Tourbon Golf Bag Review – Canvas and Leather Carry Bag

A Retro Bag with a Retro Price

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Tourbon Golf Bag Review

I have used the Tourbon Canvas and Leather carry bag for 8 rounds of golf.  I used it fully filled with clubs,½ full of clubs and as a range bag with a handful of clubs.  Tourbon Golf makes a number of canvas retro carry bags.  This is one of their largest and will work for any round of golf whether riding a quick 9 holes or walking 36.  It has a retro look and retro price.     

This is the my Tourbon Golf Bag Review for 2021.

Tourbon Golf Bag Review

Remember your very first carry bag? Mine was a simple canvas bag that had 1 divider and a couple pockets.  It didn’t have a stand or anything fancy, just a single strap.  It was a hand-me-down bag that got plenty of use over the years.  Back then bags were fairly simple and not too expensive.  Now bags can cost more than irons, especially if you get a fancy leather retro carry bag.  Even the canvas ones can run close to the cost of a driver.  Tourbon has numerous options all around $100.  My favorite one I’ve seen to date is this combo of canvas and leather in black with an orange, yellow diamond patterned pocket.

The Tourbon Golf carry bag has a very nice quality to it.  The waxed canvas is similar to what you find used by other brands.  Strong and durable with a nice texture to it.  The leather is a microfiber product that looks like leather, even though it is a synthetic product.  The brass hardware is a nice touch on this very stylish bag.  I know they market it as a women’s bag, but not once has anyone given me a look why I would be carrying it.  Actually the opposite, I received many compliments of how nice the bag looked.

The Tourbon Canvas and Leather Carry Bag comes in a pretty small box.  It can be folded/rolled up to about the size of a baseball glove.  It packs very easily and can be used as a small range bag, when you are using a staff bag or cart bag to play.  It is so light that for travelling it lightens the weight of your luggage which can be nice if you are trying to get clothes and clubs into a travel bag.  Once fully unrolled and filled with clubs it is virtually the same as any other retro carry bag.  I did find the big ball pocket needs something in it to help with the balance point.  If I had only clubs in it; it was a little top heavy.

The Tourbon Canvas and Leather Carry Bag works as a single strap carry bag should work on the course.  You pick it up and set it down for every shot.  You can lean it against a tree or monument sign to lessen how far down you have to reach to pick it up.  The canvas and leather combo stayed clean for all 8 rounds with minimal to no care.  I like that the base has a grommet hole incase of rain, that way the bottom of the bag won’t hold water.  The shoulder strap is functional but maybe not the most comfortable one I’ve ever used.  I like how it breaks-in over time and has a nice “grip” to it so that you don’t have to keep readjusting the bag on every step, but the padding is thinner than some.  The clubs untangle fairly easily, even if you carry a full set in the bag.  The big ball pocket allows you to really load up the bag(if you want) with plenty of accessories and balls.  It even has an internal stretchy divider for a water bottle.  There is an external tee holder if you like and an upper valuables pocket.  There is also an umbrella sleeve so you can take that with you if you want.  It doesn’t have a big side or back pocket so carrying rain gear isn’t really an option. 


The Tourbon Canvas and Leather carry bag is my new “go-to” for short courses, range days or hickories because it has such a cool retro look, but plenty of on-course function.  While it isn’t going to replace my cart bag or regular stand bag, there is certainly a place in the rotation for a bag like this; especially at the very accessible price point.  Why spend $1K on a leather retro bag that you have to be very careful with, this $99 bag can take the abuse and never miss a beat.  It offers all the retro look you can want, at a retro price.  They are easily found on Amazon so if you shop there regularly, this is an easy add to the cart.  While carrying a bag during a round of golf isn’t for everyone, if you want that look, that style and that simplicity, the Tourbon Canvas and Leather Carry bag is easily the best bang for the buck.  Cool retro look, with a great retro price.

Check the price on Amazon here.

For more information:

Tourbon Golf Bag
  • ℹ️  About:
    Tourbon makes numerous canvas carry bags. Some are pencil bags while others offer greater capacity. This canvas and leather combo carry bag works very well at a great price point.
  • ✅  Pros:
    Retro looks, Good quality, Simple function, Excellent pockets, Durable, Low cost.
  • ⛔  Cons:
    Not everyone can carry, Club tangle, balance point without accessories.
  • ⛳  Verdict:
    The Tourbon Canvas and Leather Carry Bag is everything it claims, a retro looking bag, an easy to carry bag, a lightweight bag, a single strap bag, and a very well constructed bag. While it isn’t for everyone, if you want to join the “old-school” bag walkers, this is the most reasonable option.


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