Review: Train Your Aim Putter Training Aid

Simple Way to Aim Better
Putting consists of three main factors: Break, Speed and Aim.  You need to be able to read the correct break, hit it the right distance and aim the putt on the intended line.  If any one of those three factors is off, you won’t make the putt.  The first 2 vary from green to green and putt to putt.  There are so many variables like slope, grain and stimp that being able read every putt perfectly and get the speed right every time is near impossible, even the pros with caddies can’t do that, but you can get the ball started on the right line every time with a little practice.  If you train your aim, at least things will start in the right direction.  That is where this training aid comes in, it is a simple way to learn to aim better.
I think the first off is getting a putter that fits your eye, because even with the most advanced training aid, once you are on the course, that putter has to function all by itself.  Make sure you have the right kind of mallet or blade that fits your stroke and your eye.  Then Train Your Aim will be an even more useful training aid.

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Train Your Aim is about as simple as a training aid gets, a plastic arrow and cross that clips to your putter shaft just above the putter head to give you a more obvious line of where your putting.  It is just a matter of lining up the arrow square with the putter head so you get accurate training.  The arrow lines up with the ball nicely.  Because it is big and orange it helps train you alignment.  The plastic clip seems durable enough and should work on most putter shafts.

This training aid is simple, small and can thrown in your bag or kept at the office for a little break time putting.  I got  some time to use this before the snow fell in MN and it seemed to help point me in the right direction on the greens.  I did change putters and grip too so the 1.5 strokes I’ve saved a round can not purely be attributed to Train Your Aim, but it certainly helped.  Now that we have snow on the ground and my outdoor play will be limited to  vacations and trips south, I’ll be using this in my office and on my Provoto Advantage Putting Green.

While Train Your Aim can read the green or hit the ball the right speed, it can get your putt started on the right line by helping your aim.  It is simple, inexpensive and helpful for improving your aim.  Train Your Aim is the Simple Way to Aim Better.

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Quick Hits:
+Helps your aiming
+Simple to use
+Small enough to take anywhere
+Inexpensive training aid

–Doesn’t help with speed or read