launch Angle: 14.8*

Dispersion: 4.3 yds

 Club Head Speed: 101.7 mph

 Ball Speed: 146.2 mph

 Total Distance: 253.6 yds

 Carry Distance: 244.8 yds


The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood is the most adjustable/tunable 3-wood you can buy in 2023.  If you like to tinker, if you have very specific needs or if you play a variety of courses that demands different set-ups this 3-wood is your best option.  It has low spin, easy launch and looks amazing.  The low muted crack at impact is a deep powerful sound that adds to this very nice 3-wood.  Tour Edge combined, titanium, tungsten and carbon to make this adjustable, long and straight 3-wood.    

For more information: Tour Edge Website

Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-Wood – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Tour Edge used a plethora of technologies in this 3 fairway wood. It has titanium, tungsten and carbon to created the most adjustable 3-wood in 2023.

  • ✅  Pros: Quick Launch, Low spin, Some forigiveness, Easy to hit, Long carry, Compact looks.

  • ⛔  Cons: Figuring out the right configuration.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Tour Edge Exotics C723 3-wood ups their 3-wood game in 2023 with the most adjustable model on the market. The compact 3-wood offers low spin, muted sound and feel and great performance. This appeals to the better golfer and offers them the ability to fine tune it to their needs.


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