Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter

How Did You Choose Your Gaimer Putter?
Putting is responsible for up to 1/2 of your strokes during any given round.  While every golfer knows this is an important club, how many golfers get fit for their putter?  While I don’t have exact numbers, it is a relatively small number.  So if you aren’t getting fit for your putter, how do you choose which putter to “game”?  Do you look at what is hot on tour, do you pick a favorite manufacturer, do you have a certain style that you like, or do you just look for a deal?  Let’s be honest, the most important feature you should be looking for in a putter is the least amount of strokes to get the ball in the hole.  Does a $10K tour putter do you any good if you regularly 3 putt greens with it?  Does the latest MOI mallet help you if you can’t get the ball in the bottom of the cup?  You need a putter to save strokes.  It was impressed/surprised by the on course success I had with the Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter.  I certainly made a run to be my “Gaimer”.
Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter has 10 technical reasons why their putter should be your “gaimer”.  You can read them for yourself on their website.  I’m going to hit on the ones that really stood out for me.  The first is tied to aiming.  One of the most important aspects of putting is having a putter that will putt on the line you see.  The Gaim Golf G360 putter has a combo of alignment features that help.  The first is their 3 line system.  They frame the ball nicely and encourage proper direction.  While those aren’t exclusive to Gaim, they do work.  The upright nature of this putter means your eyes are directly over the lines, instead of inside the lines like many putters.  You almost feel like you are crowding the ball, but that helps get your eyes over the lines properly.  The white contrasting top also helps visually aim and align your putter, this is very similar to the Evnroll ER2 Putter we reviewed here. most unique part of the Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter is the material itself.  It is a tungsten composite material that is one piece solid.  No inserts, no multiple materials, not just your standard stainless or carbon, but a solid tungsten composite head.  I found this to be a really nice metal that is heavy enough and soft enough.  Because of the cutout in the middle of the putter the MOI is raised by having much of the mass on the perimeter.  Coming in a 360 grams this is also a nice solid weight for good balance.  The feel is soft yet solid from this material.

The Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter has a bonus feature on the bottom for picking up the ball without bending down.  The whole putter head will fit inside the cup and retrieve the ball.  The cutout that helps with MOI also works perfectly to suck up the ball.  It is precisly made with 2 little “tabs” that secure a ball when you press the putter down on it, yet release it easily if you push on the exposed top of the ball on the putter head.  While my age still allows me to easily bend over and pick up a ball, there is something oddly satisfying about tapping the ball with the bottom of the putter to pick it up.  FYI: it doesn’t work if you leave the flag in the cup.

At the end of the day, the Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter has a real chance of getting more “gaim” time in my bag.  All the features mentioned above gave me success with it on the course.  It is not the prettiest putter, but it certainly gets the job done.  As billed it is easy to align and hits the ball on the desired line.  I was actually most impressed too by the distance control.  The Tungsten composite was well balanced and felt great and hit the ball the proper distance on most putts.  I can’t blame the putter for every missed putt, it often is my fault for a misread or misputt.  This putter did align easily and rolled the ball nicely.  The True Roll tech of this putter is that more mass is above the center line of the ball to reduce backspin and aid a purer roll.

The Gaim Golf G360 Tungsten Putter might not look impressive, but it packs a lot of technology into a simple putter.  The design and materials work in unison to help you make more putts.  They offer an online tutorial video to help you get the right length putter.  I’m not aware of any shops that carry their putters at this time, but they do offer a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you.  I think you might be surprised at the on-course success you’ll have with this putter.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy to align
+Great feel
+Better eye position
+High MOI
+Ball retriever

–Limited models