Galway Bay Rain Gear Fall 2021

It Is Not Always Cold When You Need Rain Gear.

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Galway Bay Rain Gear Fall 2021 Review

I wore the Galway Bay Rain Gear for 3 rounds of golf and some backyard waterproof testing.  Galway Bay continues to make the best rain gear on the market and with their new, improved and expanded line-up it only got better.    

This is the definitive Galway Bay Rain Gear Fall Review.

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Galway Bay Rain Gear Fall 2021 Review

It is not always cold rain?

Most rain gear is also cold weather gear. Jackets and pants with lining and and plenty of heat trapping ability. That is great for April and November golf in MN, but what about August golf in AZ? During the monsoon season we regularly get rain while it is around 100 degrees. It suddenly cools off to 80, but that is still pretty warm. While you might wonder if you need rain gear then; trust me you do. Being soaked to the bone is unpleasant and not the most comfortable for playing golf. Galway Bay’s new line of rain gear included the perfect warm weather rain gear pieces.

Since moving to AZ I don’t play very often in rainy weather. We do however get some monsoon rain that can be hard to avoid completely. Most of my rain gear is designed for Bandon Dunes type rainy weather which includes cool temps. Gallway Bay’s new line includes the short sleeve rain coat. It is actually a new and improved design which builds in the success of their previous rain gear. One thing that grabbed my attention right off the bat is the white color option. Again critical for warm weather is not baking in a black coat. Not only does it look sharp, it functions very well to reduce the heat.

Gallway Bay really has their fit dialed in so that you don’t even notice you are wearing rain gear. So much so that I didn’t feel the need to immediately rip it off after the rain stopped. To me this is the real testament to comfort and fit. I could keep it on longer than necessary because it didn’t impede my swing or make me uncomfortable.

The Gallway Bay coat works perfectly to keep rain off your core. My shirt was completely dry underneath the jacket. It repels water from the neck to the waist. There is nothing worse than that soppy wet clothes feeling after a rain. Things tend to dry fairly fast in AZ, but still those few hole being uncomfortable hurts your game.

Gallway Bay also tweaked their pants to fit a little better and function a little easier while playing. These didn’t get as much use in the heat, but again their comfort makes them almost forgettable that you have them on. They are unlined so not too hot, but the black pants do trap a little more heat.


If you want to add one piece to your weather gear, I highly recommend the Gallway Bay short sleeve coat. If you don’t have any rain gear or need to upgrade, you won’t find better rain gear anywhere. They have their fit and rain repellent dial in so that you stay dry, swing freely and stay at the desired temperature for however many holes you need protection from the elements.

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Galway Bay Rain Gear – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Galway Bay makes some of the best weather gear for every climate and condition.

  • ✅  Pros: Comfortable, Functional, Easy to swing, Short sleeve version for heat, Waterproof, Great style.

  • ⛔  Cons: Limited color options, Limited use for “fair-weather” golfers.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Every golfer needs some version of rain gear and Galway Bay makes some of the best for any time of weather.


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