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My clubs rode in style in the new RevCore Cart Bag by CaddyDaddy.  It has the look of a tour bag while being budget friendly.  The leather looking black bag with grey zippers offers great style and function.  It keeps it classy with very clean lines, embossed logo and symmetrical pockets. If you are in the market for a new cart bag, this one should be at the top of  your list of considerations.

This is the definitive RevCore Cart Bag Review for 2024.

RevCore by CaddyDaddy

The people that brought you the Claw Golf Gloves and First Class Travel Gear, now bring you RevCore. This small company is doing great things by creating products that perform uniquely well at a golfer friendly price point. The RevCore Cart Bag could easily pass for a much more expensive bag from a big manufacturer. I know they have done well over the years as the CaddyDaddy brand, but moving to a more classy name like RevCore for this stylish bag is also a good move.  If you like the look of a tour bag without paying the big name brand price, check out the RevCore Cart Bag.

14-Way Top

I am a fan of the 14-way top divider system.  I know this online debate rages on, but the RevCore Cart Bag top functions very well with a slot for every club.  I always know where ever club belongs and I also know if one is ever missing.  The orderliness, the spacing, the quick search, and the full length dividers mean clubs are always in the perfect positions for all 18 holes.  The pattern of those divisions is always interesting since it varies from company to company.  RevCore has a large “separate” putter well.  I call this one a 2-4-4-3-1 design.  There are 2 main wood slots, 8 irons slots, 3 wedge slots and 1 putter.  I arrange it with driver and 3-wood, then hybrid/driving iron with 7 other irons and 3 wedges.  The middle wedge slot is extra wide, but not really sure why, other than when I use the North Pole Club Protector arm for traveling, it has a good space. The velvet top is very gentle and smooth on clubs and grips. The 2 top molded plastic handles work for both protection and function picking up the bag.

9 Pockets

The RevCore Cart Bag carries all your gear and accessories in 9 pockets. Every pocket has a heavy duty zipper.  The black bag has them all in a contrasting grey color.  I like it and debate it all at the same time.  I like how they stand out and yet I’d kind of like to see them blend in.  One of the benefits of  contrast zippers is that it is easy to see and find the entrance point to each one of the 9 pockets. The 3 spine pockets make up the most used pockets on the bag.  The top one is the one I keep my most used accessories and a few extra balls if needed.  Each side of the bag has the same 3 pockets.  A full length one, a valuables on and a 1/2 bag top cooler pocket.  I think it is brilliant to have 2 cooler pockets for golf in AZ.  The other pockets can hold plenty of the other gear you need.  The heavy duty zippers on every pocket are really strong and easy to pull either direction.  The only thing missing is a magnetic pocket.  Those make getting in and out even easier.

Tour Material

The RevCore Cart Bag comes in 2 colors, black or navy.  Both bags offer high quality style in a classy color.  They could easily pass for much more expensive bags. They are constructed of synthetic leather that has a smooth finish.  The black has kind of matte finish to it.  The RevCore logo is embossed into the side and strap pass through making it stylish and classy. The base is a nice molded plastic bottom that has a handle and sits flat and sturdy when not in a cart.  This makes it easy to transport from trunk to cart.  It also rides nicely on a push cart with the flat top design.

Function Details

The RevCore Cart Bag offers nice function on the course with symmetrical towel loops on both sides of the bag. What makes this a nice features is depending on if you are the driver or the passenger adjusts where you want your towel.  It is way better and easier on the outside, rather than pinched up against your partners bag.  The glove holder velcro is also on both sides for the same reason.  The shoulder strap functions for carrying the bag from trunk to cart and the single handle in the back makes for easy lifting and moving.  The top molded handles make it easy to lift on and off the cart.  The lower handle helps pull it out of a trunk.   The rain hood snaps on just in case there is weather or if you like to keep them sealed up between rounds.


The company known for their Claw Glove and First Class travel gear stepped up their game with the RevCore Cart Bag. CaddyDaddy created one of the nicer looking and functioning cart bags that have staff bag like features.  The synthetic leather is very durable, the 9 pockets hold everything you need for 18 holes and the 14-way top serves as a great club organizer.  I’m impressed by the high quality, excellent function and budget friendly price of the RevCore Cart Bag. 

For More Information: CaddyDaddy Website

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