Play where they know your name
Even if you aren’t a big fan of the TV show “Cheers”, you know the theme song about going to a place where everybody knows your name.  There is something to be said about that at a golf course too.  It is nice to be greeted like a friend, it is nice to talk to the cart guy like buddies, it is nice to chat with the pro on a personal level.  I’ve really enjoyed playing at Troy Burne this season and getting to know the course staff, whom I believe are some of the best golf course workers around.
Sometime high-end public courses get a reputation for being snooty or “fake” private clubs that just want your money, but don’t really care about you as a golfer.  I’ve found that to be true of some courses in the Twin Cities, but Troy Burne is different.  Their staff seems to actually care and go out of their way to make your time at Troy Burne a positive experience.  From the 1st time guest to the “regular” they offer top notch service

Their PGA staff is considered one of the best in the Twin Cities with Dave Tentis running the show and Brent Snyder giving lessons, you can’t go wrong in dealing with either one of these two PGA pros for your golfing needs.  I’ve watched them both in action and they are really good at what they do. 

The pro shop staff is also really good; they are always friendly when you enter and helpful when you need it.  Once you leave the clubhouse you are greeted by courteous and informative guys and gals manning the cart and baggage areas.  The on-course beverage carts and marshals do a great job keeping things moving and well hydrated.

Troy Burne is a top layout in the Twin Cities, offers a good value with the Player’s Card and has a wonderful staff; it is everything your looking for in a golf course.

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Play your favorite course all season
Deciding where to play golf can be a tricky proposition.   Is it close to home? Is it affordable? Is the most central for your buddies? Is it easy to get tee-times?  Is it well conditioned?  Is it fun?  The list really goes on an on.  So how do you choose?  Why not pick your favorite course and play there as often as you can? 

This year I think that was a major driving force in my decision to call Troy Burne my home course for 2014.  Within an hour drive of my house, Troy Burne is my favorite public course. (it is only 20 minutes away)  In the past number of seasons I felt like it was a treat to go out and play Troy Burne because it is on the higher end of price.  But after paying for a couple Saturday rounds at much lesser courses I found there to be very little price difference.  Many muni courses are charging $40+/18 holes.  If you add a cart at another $18 you are paying $58+.  I can walk Troy Burne (with the Players card) for $57 and ride for $64.  Sure it is more, but not much.  For $6 I’ll play Troy Burne every time. 

I’ve yet to find golfers that didn’t enjoy their round at Troy Burne.  Yes, it is a tough championship course, but it is always in perfect shape and is known to be one of, if not the best public layout in the Twin Cities, MN.  So why not play your favorite course for most of your rounds this summer?  Check out Troy Burne and look at the Players Card deal, the math works in your favor and the course is my favorite!

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Finances of Picking a Home Course
How do you decide which golf course to call your home?  If you live in the Twin Cities, MN you have almost 100 choices between public and private courses.  Things like Location, Cost and Course layout/conditions are going to be leading factors in that decision.  We all want the best, closest and cheapest, but that combination doesn’t exist.    If you live in the eastern half of the Twin Cities you might want to consider Troy Burne in Hudson, WI  based on the best combination of those factors.
It is a top 5 course in the entire Metro, it is just a short drive across the river, and costs less than any private club.  If you want unlimited golf, they offer the Lehman pass (which is great if you live on the course or have unlimited time to golf), but if you are looking to keep your cost down and play there weekly, the Players card is a good deal.  It offers you between $10 and $30 off per round (depending on the time of year and day of the week).  Even after you pay the $199 for the card, it will pay for itself over 10 rounds.  Plus now you have a home course.  Also if you decide you want to play somewhere else, you won’t feel guilty since you aren’t losing money by playing somewhere else.

It really becomes a math problem, how many rounds will you play?  How much are you willing to spend?  In comparison to a private membership, you are saving 1000’s.  Plus Troy Burne tops most private courses in conditions and layout.  You really can play the best for less.

I look forward to calling Troy Burne my home course for 2014!

Here is the math for 20 rounds:

  • Private Courses:  $3,000 initiation + +250 per month = $4,000 (minimum)
  • Local “Comparative” Courses: $45-$85 per round =$900-$1,700
  • Troy Burne Rack Rate: $80 per round = $1,600
  • Troy Burne Player’s Card: $199 initiation + $57 per round = $1,350

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