REVIEW: TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes

TRUE's Most Versatile Shoe Yet
I wear some version of TRUE shoes most days of the week.  I absolutely love their comfort on or off the course.  I never have to change shoes when I get to the course or when I leave.  I can hit the range anytime rocking my TRUEs.  I’ve even found their soles have great traction for other outdoor activities.  One knock on them is that their distinct style doesn’t always look great with non-golf apparel.  While the Knits and Majors have a “running” shoe style and the Originals are their own style; if you are out for a night on the town, those shoes might not be ideal in terms of style.  The new TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes don’t look at all like golf shoes; they have a “skateboard/street” style but still work great for golf.  The kicker is the fact that they are lighter than just about any shoe you’ll put on your feet.  They really are TRUE’s most versatile shoe.
The TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes are part of the re-birth of TRUE Linkswear over the last couple years; getting back to their roots and best designs.  This new model is true to their walking first golf creed, spikeless soles, zero drop, and exceptional comfort out of the box (bag).  Obviously the break from the mold is the style.  These don’t shout TRUE.  They have a much more conventional style.  Even if the style doesn’t say TRUE, the other features do.

While the style of the TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes is big part of the story, the function of them is still the highlight.  They are crazy light and super comfortable right out of the bag.  The Nappa leather is ready to go immediately and it is surprising how light weight these shoes are.  They have a sewn in sock liner and laces for a good tight fit.  They might look more like a street shoe, but the new lug system that TRUE created for the sole offers amazing traction.  I like the zero drop for walking and golfing comfort.  While they don’t have TRUE’s 2 year waterproof guarantee, they do repel the elements enough for most golf.  I’m not taking them out in monsoon rain, but a little dewy grass won’t bother your feet, nor with the 110* AZ heat.

The TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes have one distinct difference from previous TRUEs and that is the height of the shoe through the arch area.  While I don’t have tall arches, I do have “thicker” feet vertically.  These shoes are thinner through the laces than their previous shoes.  Basically this means they are just a little harder to put on because of the sewn in sock liner.  Once they are on, I don’t notice any tightness at all, I just find them tight to slide on.  I also went up a half of shoe size, which was a great call in these too, because they do run a little smaller than previous shoes.  I’ve always been a 9 in TRUE, but these I’m back to my normal shoe size 9.5.

Not be overlooked when purchasing the TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes is the canvas bag they come in.  I really appreciate not having to deal with a cardboard box.  This saves my recycling bin since the canvass bag is just packed in shipping bag.  It takes up a lot less space and now I have this handy canvass bag for either my shoes or other accessories.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it really is a nice feature that reduces waste and is useful beyond just holding shoes.

The TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes are their most versatile shoe yet.  I like how these stay true to their roots, yet break the mold a little in terms of style.  If you want to wear TRUEs but need more style, these are the perfect shoe for you.  The TRUE Linkswear TL-01 Shoes are the best anywhere, anytime shoe they’ve made.  I love them on the course and just as much off the course.  You will be shocked by how light they are, but also how functional and comfortable they are.  These are their most versatile shoe yet.

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Quick Hits:
+SUPER light
+Amazingly comfortable
+Great style
+Zero drop
+Excellent traction
+Elements proof
+Shoe bag, no box