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Adidas has been making Ultraboost running shoes for multiple generations.  They have now taken that technology and created the golf version: Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes.    I’ve worn my two pairs for 10 rounds of golf and off the course almost daily.  These are the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes.

 This is the definitive Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes Review for 2023.


Best Spikeless Golf Shoes??

In 2015 Adidas introduced Ultraboost shoes to the world. The Boost technology had been used for a few years already, but the Ultraboost line has been incredibly popular because of its extreme comfort.  You will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable shoe than the Adidas Ultraboost.  It is the perfect mix of flex, support, stability, and cushion. Over the years Adidas has made so many version of this you could find any color combination you could imagine. Adidas is bringing the comfort of Ultraboost to golf.  The Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes are the best spikeless golf shoe. I’ll walk you through the details below.


The Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoe “soul” is the BOOST technology.  It looks like white Styrofoam between the sole and the uppers, but this mid-layer is the balance between soft and squishy and connection and stability.  Too soft it will feel sloppy during the swing, too firm and you don’t get the cushion when you walk.  Boost offers the perfect blend for golfers to feel connected to the ground during any swing, while get all kinds of soft energy return while walking.  Adidas has this in numerous of their golf shoes, but Ultraboost does it the best in combination with the other features.


The Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes have a sole that is very similar to their running shoe counterpart.  The lugs are round  and fill the bottom of the shoe.  They might not be the most agressive or deepest spikeless shoes, but I had plenty of traction on normal golf conditions. If you are playing in very wet or slippery conditions, I’d opt for spikes over these.  The spikeless comfort extends to every step while walking 18 holes and even off the course.  I have worn these shoes off the course as much as I have on the course. 


The Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes are topped with PRIMEKNIT which is a water-resistant made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic woven material which offers extreme flex, good breathability and repels water.  This is exactly what golfer need while playing 18 holes.  Even in the AZ desert, the early morning rounds when we try to beat the heat, can have damp grass from night watering.  Keeping moisture off your feet is critical to enjoying your round of golf.  The flexibility of the knit means that it can hug your feet tight, but not suffocate or cut into your feet.  The toes and heel are wrapped with a little leather and plastic detail to keep the high rub areas of the shoe protected. It doesn’t matter which color you choose to wear, they are bright, bold and look great while staying clean.


Golf puts a unique strain on your feet and shoes compared to other sports.  Other shoes might seem to have similar qualities as golf shoes and almost look the same, but golf specific shoes are designed for swinging and walking; which are two competing motions.  Adidas has a torsion bar in the sole to help with stability during the swing as well as the heel cup which keeps your feet in the shoe as you “swing out of shoes” to crush a drive.  The Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes have a 3 stripe stability wrap that cradles the midfoot and arch area.  The back heel is flared back so that putting the shoes on and walking in them for 36 holes is comfortable.  Everything is flexible and soft enough for comfort, yet everything is held together and stabilized in a way that works exceptionally well for golf.


Adidas created the best spikeless golf shoes by creating Ultraboost.  While they only offer them in 4 color choices at the moment, the future for Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes is endless.  I imagine we’ll see many different colorways. The style is very “running shoe” so if you want a traditional looking golf shoe these might not be it, but if you want extreme comfort while still having all the golf function you need in a spikeless shoe, the Adidas Ultraboost is the best there is.

For more information:

Adidas Ultraboost Spikeless Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas has been making Ultraboost for 8 years. We finally have a golf version of this incredibly comfortable and popular shoe. The spikeless golf shoe is water-resistant, comfortable and stable. Your feet will love these shoes on or off the course.

  • ✅  Pros: Amazing comfort, Excellent stability, Spikeless traction, Waterproof, Recyled materials.

  • ⛔  Cons: Only 4 non-traditional colors.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Adidas brought Ultraboost to golf. This means that golfers can now enjoy the most comfrotable spikeless shoes for 18+ holes. They have everything a golfer needs like traction, stability and cushion. Their comfort means that you can wear them off the course just as much as you do on the course. These are the Best spikeless golf shoes.


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