REVIEW: American Putter Company Oakdale Putter

Give The People What They Want, At A Price They Can Afford

The putter market  is fairly limited for most golfers.  You can either buy an off the rack putter or you can spend $1000s on a custom putter.  The rise of Scotty Cameron’s popularity certainly changed the putter market, but new comers have started cashing in on expensive custom putters.  $2K –> $15K is where the market has gone for such putters.  While maybe they will be collectibles, it sure seems like a lot of money to spend on any putter.  American Putter Company wants to do something different for the people.  If you want a custom putter they can do virtually whatever you want for a max of $800.  You can get their original designs for as low as $200.  This range of price and their ability to make the same putters with the same materials as everyone else has them in a position to please a whole lot of golfers.

American Putter Company is a relatively new comer.  They’ve been milling putters and accessories now for almost 6 months.  They are all about the consumer.  They are not about their name, their brand, themselves, but about you.  What do you want?  What do you want to pay?  How do you want it designed?  Their initial offerings have been centered on a single headshape, the Oakdale.  It is the most popular “anser” design on the custom putter market right now with its rounded bumpers.  From there the options are endless.  They have done numerous finishes, welds, inserts, milling, stampings, etc.  They show their creativity with some of their own creations, or you can sketch up your own personal design and they will bring it to life.

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The American Putter Company is passionate about putters.  They want to make the highest quality putters and are using the same materials that every other putter company is using.  There have been many discussions about the steel that any given putter company is using.  American Putter Company is getting the same raw materials as everyone else.  They are actually sourcing all their materials in the US.  They are also committed to following every letter of the law when it comes to finishing processes as well.  They are open and honest about everything they do.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a putter company more open and transparent about their materials and processes.

When I started conversations with American Putter Company I wanted to challenge them to create something new, different and unique for me.  I looked at all the different things they had done and sketched up something that I hadn’t seen before along with details that had personal significance.  I started with my logo on the face.  While most companies insist on their logo, American Putter Company is more than willing to put your wants ahead of their branding.  The iGR logo has some fairly intricate detail that challenge their mill to create such tiny details; but they nailed it perfectly.  The sole was all about family; the names of everyone across the sole with the locations of where they were born.  I wanted something special in the cavity so we went with timascus diamonds as inserts.  The welded sight dot and welded deep milled neck round out this custom Oakdale.

The American Putter Company can complete your putter with just about any finish you’ve ever seen on a putter.  As we had discussions about my Oakdale putter, we bounced back and forth a number of ideas, that in the end, the American Putter Company went with 2 different ideas.  We did both a completely raw carbon putter and an atomic bronze polished on stainless steel.  This served as a great opportunity to see the different finishes and feels of their different putters.  The more refined finish is the atomic bronze and it looks outstanding.  You don’t even see too many that look like this from any brand.  The timascus diamonds and weldings really pop on this putter.  The raw putter turned into a little custom project of my own.  While it looks awesome on arrival, I knew that over time it would naturally rust, even with constant care of a silicone cloth.  I decided to speed up the process with peroxide and salt.  It turned the putter into a rusty beauty in just minutes.  I could control how rusty I wanted it to look.  Since this putter didn’t cost $1000s I wasn’t stressed about screwing it up.   After a few applications I got it just how I wanted it.  I finished it with some custom paintfill.  All-in-all I got the putter to look exactly how I wanted it to.

The American Putter Company Oakdale putters aren’t just “wall hangers”; they are gamers.  I’ve played over 5 rounds now with my Oakdale putters and have been really happy with the performance.  They have a nice crisp feel at impact, exactly the same as  putters that cost $1000s more.  The putter puts a nice roll on the ball and fit a slight arch stroke like most anser putters.  They don’t have any wild face tech, but are a classic design with really nice features.  While performance is on par with other anser putters, American Putter Company is really about making it YOUR putter.

American Putter Company is your full service putter company offering all the cool accessories you want with your new custom putter.    Their headcovers rival anything else on the market and their ball markers as a nice as anything you can find.  I especially love their welded ball markers.  The ball markers is a hefty weight and just a little bigger than a quarter.  The process of welding on the marker creates a really cool color finish on the reverse side.  They do balloons, halos, diamonds and disks in all different color and designs.   Their headcovers are top shelf too.  You can get fancy leathers, unique stitching, and themed headcovers.  Some are limited editions while others are “stock” offerings.  While they are offering limited edition models of products, and consumers are welcomed to collect and flip products, they are really about being more accessible and affordable for the golfing consumer.

“Give The People What They Want” is American Putter Company‘s motto.  They certainly deliver on their promise to make custom and unique putters for the consumer at a price they can afford.  If you want a “stock” putter they sell some really cool Oakdales for around $200 or if you want something uniquely yours all pimped out, it will run you around $800.  No body else is doing what they are doing.  You need to put American Putter Company on your radar.  They are the best up and coming putter company doing things the right way for the customer.  You get what you want at a price you can afford.

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+Transparency and honesty