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A Bag Designed To Fit The Needs Of The Best Golfers In The World

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The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag carried my clubs around the golf course for 8 rounds of golf.  Vessel has become the industry leader in customized bags on tour and their consumer products take cues from the best golfers in the world.  The Player IV Pro Bag has everything a tour player wants in their bag.   

This is the definitive Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag Review for 2023.



Vessel makes the best looking golf bags.  Period. It is not really even a close competition; they are head and shoulders above anyone else.  While the style might be simple, they are as classy and cool as it gets.  The Vessel Player IV Pro is a testament to their elegant design with 4 color options, white, black, navy and grey.  They offer special editions from time to time also.   You may also know that most the bags on tour that are all custom designed and logoed up are made by Vessel too.  They will customize your bag also which makes these bags even better.  You can see the iGR logo on this bag looks amazing.


The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag’s pockets are a culmination of feedback and research to create the best storage possible in a golf stand bag.  It has 6 pockets which are perfectly placed and designed to carry everything you need and have it accessible during the round.  The “spine” pockets are the most used which have a large ball pocket on the bottom and a velour lined magnetic rangefinder pocket on the top. These two get the most use and accessed often during a round.  Hopefully it is the rangefinder pocket and the not ball one.  On the one side there is a full bag pocket which is big and deep to hold rain gear, shoes, virtually anything you need.  The other shorter pocket that rides next to your back is an insulated beverage pocket which is big to hold plenty of hydration.  My favorite “new” pocket is the magnetic one on top of the beverage pocket.  It is super useful to keep your wallet there for easy access during the round.  It also works great to hold the score card.

 Unique Features

The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag has some “not so secret/secret features that really make it stand out in a crowd.  The discreet water bottle pockets on both sides of the spine pocket allow you to carry 2 x 20oz water bottles.  That will be perfect for most rounds of golf, even in AZ.  The pen slot is quietly tucked into the red band down the side.  The inner dividers in pockets and magnetic features make accessing and keeping things separate in the bag easy.  The grab handles and lift points are all perfectly placed too.  It has a couple loops and hooks for outside storage of towels, bushes and an umbrella.  They all are placed in the perfect functional spot on the bag.

14-Way Top

The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag has a 9.5″ 6 way or 14 way top.  I love 14-way tops, especially when they have full length dividers with them.  Vessel even has a no-jam base are part of the club management system so that your clubs go in and out easily and stay organized for your entire round.  While some golfer might prefer less dividers, I love having a slot for each club so that I can quickly locate the club I need.  The side benefit of have a 14-way top (if you have 14 clubs in your bag) is that you will immediately notice if you leave a club behind on a hole because a slot will be vacant. This large 14-way top with full length dividers add some weight so don’t expect this to be the lightest bag you’ve carried, but it certainly is the most functional.

Carry Straps and Stand

The Player IV Pro utilizes VESSEL’s patented technologies “Equilibrium Double Strap” and “Rotator Base” to create an excellent function bag on the course.  This dual strap system is the best in the business.  It is easy to sling over your shoulders and balances itself.  While there a minor adjustments to length of straps from person to person, the adjustments are very minimal and once you get the length right, this bag rides like a champ.  The base rotates so that it is always flat with the ground.  The means stability every time you set it down. The Carbon Fiber legs are strong and deploy easily.  They really handle the weight well and keep the bag standing at an ideal angle. It has multiple handles so you can pick it up and sling it on your back however you want. While it is a stand bag, it rides nicely on a power cart or push cart. 


Vessel is the standard by which I judge all other bags and they improved their already excellent design.  The Player IV Pro Stand Bag is a big, tour like bag that has all the features an amateur wants too.  The style is outstanding and the customization option can make it one of a kind.  Everything is well thought out and functional on the course.  I love the 14-way top and the large size can accommodate everything I need for my rounds of golf.  You should consider upgrading to this bag  

For more information: Vessel Website

Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Vessel has been making tour bags for years and the Player IV Pro bag takes its cues from those bags and users. This bag is big, functional and stylish.

  • ✅  Pros: Amazing Style, 14-way top, Full length dividers, Magnetic pockets, 4 color choices, , Carbon fiber legs, Excellent pockets.

  • ⛔  Cons: Big and Heavy.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Vessel Player IV Pro Stand Bag is a culmination of research and development by Vessel. Thei bags are the best you can buy. The combination of function and style make this big carry bag an excellent choice for golfers looking to upgrade their stand bag. The optional customization makes it even more stylish and personal. Vessel raised the bar again with this bag.


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