Wilson Staff Model 2024 Golf Balls Review

Don’t call it a comeback, they've been here for years!


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

The history of the modern golf ball includes the Wilson Sporting Goods Company and they are back! I’ve played 13 rounds of golf and gathered launch monitor data to see if Wilson Staff Model 2024 Golf Balls would be in play for you this year.

This is the definitive review for the 2024 Wilson Staff Model® and Wilson Staff Model® X golf balls.

Is it a Come Back?

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company was founded in 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson, but not named so until 1931. In 1915, the company then named The Ashland Manufacturing Company, acquired the Hetzinger Knitting Mills to produce athletic uniforms and a caddie bag company which produced golf balls, which soon expanded into footballs and basketballs. This is where things started and they have come a long way since then.


When talking golf balls the Core and the Covers are the major components worth discussion. For the New Wilson Staff Model® golf balls, they share proprietary technologies in both. Utilizing V-CorTM Advanced Performance – A unique core composition magnifies energy transfer from the club face for greater distance performance. And a 3six2 (362 Dimples) Seamless Urethane Cover that helps to provide maximum spin for more stopping power on wedge shots, chips and pitches. The Compression rating on the Wilson Staff Model® Ball is 94, while the Wilson Staff Model® X Ball is 104.


When the urethane cover hits the clubface is when we find out what the new golf balls are all about. The obvious question is how does it compare to the top golf balls on the market. Having tried and tested so many different golf balls over the years, a side by side comparison is best done on the course to see the nuances of performance for each ball. Each Wilson Staff Model® golf ball has a target golfer in mind.  The Staff Model X is an update to prior staff models while the Staff Model is a new ball to the line up.

Wilson Staff Model

The Wilson Staff Model® ball is designed with a mid launch trajectory and high iron spin. It has a noticeable soft feel and is not as long off the tee or with the irons compared to theWilson Staff Model® X ball. For reference, when playing the ProV1 and Callaway Chrome Soft balls in comparison, there was little difference between them in trajectories, distance or short game spin.

Wilson Staff X Model

The Wilson Staff Model® X ball is designed with a high launch trajectory and higher iron spin than its counterpart. The feel is very firm due in part to the higher compression rating. Wilson also claims the “Staff Model X is the fastest urethane ball on the planet.” *Based on internal robot testing of main competitor urethane golf balls conducted by Wilson Golf at Wilson Research Testing Facility in Humboldt, TN on June 15th and November 17, 2023.*  I found the Staff Model X ball to be more suited to my needs because it was sturdy in the wind, solid in distances with every club and had stopping power in the short game.


If you are like me, the price of a golf ball is something to consider when making purchases. A current check on the retail price per dozen of the current top performance golf balls on the market.

Wilson – $49.99 a doz. – Staff / Staff X

Titleist – $55 a doz. – ProV1 / ProV1x

Callaway – $49.99 a doz. – Chrome Soft Models

TaylorMade – $49.99 a doz. – TP5 / TP5x 

Srixon – $47.99 a doz. – Z Star Models

Bridgestone – $44.99 a doz. – Tour B Models

(prices taken directly from manufacturers website)


As our friends over at MyGolfSpy say “Firm is Fast”. Wilson took that to heart and created one of the firmest golf balls on the market.  The Wilson Staff X 2024 model is also proven to be one of the fastest.  Wilson has both ends of the spectrum covered with the firmest (Wilson Staff Model X) and the softest golf balls (Wilson Duo Soft).  This is the year to check out non-Titleist golf balls.  Wilson has created two of the firmer golf balls for 2024 which will certainly perform well for golfer; especially higher swing speeds.  You might be impressed by these new models and their performance.  Even more impressive is that 7 tour players are currently using the new Staff Model balls. Wilson really stepped up their Staff golf ball line up for 2024. 

For More Information:  Wilson Golf Website

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