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I input my data into the Ballnamic App and then used the recommendations for 5 rounds of golf.  The Ballnamic App by Ping is a ball fitting app which isn’t tied to a brand or even year of golf ball, but crunches data from your input and Ping’s testing to offer recommendations of the 5 best balls you should be playing.     

This is the definitive Ballnamic App Review for 2021.

ballnamic app Review

Have you ever done a ball fitting? At best you did a ball fitting when a ball brand offered a free fitting. It is hard to find a true brand agnostic ball fitting. Many golfers gravitate toward something they read or heard about a certain ball or they just play a ProV1 because. While the ProV1 is a great ball, is it the best ball for you? Even your on-course testing can be difficult since you probably don’t have a launch monitor and things vary so much from round to round. If only someone would build a matrix that includes every ball model and can dial-in specific details to your swing. Ping did this with the creation of the Ballnamic App.

Ping has always been an innovator in the golf industry.  While ball fitting isn’t new, the way that Ping applied their vast amount of ball data toward online fittings is impressive.  The process is pretty straight forward.  You plug in your details about your current ball, flight, distances, etc, and then pay $40 and the app spits out 5 recommended balls that will best fit your game.

I was skeptical at first since I really felt like I had dialed in the ball that worked best for my game.  I had fallen in love with the Titleist AVX.  The softer, lower spinning ball just seemed so good for my game.  Very long drives with great feel everywhere else.  It seemed like my scores were good, my distance was long and I had control of my game.  However, the Ballnamic App said I was leaving distance, height and spin on the table which could all help my game.  I was committed to testing the app’s recommendation so I picked 2 options that I wanted to try, the Taylormade TP5x and the Srixon Z-Star XV.  Ballnamic suggested I’d get greater distance off the tee, better iron shots and more spin around the greens.

The Taylormade TP5x was top of my list and since I had a few remaining from some former testing. I threw them in the bag to see what would happen.  Besides having some swing yips, I could see why this ball made the top of my list.  Long, long and spin in just the right places.  While it is certainly firmer to the touch, the results spoke for themselves.  I needed to stock up on this ball moving forward if these results continued.  However, on a shopping trip to get some golf balls, I saw Srixon 2019 Z-Star XV at killer prices.  While it wasn’t the number 1 recommendation, it was in the top 5 and at the low price point; I decided this was the way I would go.

The Ballnamic App said that the Z-Star XV would give very similar results as the TP5x.  Sure enough I was getting virtually the same distance, the same feel, the same scores, but at ½ the price.  I was sold and bought a nice stock of 2019 Z-Star XV balls.  There were 3 other options available through the app too if I decided on a different price point or different model.

The Ballnamic app allows you to run the results a couple times if you want to make a couple of adjustments to your specs just to see what would happen.  This at least allows you to get a couple different options if you want more spin or less spin or more feel or less feel.  These results are saved in your file since Ping only allows 24 hours and 5 times changing your specs to get different results.  (this keeps people from sharing it with all their buddies, etc.)


The Ballnamic app isn’t going to suggest a Top Flite “range” ball no matter what your specs say; it works with fittings and testing results of “tour” level golf balls.  They allow you to select Direct-to-consumer models too.  There really isn’t anything like this on the market that is truly brand agnostic.  Reviewers like myself and others have offered a variety of different ball reviews or tests, but honestly nothing compares to what Ping did with the Ballnamic App.  For the cost of a dozen golf balls; just plug-in your spec and learn which golf balls are best for you. I’m impressed and pleased with the results and for that reason I now play a different ball than I did before the Ballnamic fitting.

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Ballnamic Golf App – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Finn The Ballnamic app by Ping allows any golfer to dial in the perfect ball for their game, all for the cost of a dozen golf balls.

  • ✅  Pros: Easy to use, Quick results, Proven data, low cost options, Brand agnostic.

  • ⛔  Cons: 24 hour work window, Data overload.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Ballnamic app by Ping is the best ball fitting app to date. If you want to know which ball is best for you, go to the app and start your fitting now.


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