REVIEW: Walk 18 Golf Harness

Is This The Next Big Carry Bag Invention?
The carry bag has been a staple of golf dating back to its creation. But prior to the 1970s there were no lightweight nylon bags; only leather, cotton and canvas. The only options were smaller bag or a larger heavy bag. Prior to 1986 there was no such thing as a stand bag with built-in legs. The only option was to drop your bag to the ground or lean it on something. Prior to 1991 there was no such thing as a dual strap bag. It was one shoulder or the other. Until now those were the only significant advances in the history of the carry bag. Walk 18 Golf Harness is aiming to be the next big carry bag invention. Instead of 2 straps attached to the bag and the bag bouncing against your back, they have an entire backpack pack harness designed to distribute the weight across your entire back while carrying any golf bag.
Walk 18 Golf Harness started with the owner taking up golf for health reasons, only to find himself in more pain than he started carrying his bag.  Sore back, neck and shoulders led him to create the Walk 18 Golf Harness.  In the most simple terms it looks like he chopped off the straps and back of a backpack and added clips to install it on a golf bag.  This isn’t a bad thing, fairly ingenious if you ask me.  The goal is to take the comfort of a hiking backpack and replace the bag section with a golf bag.
At first glance the Walk 18 Golf Harness looks fairly simple and easy to install.  Once you removed the current straps on your bag, you need to watch a YouTube video to get your harness installed properly on your bag.  For me things kind of derailed for a moment because I hate watching YouTube directions.  They are too slow, don’t get to the point and didn’t really explain it clearly to me.  So I kind of guessed what looked right, but I was wrong! I put mine on my Jones Utility Trouper bag crooked. The bag was worse than before.  I sent a message to Walk 18 Golf and they immediately sent a picture back explaining my error.   I hope they include that simple picture with the purchases because it was really easy to understand after that.  Even then the straps still took some adjustment to get it comfortable on my back.
Direction 1
Direction 2

After proper installation of the Walk 18 Golf Harness I started to adapt to the new habit required to get the most benefit out of the harness; the waist buckle.  Like all good hiking backpacks, there is a waist belt that helps distribute weight low around your waist.  While hiking it makes sense because you leave the backpack on for hours, the on and off of a golf bag had me wondering how this was going to work.  Walk 18 Golf did a great job of thinking this through with a quick release magnetic hook clasp called “Fildlock V-Buckle”
that easily engages when you get the ends together, but also disengages with the pull of a cord.  The first few holes seem a touch ward, but by about hole 4 you quickly get in the habit and don’t even think about it.  I also like the cellphone holder on the belt strap which kept my phone handy for taking course pics during my rounds.

The Walk 18 Golf Harness does make a difference when carrying a bag.  The distribution of weight to ease the burden of carrying your bag for 18 holes.  I really like the entire back pad which makes things much more comfortable.  My neck shoulders and back were not as sore compared to using a standard dual strap.  I could see caddies using this product and strapping it onto any bag they have to carry, as long as they are only doing a single bag.  It is kind of bulky for storage, but the benefits outweigh that addition strapping while stored.

The Walk 18 Golf Harness might just be a game changer for anyone who must carry a bag.  It isn’t going to replace my push cart, it might just make my walking only trips because it can travel with me when my cart can’t.  The easy on/off between shots was way better than expected and the comfort of carrying was certainly increased.  It is also very well built and very sturdy which I think makes this a legit option for carry straps.   It just might be the next significant carry bag invention; lightweight materials, stand legs, dual straps, and now backpack harness.  If you are determined to carry your golf clubs, let Walk 18 Golf Harness lighten the load on your shoulders.

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Quick Hits:
+Distributes weight better
+Comfortable design
+Easy on/off
+Strong materials
+Works on any carry bag
+Cellphone pocket is nice

–Installation instructions could be better