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My clubs safely traveled to my destination in  the BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag.  This travel case is made of BIG MAX’s Dri Lite material and lots of padding to create an all-weather travel bag that will protect its contents while repelling the elements. If you are looking for a big, unique looking and protective case (also at a great price right now) the BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag might be exactly what you are looking for. 

This is the definitive BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag Review for 2023.

The Safe Delivery Creed

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”The US Postal creed seemed like a fitting motto for the BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag since it is designed to deliver your clubs to their destination safe and sound no matter the weather or the obstacles.  The Dri Lite materials are water proof which is surprisingly nice when traveling.  Many airlines don’t take any special care of luggage so I’ve had bags wet, covered in snow, and beaten up pretty bad.  The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag can withstand any of the elements or the abuse it might take along the way while still delivering the clubs for your round.

Dri Lite Material

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag’s material is really the center of attention.  Most travel bags are either a hard shell or some version of thick nylon.  Dri Lite Material is more of a smooth coated nylon which looks and acts differently.  It is much stiffer, weather proof and smoother.  This all means that your travel bag looks good, repels water and resists snags.  Like I said above, I’ve had my travel bag soaked by rain, covered in snow and dragged on the ground.  The potential for damage to the contents of my golf bag are real every time I travel.  The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag is made with material to protect your clubs and deliver them to your destination.

So Much Space

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag has more space in it than you can possibly fill and still stay under 50lbs.  It will hold two smaller carry bags as well as shoes and gear.  It is a fairly lightweight travel bag so you aren’t adding a ton of weight, but clubs, balls and gear add up quickly.  I traveled with a large cart bag with plenty of golf balls, accessories and clubs for a week with space to spare. It is easy to access with the double zipper opening up the entire top. I liked the exterior shoe pockets which nicely cared my golf shoes without squeezing them into the main compartment and squishing them into my bag.  The red straps cinch everything tight so that extra space gets squeezed close to the bag for better travel. 

Between Use Storage

Travel bags are necessary to bring your clubs on vacation if you fly, but once you are there you want your travel bag to kind of disappear.  The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag folds in half and can be squished into the corner of a hotel closet.  Once you get bag home, you should be able to compact it enough for a storage space in the garage or storage closet until your next trip.  It is middle of the road to compact compared to most other travel bags.

Base and Wheels

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag has a big flat bottom with two large wheels that sits very flat when standing up and lays down nicely.  The base is also molded about 1/3 the way up the back side of the bag for additional protection, sturdiness while pulling and good standing.  I find the base and wheel bery important in the airport.  A bag that can stay standing all by itself is vital for checking in, moving around and getting your clubs to the counter without taking out a fellow passenger or falling on all the “cattle” corral straps.  The wheel are pretty big too which make it easy to navigate curbs, steps, and bumps while pulling it.


The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag has a unique style.  While most of the time style doesn’t have an impact on golf, when it comes to travel bags it does.  If the majority of the golfers on your flight have the standard black nylon travel bag, there is always the chance that yours will get taken by accident.  Hopefully they will be returned quickly, but depending on the clubs they have compared to the clubs you have, that miay or may not happen.  Also depending on their final destination, they might not be quick on the return if they don’t realize it right away.  The black, red and white print on the BIG MAX bag will have you standing out in a crowd. I got a lot of compliments on this travel bag. I’d actually like to see BIG MAX add a few colors to the line to make the style even more unique.


The BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag impressed me by keeping my clubs safe from weather and bag handlers.  The style made it easy to spot and even got some compliments.  It is big, stylish and keeps your clubs protected when you travel.  The price right now is killer so if you are looking for an amazing bag at a great price, now is the time to jump on the BIG MAX Dri Lite Travel Bag deal.

For More Information: BIG MAX Website

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