REVIEW: True Spec Golf Fitting - Scottsdale, AZ

What a True Fitting Should Be!
Just about everyone claims to be a fitter now.  You can go to a big-box retailer and get a fitting.  You can go to a company’s demo day and get a fitting.  You can even go to the range and your buddy will fit you.  There are hundreds of options for fittings.  While I am a huge fan of getting fit, (and yes even your buddy fitting you is probably better than nothing) True Spec Golf offers what all true fitting should be.  Their elite fitting process is based on a brand agnostic philosophy and Club Conex flexibility to try any head with any shaft.
I scheduled a fitting at True Spec Golf‘s headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.  It is just blocks from TPC Scottsdale which I was playing that afternoon.  The modern warehouse building is also home to Miura Golf.  The True Spec Fitting studio is clean, modern and high end.   The large space has the “wall of a hundred shafts” which is a staple of all True Spec Fitting studios.  There are 2 hitting bays and a putter fitting platform.  The rest of the space is mostly open with a few couches and TVs.  It is far more open and far less cluttered than other fitting studios that I’ve been to.  Since they take their time with each golfer, it isn’t going to be crowded or full of others waiting to hit in your bay, they schedule plenty of time for each golfer for maximum comfort and ability to dial in specs.

Club Conex is a huge component of the True Spec Golf Fitting process.  Since True Spec owns Club Conex it is easy for them to have every club head and every shaft fit with this system to proper specs so that what you test will be the same weight, feel, etc as the finished product.  They have a rigorous  process that their fitting clubs go through in the back room to make sure clubs and shafts with Club Conex weight the same as they would without them.  Most high end fitters have something along these lines, but it really does promote their brand agnosticism.

The focus of my fitting at True Spec Golf was Miura MC-501 irons.  While they offer every irons head under the sun, I was working specifically with Miura (which their parent company also owns) to get into Miura’s newest iron.  My fitting was to make sure we had the right head with the right shaft.  This made the process a little faster and easier since we didn’t have to try multiple club heads to see which worked best.  We basically went through the entire drawer of shafts.  It didn’t take to long to see the dispersion circles settle on the best feeling and producing shaft.  I ended up picking up a couple yards and much closer to the target.

One of the most interesting parts of True Spec Golf is that they don’t offer any stock shafts.  I understand that there is no reason for them to offer a “custom” fit stock shaft, but it was also odd that I couldn’t get DG S300.  I realize that it is a common shaft and if I wanted to buy off the rack, I wouldn’t be at True Spec Golf, but certain shafts, even though they are stock, are still really good.  I can’t really complain too much since the KBS Tour V shafts I ended up with in the irons perform and feel awesome.

True Spec Golf offers what a true fitting should be.  Brand agnostic, plenty of time to dial in specs, launch monitors to prove it and the ability to demo almost the exact club and specs you are going to receive after the build.  All this time, attention to detail and high end products are going to cost you.  This is not your thrown in for free 5 minute fitting, this is an elite fitting.  Once you’ve committed to the fitting, the clubs will all be custom made to spec in their build shop in Scottsdale.  They will have them in your hands in less than 2 weeks.  Getting fit at True Spec Golf is a pretty serious commitment to your game, but they offer a true fitting that will have you in better clubs than when you walked in. 

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Quick Hits:
+Thousands of shaft and head combos
+Club Conex
+Technology to validate fitting
+Time and space for comfort
+Locations around the country
+Quick turn around time