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Fast and Functional DIY Grip Options Made in the USA

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I installed a variety of Star Sidewinder 360 Grips on my clubs and my wife’s clubs quickly and easily to improve the feel and function of our clubs.  The installation tool made this a fast, functional, DIY project.  The combination of cost, color, speed and made in the USA make these an easy way to upgrade your clubs.  

This is the definitive Star Sidewinder 360 Grip Review.

This product was in our top 10 Best Golf Grips of 2024.

Do Golf Club Grips Really Matter?

Every golf club has a grip on it.  They come installed from the factory with some version the OEM decided was the best price and look that they wanted on their clubs.  They are standard size, shape and color.  Golfers sometimes have their favorite aftermarket grip which they can get their clubs upgraded with straight from the factory.  Beyond that golfers don’t think too much about their grips.  But they matter way more than we think.  Numerous studies have concluded that new grips improve your scores.  But if you’ve looked lately at the price of grips, you probably figure you’ll just wait until your next set of clubs.  Star Sidewinder 360 Grips offer excellent upgrade options for your clubs without breaking the bank.  Plus it can be done quickly with a number of color options.  Their install tool works with any air compressor and speeds up the process.  Plus you support a brand making grips in the USA.

Sidewinder 360

The Star Sidewinder 360 Grip is similar looking to a standard “velvet” grip that often comes standard on OEM golf clubs.  However the rubber compound is much different.  The Star Sidewinder 360 Grip is more of a “sticky” grip than a “velvet” grip.  This means the rubber feels softer in your hands and “sticks” with less grip pressure.  This is beneficial to your golf game since reducing grip pressure while maintaining grip means less tension which means more speed.  It also reduces wear and tear on your hands since you aren’t “choking” your golf club.

8 Color Options

The Star Sidewinder 360 Grips come in 8 different colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Grey and Green.  You can pick a single color or mix and match colors.  I did some singular grips in color for a driver, a wedge, etc.  This makes it really easy to make sure you have the right club in hand and can match your favorite colors.  It is fun to bring some flare to your grips that can be a very boring part of the game.  If you want to upgrade to plain black, that will work too, or you can brighten up the grips with the other colors. 

Installation Tool

The Installation Tool and Method used by Star Grip is unique.  While you can install them the old fashioned way with tape and solvent, the air tool is quick, easy and clean.  You can use the grip seconds after installation and their is no smell or liquid to deal with.  If you have an air compressor it easily hooks up.  It is wise to adjust your pressure (like it is when using any air tool) to make sure you don’t blow up the grip.  It doesn’t take much pressure to slide the grip on quickly and easily as it rides a thin cushion of air down the shaft.  Release the trigger when it is straight and it sticks to the shaft.  The “sticky” rubber grips the shaft for no twisting or turning no matter how much torque you put on the grip during your swing. 


Star Sidewinder 360 Grips offer just about everything you could want from a grip: great feel, color options, quick DIY install, low price, and made in the USA.  If you regrip clubs regularly, you should look at including Star Grips in your options because you can turn around  regripping of a set in about 1/2 the time of a traditional regrip.  The price point makes it very attractive too at the 1/2 price point of most aftermarket grips.  Star Grips also offers wrap, tour, smooth and putter grips.  I prefer the Sidewinder for their feel, grip and color options.

For More Information: Star Grip Website

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