Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag Review

Vessel Raised Their Own Bar Even Higher with the VLX 2.0 Stand Bag

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The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag carried my clubs around the golf course for 7 rounds of golf.  It is the newest upgrade and best stand bag from Vessel.  They have become an industry leader in customized bags on tour and have grown their consumer line in the last 10 years. It is the best overall stand bag which you can also customize.  The combination of a 4 way top, comfortable straps, well designed pockets, unique features and style make it the best stand bag on the market.   

This is the my Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag Review for 2022.


I’ve been on the Vessel “bandwagon” from day one.  Their custom bags, their stock bags, their cart bags, their stand bags; all their bags have been well designed, look amazing and function incredibly well.  I really appreciate how year after year, they listen to their customers and design or redesign a bag to function and look even better.  The Vessel VLX 2.0 is proof that Vessel has raised the bar again with this stand bag.  While I have fallen in love with Vessel monochromatic color palette in many of their bags, the tri-color Ignite bag may just be their best looking one yet. It just so happens that it matches the iGolfReviews logo perfectly.

The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag has a different pocket design than most stand bags, but it actually works super well.  First thing you might notice is that it is missing a full length “rain gear” pocket.  That has been shortened to a half length pocket.  This actually works really well for a couple of  reasons.  One, most rain gear now is really compact so it still fits; two, it reduces the weight or the potential of really loading up a huge pocket with too much gear, and third, since the long pocket just became a jumbled mess of stuff, this shorter pocket makes it easier to find what you put in the pocket. There is also a lockable valuables pocket inside of this pocket, so you can keep even your coveted items safe, sound, and hidden.  The “spine” pockets are the best with a strong magnetic closure for the internally divided antimicrobial ball/rangefinder/accessory pocket.  The deep logo’d bottom pocket will hold more golf balls, wrenches, an other gear.  There is another side pocket on the “body” carry side that can hold whatever else you might need for a round of golf.

 The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag has some “not so secret/secret features that really make it stand out in a crowd.  The discreet water bottle pockets on both sides of the spine pocket allow you to carry 2 x 20oz water bottles.  That will be perfect for most rounds of golf, even in AZ.  The pen slot is quietly tucked into the red band down the side.  The zipper pulls are one of the nicest and fanciest zipper pulls I’ve found. They feature a wire like attachment with a metal pull.

The stand mechanisms on the Vessel VLX 2.0 are a pivoting base which keeps the entire bottom of the bag in contact with the ground rather than just a corner and carbon fiber legs.  They easily deploy and retract.  I found the new carbon fiber legs to some of the best because of their combination of strength, lightweight, and cool red weave look. They have nice sized foot pads so that the legs don’t cut into the turf.  The stand also at a good angle out and forward so that bag is very stable when set down.  It also stands on its own straight vertical too.  The handles at the top and on the spine make it very functional to pick up from any angle.  I find myself using either one depending on the circumstances and what I want to do with the bag.  All those handles paired with the stand makes this a stable and easy bag to pick up and set down.

The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag has a 4-way top.  This is one of those functional tops which still allows for a bag to remain compact and lightweight.  The 4-way top is full length dividers and is just enough dividers to function well with 14 clubs in the bag.  While I prefer a 14 way divider system like their cart bags, it isn’t as practical in a stand bag.  This top is big enough and the 4 way dividers work very well on the course.  I didn’t have that much grip tangle nor did the club chatter much, they kind of all fall in line and ride nicely together. 

The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag has their patented, self-adjusting EQ2 straps.  This dual strap system is the best in the business.  It is easy to sling over your shoulders and balances itself.  While there a minor adjustments to length of straps from person to person, the adjustments are very minimal and once you get the length right, this bag rides like a champ.  While many bags have large back pads, where the bag rides against your body, Vessel didn’t do that, and surprisingly, I didn’t miss it one bit.  The shape of the bag fits nicely against the small of your bag, and the design, weight, etc don’t really even need a back pad.  While it is a stand bag, it rides nicely on a power cart or push cart. 


When a company is the standard by which I judge other bags, they have to raise their own bar with careful thought and attention to detail.  Vessel raised their own bag even higher with the VLX 2.0 Stand Bag.  The color combos, on course functions and well thought out pockets and features, make this the best stand bag you can buy. 

For more information:

Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Vessel has been making bags for 10 years and their VLX 2.0 is their best stand bag yet. The upgrades, function and color scheme options raised Vessel's own bar for design and function.

  • ✅  Pros: Stylish, 4-way top, Full length dividers, Magnetic pockets, 4 color choices, , Carbon fiber legs, Excellent pockets.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only 4 color options.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Vessel VLX 2.0 Stand Bag raised the bar that Vessel set. It is the top stand bag on the market. It does everything exceptionally well. The design, the features, the function, new color option and logo option raised the bar even higher.


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