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The Best Cart Bag Just Got Better

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My clubs safely and securely traveled around the golf course with me in style (and quietly) in my new Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag. I have been a huge fan of Vessel for the last 10 years, but this time Vessel has really created something special.  Style and Function meet in the best cart bag that money can buy.

This is the definitive Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag Review for 2023.

2.0 is Better

In many industries the sequels are not as good as the original.  However when it comes to Vessel golf bags, they listen carefully to their customers and created something new, fresh and better each time they tackle an upgrade to their bags.  The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag is evidence of what great bag designers can do when they listen and put their minds to creating something both aesthetically pleasing as well as something incredibly functional.  The 2.0 is better in every way.  That says a lot since the original is still one of my favorite bags and still gets used happily. The rest of the review will explain each part of the bag that has been improved to make it better.

15-Way Top

There is an online debate happening right now between the 14/15-way top and the 6-way top camps.  I am firmly in the 14-way top camp.  The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag comes with full length 15-way top divider system.  It can hold all 14 of your legal clubs and then alignment stick, training aids or “rock” club.  This is in my opinion the best top divider system in golf.  having the extra slot is totally functional and the other 14-way top slots work perfectly to hold every club in place.  I can quickly glance at my bag and know if I left a wedge behind or not.  I know where every club goes after each shot and every club cascades nicely in “theater” like seating.  It has a large putter well so the largest of grips can be accommodated.  There is not tangle in or out with clubs.  Camp 15-way top dividers all the way here.


15 Pockets

The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag has 15 pockets plus some interior hidden pockets and exterior bottle holders.  The spine pockets are the biggest improvement in my mind.  The spine real estate is the most valuable on a golf cart bag.  The 4 pockets are perfectly designed with 2 magnetic ones and 2 zipper ones.  The top on is perfect for the smaller necessities on the golf course like an extra ball or two, tees, ball markers, divot tool and maybe even a glove.  The next one down is a little bigger with a zipper to keep things more secure and less used at the ready.  Big enough for a bunch of balls, wallet and keys or whatever else fits.  The 3rd pocket is magnetic and perfect for holding your rangefinder.  The 4th spine pocket is a large zipper pocket that can be embroidered.  It is large and can hold a dozen golf balls or any other small accessory bag you might need. 

The 6 side pockets are divided equally on both sides.  Left side is full length cooler pocket.  Right side is full length apparel pocket.  On top of those are 2 pockets for valuables and thin items like score cards or yardage book.  I found the collection of pockets near perfect for a round of golf.  I also brought it on a golf trip and could pack everything I needed for a week in this bag.  The magnetic flaps around the spine pockets will also hold a water bottle nicely.   The final pocket is on the back side of the bag and rides up against the cart, but is perfect for your rain hood.

Vessel Lux Material

The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag is made with a synthetic leather that the best in the business.  It is highly durable, and amazingly functional.  It has a luxurious texture and style.  The smooth look is classy and the monotone design stands out in a crowd.  This bag can get a little wet and it rolls right off.  The dirt and dust don’t stick to the bags material either.  This bag looks and feels classy. A good wipe down has it looking new for each round.  It comes in 4 different monotone colors which all look amazing.  I was tempted to go white again, but the grey bag is AMAZING.  Black or Navy look really good too depending on your preference.

Golf Club Organizer

The Golf Club Organizer can be added on to your Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag.  It is an add-on stand that keeps your clubs from clanging together during a round of golf. It attached to top rails of the bag and keeps irons and wedges separate and in place standing up nicely.  At first glance I wasn’t impressed, but once it was installed and I used it on the course, this is the best iron organizer I’ve seen. It is unique in how it holds the long irons forward and the wedges back.  It has magnets at the bottom of each angled slot so the clubs side down nicely and stay.  It keeps every club in its place for organization as well as silence.  I had zero club chatter for all 18 holes no matter how rough the terrain was. It is worth every penny as an add-on to this bag.

The Brilliance is in the Details

The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Bag is perfect for carts because of the bonus design features like the pass through strap slots, the strap protector sleeve, the rain cover pocket the handles, the size, the hooks and loops for all your accessories. The 2.0 strap sleeve is made of more durable synthetic leather than just the original neoprene sleeve. The pass under magntic pocket, the pass through slots and the velcro straps so you can secure the bag to the basket are all design features so that your bag stays on the cart while keeping its new looks as long as possible. The pull tabs, the zippers, the expansion slots, the zipper hiders, it all just works together brilliantly.


The Vessel already made the best cart bag, but it just got better with the Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag.  If you want to have the best style and function on the course, this bag is for you.  The golf club organizer is even better than I expected and highly recommended.  You can get it customized with a logo or initials to make it yours and you can carry everything you need for all 18 holes on a cart. Vessel did it again and raised the bar for cart bags.  The Vessel Lux XV 2.0 is the best cart bag you can buy.

For More Information: Vessel Website

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