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Knit Shoes Get Upgraded Stability

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I wear a pair of TRUE shoes at least 4 days a week.  The TRUE All Day Knit 3 Shoes were worn multiple time off-course and on-course over the past month. The new Knit 3 shoe is the latest evolution of the Knit line.  The main change is stability which comes from a heel change, sole change and added “body” to the knit material. The big question is, are they better?

This is the definitive TRUE All Day Knit 3 Shoes Review for 2023.

If there is ever a “knock” on TRUE Knit golf shoes, it is their stability.  They are the most flexible and comfortable shoes I’ve worn over the last couple years. However if you needed stability to keep your feet from rolling while swinging or even just tighter while walking, you’ve probably gravitated toward other brands.  The new TRUE All Day Knit 3 shoes have added some stability to go with their knit material.  They are not going to replace some of the extremely stable shoes made by other OEMs, but they are more stable than previous TRUE Knit shoes.

The starting point for stability in the TRUE All Day Knit 3 shoes is the new heel cup.  The leather heel wrap creates grip on the heel for both swinging and walking.  It is immediately obvious when you put these shoes on that they feel different.  It certainly works, these feel much more connected and firm while swinging and walking.  However the downside of the new heel cup is that it rubs a little.  This is the first pair of TRUEs that gave me a blister.  It required some break-in and adjusting the laces multiple times before I got them to stop rubbing on my Achilles.

The uppers of the TRUE All Day Knit 3 Shoes are a little tighter and stiffer too.  They are not LUX material, still Knit, but certainly a little adjustment to the formula.  This also creates more stability across the entire foot.  The uppers wrap just a little bit tighter and flex just a little bit less.  This is great for stability, but does give a different initial sensation to these TRUEs.  Your feet feel more “in place” in these shoes than “free” in the previous Knit models.

The TRUE All Day Knit 3 shoes come in 6 color options: Legend Grey, Onyx Black, Deep Sea Navy, Nimbus White, Aloe Tan, Pine Green.  They all look great and have some really cool subtle accent colors.  The color choices will fit any golfers needs or wants.  The new sole is the best upgrade of these shoes.  They completely redesigned the sole which increased traction.  I’m impressed by the new sole how comfortable and how much traction these spikeless shoes have. The All Day V2 sole has deeper tread which makes them connect to the ground better and reduces slippage. 

The TRUE All Day Knit 3 Shoe offers a super comfortable cushioned midsole callled Wanderlux®.  It offers more cushion than ever before in the Knits which becomes obvious as you walk 18 or even 36 holes in them.  Reducing fatigue is important for your feet as you walk and play golf.  Any way that a shoe can return energy or at least cushion the blow step after step and swing after swing will benefit your game especially later in the round.


TRUE completely redesigned the Knit line by creating the All Day Knit 3 Shoes.  They have different knit uppers, a heel cup for stability, new Wanderlux midsole and deeper tread for spikeless traction.  They fit a little tighter, they flex a little less and unfortunately rub a little initially.  These are so close to being ideal, but blister absolutely suck. I wish they didn’t need a break in period, but once they are, man are these great shoes.  Comfort and stability in the lightweight, flexible, grippy spikeless Knit shoes.  The style is fashionable for wearing with pants, shorts or jeans.  If you avoided Knits because you swing really hard, put a lot of stress on your feet during a round or want a little extra stability, try the TRUE All Day Knit 3 shoes because they upgraded a whole bunch of features of these shoe, especially the stability.

For more information: TRUE Website

TRUE All Day Knit 3 Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE continues to be my "go-to" shoe on or off the course. The All Day Knit 3 is the evolution of the Knit line offering more stability and traction than previous models.

  • ✅  Pros: Flexiblity, Stability, Breathablity, Traction, Cushion, 6 Color choices.

  • ⛔  Cons: Heel rub caused blisters

  • ⛳  Verdict: The TRUE All Day Knit 3 is a complete redesign of the Knit line to increase traction and stability. They did that but at the price of out of the box comfort. The heel rub was dissapointing for the early rounds. Once that went away the improvements shined; traction, stability and flexitility.


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