Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo Review

A Shirt That Keeps Your Body In The Ultimate Comfort Zone No Matter the Temperature


Ryan Heiman
Founder and head author at Independent Golf Reviews

I tested the technology woven into the Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo over a few weeks to see if it was able to regulate a comfortable body temperature  in both hot and cold.  The 37.5 technology is designed to keep the microclimate next to your skin at the relative humidity of 37.5% which is ideal in both hot and cold weather for comfort.  Does it work?

 This is the definitive Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo Review for 2024.


Az winter Weather

I’ve been living in AZ now for 7 years and love the fact that I can play golf year round.  The winter months are actually considered the prime season.  The Sonoran desert weather is beautiful from November – April while many other parts of the country have snow.  However the temperature swings on any given day can be 40+ degrees.  Cool at the start of a round and hot by the end.  Picking the proper apparel can be crucial to enjoying the entire round in comfort.  The Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo is the perfect shirt for any weather, especially changing temperatures.

37.5 Technology

37.5* Celsius is the core temperatures of our bodies.  If the relative humidity by your skin matches the core temperature you will be ideally comfortable.  However that rarely happens because you are either hot or cold.  The clothes you wear impact that ideal comfort zone too.  Does it trap too much heat or release too much humidity so that you are uncomfortable?  37.5 technology is a nature combination of coconut shell and volcanic sand to promote ultimate comfort.  If you are cold it traps your energy to warm you up and if you are hot it releases the humidity to cool you.  The Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo has it embedded into the fibers so that it won’t wash out over time either.

Fit and Finish

The Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo has some unique features paired with the 37.5 technology.  The zipper collar is rare among polos.  It does work and look really nice.  I found it better than expected because of the microadjustments that it offers.  Buttons limit how the collar opens and sometimes end up too high or too low.  The zipper can fit exactly how you want.  It stays in place and looks really nice.  The rest of the polo has a really nice fit with an athletic chest and tapered torso.  I usually wear a size M, but went L in this polo.  It was right on the edge so if you are between sizes I’d say it is OK to go up a size for a good fit.  The fabric has a nice stretch so that the short sleeves never require tugging or adjusting.  The navy fabric has some nice shinny silver accents to give it a little pop.


Does the Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo really work?  I’m skeptical of these things, but after testing it I have to admit it is one of the most comfortable polos I’ve worn that adjusts to the temperature.  When it was very cold I paired it with a vest that also has 37.5 technology in the fill so that I trap enough heat when it was cold, but then removed the vest as the temps climbed to find this polo kept an optimal feeling the rest of the round.  I didn’t get to test it yet in the 110* summer heat, but from what I’ve seen in the winter swing temperatures, I’d venture out on a limb to say this probably does a really good job in the summer heat too.


The Abacus X-Series Albatros 37.5 Polo keeps your body in the ultimate comfort zone no matter the temperature.  Obviously talking about short sleeve weather, but if it is a little on the cool side it helps trap heat and if it is on the warm side it releases humidity.  I’m impressed by the temperature regulation which led to comfort for all 18 holes.  I also really liked the form and function of the zipper collar for a perfect fit.  The 37.5 technology is the real deal and will help keep you feeling comfortable for your entire round, no matter what the temperature does.

For more information:  37.5 Website

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