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Our Favorite Golf Product of 2023 (That is Technically Not a Golf Product)

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The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike won the spot of my favorite golf product in 2023 (even though technically it is not a golf product) while carrying me and my clubs to and from the golf course as well as serving as my mode of transportation for 18 holes.  This surprising E-Bike is one of the most fun modes of transportation on a golf course. To make it even better it is foldable, has super long battery life and is fast. If you are looking for an affordable personal golf cart, this is the BEST.

This is the my definitive review of the Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike for 2023.


Personal Golf Cart?

Over the past few years there has been an explosion in the golf cart industry, specifically the personal golf cart.  Push carts, electric push carts and some version of a personal power cart (skateboard, 4-wheel or scooter) has grown exponentially.  The problem with many of those options was either cost or practicality.  The Heybike Ranger E-Bike is technically not designed for golf; it is a fat tire, step-through frame E-Bike.  However with a Divnick Bag Carrier Attachment, it turns into a personal golf cart that is easy to use, fast, stable and won’t tear up the golf course.  It has speed and battery life to last for multiple rounds on one charge.  If you live with in a few miles of the golf course, you can use the Heybike Ranger to travel to and from the course also.  All of the features add up to why we call this our favorite golf product of 2023.

Literally Like Riding a Bike

The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike is a fat tire, step-through bike that can be ridden like any other bike you’ve used.  Hop on and start pedaling and away you go. It has lots of comfort features like front shocks,seat post suspension, and disc brakes.  While it is heavy for a normal bike, it doesn’t pedal as hard as the weight would suggest.  But I’m guessing very few people are going to ride it like a normal bike; most everyone will use the E-boost feature which turns your pedaling into faster speeds with the electric motor in the rear hub.  There are 3 speeds/powers of boost.  It is a most fascinating sensation to start pedaling and then feel the boost kick in.  On 1 is only goes like 10 MPH, on 2 it will go 17 MPH and on 3 you can get up to 30 MPH if you pedal hard.  You also have the option to use it like a scooter and push the “trigger” for similar speeds without pedaling.  It also has gears for pedaling depending on your incline and speed needs.  You can get a Ranger in Black or White and it comes ready to ride with  lights and a horn.

Battery Life

The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike has a 55 mile battery range. Theoretically that would be 10 rounds of golf.  However, the start/stop, the extra weight and terrain means you are probably going to see something between 36-72 holes on a single change.  This exceeds most electric carts.  But it really depends on how many other miles you put on the bike.  I ride mine around town, to the store, to the range, etc.  These will all cut into your “golf” battery life.  The battery gauge on the screen gives you a good estimate of how much life you have before it needs to be charged.  The best feature of an E-bike is that if the battery completely runs out of juice, you can pedal it like a normal bike to finish your round, get to a charger or ride back home. It only takes about 5 hours to recharge too.

Divnick Bag Carrier Attachment

The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike doesn’t come ready for golf, it requires the additional accessory by Divnick.  This universal E-bike golf bag carrier will bolt on to any E-Bike rack so if you already have a fat tire E-bike, you can just add the Divnick Bag Carrier to make it a golf cart.  The bag carrier is basically a 2 part system; a bracket that attaches to the bike and a pivoting bag bracket that has straps to hold the bag.  It then serves as the bike’s kickstand.  It takes a few tries to get the hang of dismounting and mounting the bike and bag during a round of golf.  It almost feels like the whole works is just going to tip over, but kick the rack all the way out and it is sturdy as can be and when you stand the bike back up, it pivots to the vertical position so you can ride down the fairway or cart path comfortably.  I was impressed by the balance of the bike; I barely noticed I had 30lbs of golf gear off one side of the back wheel.

On-Course Function

Alternate modes of transportation on a golf course are still uncommon.  Most courses allow traditional 4-wheel 2 person powered carts or walking.  If you want to use your Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike, I recommend talking to the proshop first.  I had 2 courses turn down my request to use my own Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike for golf.  Divnick has a liability waiver and request script to share with courses, but some still say no.  But once you find courses that let you use your Heybike Ranger Golf E-Cart you are going to love it.  The speed is amazing; at 25mph you can go twice as fast as your buddies in their 4 wheel cart.  Obviously if everyone in your group has one of these, everyone goes straight to their own golf ball, which is also way faster.  Clubs are close at hand and the low step through makes it easy to get on and off the bike.  I was blown away by how fast and fun it was.  I’ll admit I used it most as a scooter, just pushing the trigger to go. The fat tires and shocks made it stable on the course so that I could navigate any hill, turn, bump or twist the course threw at me.


The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike is foldable.  However it is heavy too; around 75lbs.  This mean not everyone is going to want to fold it up and throw it in the back of their car.  However it work great in the back of my MINI Countryman with my clubs next to it.  I don’t think I could do 2 bikes and bags.  The folding/unfolding is 2 parts.  The middle of bike has a large “clip” which holds the main frame together and another one on the handle bars to flip them down for a compact folded bike.  If you had a full size truck you could easily get a few of these in the bed with golf bags.  Probably a full 4-some.  But it really comes down to the weight and awkwardness of the folded bike.  I normally keep my Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike ready to go in my garage.  It does not come assembled which then takes a few minutes to follow the instructions, grab an extra set of hands and bolt a couple parts together before you can ride.

Beyond Golf

The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike is perfect in an urban setting.  If you have access to work, shopping, food, parks, golf, etc this E-bike could replace your car or regular bike.  It has long range, plenty of speed and rides comfortably, easily and safely.  I love taking it to the store, riding it around town, or even taking it on the bike trails.  I can pedal to get exercise, but then use it in scooter mode if I get tired.  You can add the basket accessory by Heybike to make it capable of carrying groceries. It has a water bottle holder too so you are set however you choose to use it. 

Price Point

The Heybike Ranger E-bike runs around $1200 and you need to add the $250 Divnick Golf Bag Carrier which brings the total right around $1500.  If you consider how many cart fees you could save and gas to and from the course; this E-bike will be paid off after about a year of golf or so.  If you use it off the course regularly, it is a really solid investment.  If you compare it to other personal golf carts by other brands, it is at least 1/3 the cost.  While I know $1500 is not cheap; it is one of the best bangs for the buck golf carts out there. The combination of features, function and price is why I named this my favorite golf product in 2023.


The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike with Divnick Bag Carrier is my favorite golf product of 2023.  I know it is technically not even a golf specific product but it is fast, fun, has great battery life and is useful just as much off the course as it is on the course.  If your home course allows you to use personal carts, this is the most economical, fastest, longest battery life, and overall the most fun cart you can buy.   The Heybike Ranger E-Bike with Divnick Bag Carrier has the real potential of being a game changer.  I believe E-bikes can speed up play while remaining safe for golfers and the course.  You need to check out our favorite golf product of 2023: Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike.  

For more information: Heybike Website and Divnick Website.

Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: The Heybike Ranger E-Bike technically isn't a golf product, but with the addition of a Divnick Bag Carrier, it turns into the best personal golf cart you can ride. The fat tires, step-through frame, fast, long lasting battery golf E-bike is fun, fast, safe and affordable for getting around the golf course. It doubles are a mode of transportation around town. The Heybike Ranger Golf E-Bike is our favorite "golf" product of 2023.

  • ✅  Pros: Easy to ride, Long battery life, Fold/unfold, Fast, Economical, Off-course usage, Fun, Safe.

  • ⛔  Cons: Not all courses will allow it.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The rise of personal golf carts and alternate modes of transportation makes the Heybike Ranger Golf E-bike the perfect choice for golfers. It is fast, foldable, has long battery life, is easy to ride and can be used off the course. This combination makes it our favorite "golf" product for 2023.


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