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TRUE shoes are my “go-to” shoes on or off the course.  The new TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes fill my need for beach, pool, backyard, hanging out slip on casual shoe.  While TRUEs are comfortable enough to wear before and after a round, sliding into TRUE FS Slide Slip On Shoes after around of golf, is even more comfortable and airy.

This is the definitive TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes Review for 2023.


Golf & Leisure

Golf is more than just the 4 hours and 18 holes played.  For many golf is as much the before and after round time with friends and family.  Post round drinks, grabbing a bite to eat, chilling on the patio, meeting up withe more friends can all be blended into a day on the course.  Maybe some friendly competition on the putting green, maybe swimming at the pool, or maybe just enjoying time with the family fills the hours before and after golf.  While that might be the country club experience, many of us have enjoyed similar leisure at the public course too.  The TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes are for the off course time when you just want the least amount of “shoe” on your feet.  Let them breath after all the hard work they have put in at work or on the golf course.  Even if plans change and you head back to golf course or range, these can handle that too.

Slip On TRUEs

The TRUE FS-Slide Slip On shoes are part of their apparel expansion beyond the golf course.  They are still TRUEs.  The minimalist design, extreme comfort and spacious style still screams TRUE.  Obviously these are not designed to be your regular 18 hole, serious round, golf shoes.  They are more of your pre or post round shoes.  They let your feet breath and move more freely than when restricted by shoes.  Obviously they are super easy on and off while quickly molding to your feet for comfortable wear.

Go Up A Size

The TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes are a little smaller than their standard size, so I suggest going up a size.  I typically wear a size 9 in TRUE, but went 10 in the FS-Slide which was the right decision.  The 10s fit very nicely.  Also since they don’t have a heal cup, sizing is a little more “free” but you still don’t want your feet pinched in  the toes or your heels falling off the back.  Even if you are like me and have a go-to size with TRUE, go up a size, you won’t regret it.


The TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes come in 5 color options: Black, Bone, Navy, Pine, and Greige. They also have interchangable tongue pulls so you can adjust the style of these slip on shoes.  Some people live in shoes like this,  I think TRUEs are up to the task to be worn 24/7.  I’m not in a profession that I could wear these all the time, but throwing them on after work is relaxing, wearing them to the pool, sporting them while hanging out, even just slipping them on to take out the trash is what these slip on shoes were designed for.  They breath and are comfortable.  The other aspect that TRUE did with these shoes is make them functional on the course if necessary.  I’ve seen guys play golf in bare feet.  While in AZ that is not wise, I could see these as a compromise to that; barefoot feeling with some traction and protection.  They aren’t going to replace your regular TRUE shoes for on the course, but for a casual or quick or surprise round the tread on these will work great.


TRUE comfort is the emphasis the FS-Slide Slip On Shoes.  They are not regular golf  shoes, but part of the golf and leisure collection which is aimed for pre and post round hang out.  They can replace your other slide/slip on shoes while still having style and TRUE comfort.  Buy them a size bigger than normal to have a perfect fit.  They have traction so you can play golf or practice in comfort.  The easy on and off makes them an excellent way to let your feet breath and slip into comfort.

For more information: TRUE Website

TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: TRUE expands their reach as my "go-to" shoes off the course when a slip on is appropriate. The FS-Slide Slip On Shoes are all about comfort and breath. When it is leisure time, it is time for FS-Slides.

  • ✅  Pros: Comfort, Breathability, Traction, Cushion, 5 Color choices.

  • ⛔  Cons: Not for Serious Rounds

  • ⛳  Verdict: The TRUE FS-Slide Slip On Shoes are designed for a different reason than the other TRUE models. These are better suited for off the course wear when you want to let your feet breath in comfort. They offer a casual slip on approach for heading to the pool, the beach the bar, or simply hanging out. If you want to slip into comfort, the TRUE FS-Slide Slip On shoes are an excellent choice.


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