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I played golf with the AX 22 Package Set of Golf clubs from Axglo.  This 16 piece box set comes with a driver, fairway wood, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, a mallet putter, 4 headcovers and a bag.  It is everything you need for the less than the price of an OEM driver. I tested these on the course, at the range and in the iGolfReviews Office by Carl’s Place DIY Golf Simulators.     

This is my definitive review of the Axglo AX 22 Men’s Package Golf Set for 2023.


Package Set of Golf Clubs?

Golf is expensive. This is one of the main reason people don’t start golfing.  Who wants to spend $1000s only to find out they don’t like it, or only play once and while.  The Axglo AX 22 package set allows a beginning golfer to get everything they need for less than the cost of an OEM driver.  If you use the code IGR15 this package set will cost you around $400.  That is downright cheap for bag, headcovers and 11 clubs.  The package set looks really nice in the red, black and white.   However, serious golfers are going to spot the “box set” look to them right away.  But who cares, you saved a ton of money and are out there playing golf.

11 Club Set

The Axglo AX 22 Package Set is basically a complete set minus a couple clubs.  The clubs they eliminated are clubs that most beginning golfers should drop anyways.  They removed a long iron and 2 wedges.  This is a good move since long irons are hard to hit and wedge confusion will just cause a loss of shots around the green.  The 11 clubs that are provided are game improvement all the way.  High lofted woods, cavity back irons with plenty of offset.  Everything kind of says “beginner” with these clubs, but honestly, that is ok if you are.  No reason to have “pro” clubs you can’t hit that hurt your game.  It is better to have forgiving beginners clubs and learn to hit them well and then upgrade once you play more and improve.  The Axglo AX 22 is set up well to get the beginner into golf with affordable and forgiving clubs.  They have the clubs you need to get started without feeling like you only have 1/2 the clubs like some “starter” set.  All of this for $400 (after coupon code IGR15) is appealing too.

Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrids

The Axglo AX 22 Package Set comes with driver, 3-wood, and 3 & 4 hybrid.  They come in regular flex only which is good for many beginning golfers since most don’t have their swing speed developed yet. The higher lofts are going to help new golfers get the ball in the air too since that is also a problem newbies have.  These 4 woods are all very forgiving and easy to hit.  They come with really nice look headcovers too.  While golfers will dialed in swings are not going to get they normal distances out to these, the beginning golfer is going to be rewarded nicely because of their forgiveness and loft.  I didn’t find myself in drastically different positions on the golf course than normal.  They have a very stainless steal metallic sound that offers good pop off the face of these woods. The combination of driver, 3-wood and 2 hybrids makes it easy to fill all the gaps of long clubs.

Irons and Wedges

The Axglo AX 22 Package Set comes with irons 6/7/8/9 and wedges PW/SW.  These 6 clubs are going to work for a large majority of golfers.  Many golfers can’t hit their 5-iron well anyways, nor do they use their wedges properly.  Eliminating those couple clubs is actually going to benefit beginning golfers.  These game improvement deep cavity back irons have a cast metal feel to them, but tons of forgiveness.  These want to hit straight, straight and more straight.  There is no reason for a beginning golfer to ever worry about shaping a shot, they should just think high and straight.  These clubs launch high and have good distance.  The offset and design mean lots of forgiveness too. Since they basically have 1 wedge that matched the irons, you won’t be able to get too creative with your wedge game, but again that is OK since it is best to just stick to learning a singular “pitch” shot and using that for virtually all short shots. Beginners don’t need to ever hit a flop shot or some other wedge spinner that they see the pros hit. 


The Axglo AX 22 Package Set putter is a half mallet styled putter. It has a face insert to help create a soft feel.  The perimeter weighting and easy alignment means it should help on the greens get the ball in the hole.  The feel is decent and looks nice behind the ball.  It putts a nice roll on the ball and is easy to point in the right direction.  It too is an ideal putter for a beginner more so than an experienced golfer that wants something very specific on the green.  The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a cover which it pretty important to keep it looking new.

Cart Bag and Headcovers

The Axglo AX 22 Package Golf Set comes with a cart bag that will work perfectly on any Axglo push cart or on a power cart.  Again this is probably good for beginning golfers too.  Walking and carrying your clubs while trying to navigate playing golf for the first time is a lot.  Riding on a cart will probably make the first rounds most enjoyable.  You could even get an Axglo Push Cart and still be under $600 total and walking would be really enjoyable.  The red headcovers for the woods also looked really nice on this bag.  It really brought the whole package together for a classy, stylish look.


The Axglo AX 22 Package Golf Set is a full beginners set.  They offer all the clubs a new golfer needs while having strong performance on the course.  Since they come with Regular flex shafts, they are aimed a new, slower swinging golfers.  However, that is ideal for the target market and will get the job done nicely on the course.  There is no customization, not adjustments and nothing fancy about them, but at $400 (after code IGR15 gives you 15% off) you will easily keep up with your buddies who spent $1000s of dollars on their clubs.  The bang for the buck on these is outstanding.  I was happy to shoot a decent score with these. They are economical and offer performance ideal for a beginner; high launch, straight and lots of forgiveness. 


Axglo AX 22 Men’s Package Golf Set is ideal for new golfers looking to dabble in golf or play something modern while not breaking the bank.  As a former HS golf coach, I would have recommended these to all my new golfers wanting to try golf.  At $400 (after IGR15 coupon code) it is hard to beat that price for all new clubs and accessories.  Sure they don’t appeal to serious, experienced golfers; their market is new golfers wanted to save a buck.  The performance will be goo enough to hook a newbie on the joys of golf, while having plenty of forgiveness to help them succeed while they are learning the game. If you are looking for a compromise between thousands of dollars on a new OEM set, an old cheap hand-me-down set or something else, the Axglo AX 22 Men’s Package Set is one the best options for an affordable beginners set that has lots of forgiveness.  Check out this $400 Package Set from Axglo. (Remember to use code IGR15 to get 15% off)

For more information: Axglo Golf Website

Axglo AX 22 Package Golf Set – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Axglo created the most affordable set of golf clubs for beginners. They not only are economical, they are very forgiving and easy to hit. Everything a new golfer needs in one set.

  • ✅  Pros: Low cost, Forgiving, Easy to hit, Lighweight, High launching, Almost a full set.

  • ⛔  Cons: Cart Bag only, Regular flex only, No putter cover.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to give the gift of golf to a beginner,these are the most affordable option out there. They are very forgiving and easy to hit for a new golfer. They look nice and will be a good starting point to dabble and learn the game.


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