Best Golf Push Carts 2023

If you’re serious about staying active and fit through a walking golf lifestyle, a quality push cart might be the perfect addition to your golfing toolbox.

The best golf push carts on the market today are agile, extremely lightweight, and generally make walking rounds a better experience of their ease and convenient features.

After using dozens, we found the best golf push cart of the 2023 season to be the Bag Boy TriSwivel II.

It comes from a golf bag and equipment brand that’s been around since 1946, “BagBoy”.

We factor in the braking system, storage space, folded size, maneuverability, stability, and many other aspects of each cart into our list in hopes of providing you with as many great options as possible.

Best Golf Push Carts 2023



Bag Boy TriSwivel II

  • 360° Swivel Front Wheel

  • Two Storage Compartments

  • "Top-Lok" Golf Bag Locking Design (No Straps)



Clicgear Rovic RV1S Golf Push Cart

  • Very Light Weight

  • Durable and Stylish

  • Easy To Keep Clean



Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

  • 8 Color Variations

  • "Fastest Opening Cart in Golf"

  • One-Step Open

Anytime I choose to walk instead of ride a cart, I seem to remember more details about the golf course, burn more calories, and generally feel better after the round and on a daily basis from the cardio, I receive from my consistent rounds walked.

As a player, I stay more engaged/focused with every shot and most definitely stay more loose approaching my next shot from walking. Through a desire to put less strain on my back and joints while not wanting to give up on the fitness boost I’m seeing from walking my rounds, I found the golf push cart market.

10 Best Golf Push Carts of 2023

  1. Bag Boy TriSwivel II Push Cart (Best 3-Wheel Cart)
  2. Clicgear Rovic RV1S Golf Push Cart (Close 2nd Best 3-Wheel Cart)
  3. Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart (Easiest to Open / Store)
  4. CaddyTek CaddyCruiser ONE Tour (Best 4-Wheel Push Cart)
  5. BIG MAX Blade IP Push Cart (Most Compact 3-Wheel Push Cart)
  6. Wishbone ONE Megalight Push Cart (Lightest Weight Push Cart)
  7. Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart (Easiest to Clean)
  8. Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart (Best Luxury / Hands-Free Pick)
  9. SunMountain PX4 Push Cart (Lightest 4-Wheel Cart)
  10. TaylorMade Walker Trolley Push Cart (Old School / Unique)

We recognize a quality push cart can be an expensive purchase for many individuals, so in our list of the 10 best golf push carts of 2023, we provide options from a variety of different manufacturers and price points. Be sure to stick around to the end of our list, where we’ll break down our favorite features in the newest crop of push carts and help point you in the right direction before purchasing your own.

1. Bag Boy TriSwivel II

Bag Boy TriSwivel II

The TriSwivel II from BagBoy is our pick for the best golf push cart on the market. The TriSwivel II is doing so well in sales that it sells out moments after BagBoy restocks its supply on their website.

As hinted at in the name, the TriSwivel II is a three-wheel push cart featuring “Swivel Tech” technology that allows the front wheel to swivel 360°, offering an incredible amount of maneuverability. Through a top-mounted lever called the “Swivel Lock,” players can quickly engage and disengage the swiveling front wheel depending on the terrain they’re traversing.

Through an easy three-step fold process, the TriSwivel II opens and closes in seconds and sits at a small 23.5″ x 13″ x 24″ size. The Bag Boy TriSwivel II is always easy to move, as it’s very lightweight at only 16 lbs, but doesn’t sacrifice quality to meet this weight. Once opened, users will notice an extra-deep “full feature scorecard console” that can house extra golf balls and other valuables and has a pencil and scorecard holder attached to its lid. Directly underneath is a slotted beverage holder to safely secure any sized drink, and the TriSwivel II comes with three different adjustable umbrella holders to keep players comfortable and dry while walking regardless of the weather. Having an umbrella holder in multiple locations helps so much when unexpected bad weather arises. The extra-large accessory bag faces users while walking underneath the adjustable handle and is perfect for a phone (or a flask). A flip-out handle-mounted parking brake system works hard to keep your push cart in the positions you need on the golf course.

BagBoy has partnered with TOP-LOK Technology to include their patented bag locking technology in every TriSwivel II. Through a TOP-LOK attachment to your golf bag, you can safely slide and “lock” your bag into place, eliminating the need for straps.

While it may be a small gripe, the TriSwivel II from Bag Boy is only offered in one color option. If the “lack of pretty colorways” is the only flaw we can find in the product, it’s clear why it’s our pick for the best golf push cart for 2023. We hope you’ll see why we enjoy it so much for you soon!

Key Features

  • 360° Swivel Front Wheel

  • TOP-LOCK Technology

2. ClicGear Rovic RV1S

ClicGear Rovic RV1S

The ClicGear Rovic RV1S push cart is an extremely close second-best 3-wheel push cart out there right now.

The Rovic RV1S features a 360° front swiveling wheel with an “engage/disengage” lever underneath the adjustable handle, similar to the TriSwivel II. Through a 4-step opening and closing process, the Rovic RV1S quickly folds down to a compact 13″ x 15″ x 24″. Where ClicGear tends to stand out from competitors is in the actual construction of their products and the materials they choose to implement. The Rovic RV1S weighs 17 lbs and is predominately made of metal that feels and looks fantastic.

Through an easy-to-access foot brake, players can feel confident their push cart is staying where they want it. Attached to the handle is a decently sized console for valuables and features a pencil, tee, and scorecard holder on its outside. Additionally attached to the handlebar are two accessory mounts, and a standard cup holder is also included. An adjustable umbrella holder has a screw-on mount attachment that keeps umbrellas firmly secured to the cart. An additional side-mounted umbrella holder can secure your umbrella safely for unexpected weather.

The Rovic RV1S is offered in four different color options and features adjustable silicone bag straps that can accommodate any carry bag or stand bag.

The main reason the Rovic RV1S from ClicGear had to take the number 2 spot on our list is ClicGear’s incredible 3-Year Warranty on manufacturing or material defects involving your cart’s frame. We hope you’ll consider the Rovic RV1S for a 3-wheel push cart for your 2023 golfing season.

Key Features

  • 360° Swiveling Front Wheel

  • Accessory Mount

  • Cup Holder

3. BagBoy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

BagBoy Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart

The Bag Boy Nitron Auto-Open push cart from BagBoy is, to our knowledge, the only self-opening push cart on the market today. Chosen as Golf Magazine’s “Editors Choice Pick of 2022” the Nitron Auto-Open from BagBoy is “the fastest opening cart in golf” it claims to be.

Through lightning-fast “Nitro-Piston” technology implemented into the design of the cart, in just one step, the Nitron cart springs to its complete form and, in just two steps, folds to a compact size of 19″ x 13.5″ x 22″. The Nitron push cart only weighs 16.7 lbs, allowing it to be carried and transported easily regardless of the player’s size or gender. There are also 8 unique color options, so players can choose a cart that matches their style and personal preference.

Attached to the adjustable handle is a parking brake system and two different compartments for easy storage of valuables and all golfing necessities. Also in easy reach of users is a full-feature scorecard holder, mobile device holder, umbrella holder, and golf ball holder.

While Bungie cords are also an option for strapping your golf bag to the Nitron, this push cart also features TOP-LOK Technology, as featured on the Bag Boy Triswivel II, that attaches the bag to the cart with a locking attachment in lieu of straps for easier use.

If you think you’d enjoy pushing “the fastest opening cart in golf,” you should consider the incredibly easy-to-use Nitron push cart from BagBoy.

Check out our full review here!

Key Features

  • TOP-LOK Technology

  • Auto-Opening Feature

4. CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One Tour

The CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One Tour is our favorite four-wheel push cart out currently. This cart is exploding with meaningful features and is very convenient to use.

With just one click, the CaddyCruiser One Tour push cart opens and folds to a size of 17″ x 18″ x 29″, making it incredibly portable for a four-wheel push cart design. Since it has an additional wheel to three-wheel cart designs and features a 29″ wide body, the CaddyCruiser One Tour is extra stable for users peace of mind. You’ll never worry about this thing tipping. The front two wheels can swivel in any direction or can be toggle locked straight to move on and off the golf course easier through a lever located on the handle.

Featured attached to the handle are a cell phone holder, a mesh net storage compartment, and a button-locked clear storage compartment that functions as a waterproof scorecard holder. Like modern baby stroller designs, this push cart features even more storage with CaddyTek’s patented “miscellaneous basket,” featuring a built-in cooler.

The CaddyCruiser One Tour has a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame and weighs less than 23 lbs. An all-new “Clamp” type golf bag holder is far more convenient and easy to use than straps and fits every type of golf bag (including stand bags). CaddyTek goes above and beyond, including a carry bag with a shoulder strap for convenient travel or home storage.

Offered in four colors for a unique look, the CaddyTek CaddyCruiser One Tour is a show-stopping choice for a four-wheel push cart. We hope its immense storage and stable yet agile design entices you to check out the CaddyCruiser One Tour push cart this season!

Key Features

  • Cell Phone Holder

  • Extra Stable Design

  • Built-In Cooler Bag

5. BIG MAX Blade IP Push Cart

Winner of Golf Digest’s Editors Choice Award for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022, BIG MAX is a leader in the foldable golf push cart market. BIG MAX has continued to be Europe’s leading push cart manufacturer/seller for 25 years!

The ultra-slim BIG MAX Blade IP push cart is likely the most compact push cart on the market today. Through the implementation of “Flat Fold Technology,” the BIG MAX Blade IP is 40% smaller than comparable products in the “ultra-compact” pushcart class.

In just four steps, the Blade IP opens and folds to an incredibly compact size of 34.6″ x 24.4″ x 4.9″! The Blade IP is so flat that when folded, it fits under many car seats, and weighing in at just 14.33 lbs makes travel to and from different golf courses extremely easy. The Blade IP is also offered in 6 unique color options so players can choose a style that matches their preferences, and the adjustable bag supports color matches whatever accent color you choose to keep the design uniform and sleek. The bag supports can accommodate all bag types, including stand bags.

Attached to the adjustable height handle are two different scorecard holders, tee and ball holders, a beverage holder, and two “Quick Fix” attachment ports for accessories. Included with the purchase of the Blade IP is a free accessory bundle from BIG MAX that includes an umbrella holder, a glove holder, and a decently large mesh basket for personal items valued at $90.

For updates to the Blade IP’s design, BIG MAX includes a dueling patented foot brake system so users will feel confident their golf carts stay exactly where they need them. Also new to the Blade IP is a faster and easier folding mechanism. After partially folded, the rear wheels fold in automatically, saving steps and energy for users after playing golf themselves.

BIG MAX believes so strongly in their product that they offer a 5-Year Extended Warranty on their pushcart manufacturing parts. We hope it’s now clear why the BIG MAX Blade IP golf push cart is one of the best for the 2023 season and has to be one of the most compact push carts on the market currently. We hope to see you pushing one soon!

Key Features

  • Flat Fold Technology

  • Duel Foot Brakes

  • 5-Year Extended Warranty

6. Wishbone ONE Megalight Push Cart

If lightweight is important, the Wishbone ONE Megalight Push Cart is the lightest and easiest push cart on the market.  This new comer to the push cart market really hit the ground running with a cart at 9 lbs.  It still is full featured, but requires less effort to fold/unfold and push during a round of 18 holes.

The Wishbone ONE Megalight is offered in four color options and, in just a one-step process, opens and closes to a flat 31″ x 22″ x 7.5″ size. While not large in stature, the ONE Megalight was designed to be incredibly stable to provide peace of mind to users, their pull carts staying up-right.

While minimalistic in design, it still has a cup holder, umbrella holder, tee and ball holder and a scorecard holder.  accessories, and a large and a glove holder to keep your glove(‘s) air-drying as you walk.

The bag brackets will fit all sizes and styles with the rubber straps with a pin locking system which keeps the bag from twisting of moving.  The brake is engaged/disengaged by a single wheel foot pedal.

The Wishbone ONE Megalight push cart is incredibly lightweight, incredibly stable, and incredibly easy to use. For one of the best golf push carts on the market today, please check out the Wishbone ONE Megalight Push Cart.

7. Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

clicgear 4.0 push cart

Even though the ClicGear Model 4.0 is approaching 2 years old, it’s still one of the most durable and stylish push carts on the market. The 3-wheel Model 4.0 has a 21 lb heavy-duty aluminum frame yet quickly folds down to a compact 13″ x 15″ x 24″.

The ClicGear Model 4.0 push cart sees a handful of main advancements from its Model 3.5 predecessor. The Model 4.0 is offered in eight unique color options that vary from a vibrant Pink to a sharp Black. Our favorite advancement has to be the “adjustable upper saddle” that allows your golf bag to be at the exact height you want it to rest in your golf cart. The adjustable upper saddle can accommodate any size bag (including a stand bag), and the functional lever allows users to affix their bag in a more upright position allowing clubs to slide in and out with more ease. This is a feature not commonly seen on our best golf push cart list. Also added to the Model 4.0 is a front-wheel engaged hand brake system to ensure safety and security for users at all times.

Another upgrade to the ClicGear Model 4.0 is the silicone bag straps. Not only are they near impossible to tear / damage, but they secure users’ bags firmly and confidently without the risk of losing their grip from bumps and dips on hilly courses or being nearly too tightly secured by previous bungee straps designs. The silicone is colored to match the accent color you choose and is very easily hand washable. The lower saddle is upgraded to sit slightly higher off the front wheel, causing less hangup on weeds and less dirt and debris on the bottom of your bag.

Attached to the adjustable handlebar are four accessory mounts (a standard cup holder is included), a large lockable console, a ball holder, and an umbrella holder/bracket.

If one of the best golf push carts that are durable and easy to keep clean sounds like it could improve your walking golf game, please check out the ClicGear Model 4.0 golf push cart. If you’d like to see our full and in-depth review of the Model 4.0, click here.

Key Features

  • Lightest Weight On Our List (11.9 lbs)

  • $80 Accessories Included w/Purchase

8. Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart

While it may break the bank of some, the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Carts are the most modern push carts… just minus the pushing!

Sitting at the cutting-edge of golf technology, StewartGolf Dream Machines electric carts, or “follow caddies” as they refer to them, allow users to place a handset on their belt or anywhere on their person, and the “follow caddies” follow users to their next shot entirely hands-free! Simply press the ‘Follow’ button on the handset, and your Q Follow Electric cart is ready to go! The Q Follow unfolds and refolds in just 2 steps and sits at a compact 21.45″ x 12.51″ x 23.66″ when folded for easy storage and travel.

The Q Follow has three modes of operation. The ‘Follow’ mode we’ve already discussed, but there’s an additional ‘Remote’ mode where you can directly guide your caddie wherever you need it, and a ‘Manual’ mode is recommended for bridges, car parks, and any situation where the machine may need careful guidance. The 36+ hole battery on the Q Follow is placed very low and central between the wide wheels to prevent the potential of tipping, and while StewartGolf only rates their battery for 36 holes, in our full review, we found it can easily make 54 holes and still have power left. Also featured between the sturdy rear wheels is an automatically deploying stabilizer to ensure confidence when tackling any hilly course.

A microcellular composite material surfaces the chassis, main support, and handle that making them stiffer than traditional models and more weatherproof and long-lasting.

Besides a waterproof scorecard holster, there aren’t really any added frills or accessories to the Q Follow electric cart. It’s purely a personal following “caddie,” but it’s a great one.

For an electric push cart that has the following hands-free capabilities and over 36 holes of life on one charge, check out the Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddie Cart.

Key Features

  • Hands-Free Mode

  • 3 Different Function Modes

  • 36+ Hole Battery

9. SunMountain PX4 Push Cart

Winning Golf Digests Editors’ Choice Manual Push Cart 2021, the Sun Mountain PX4 is an update to their Pathfinder 4 model.

The PX4 folds and unfolds in two easy steps thanks to Sun Mountain’s “E-Z Latch System,” and for a 4-wheel cart, it’s lightweight at 17.2 lbs and compact at 28.5″ x 17″ x 15″. The primarily aluminum frame aids in keeping the cart light while strong and durable.

The updated single-piece handle allows the cart to be pushed or guided by one hand, and the updated console tray has an umbrella holder on the right and left sides, dependent on conditions and player preferences. In addition, there are tee and scorecard holders and a perfect spot for a cell phone to fit snugly and face users as they walk. Also attached to the top portion of the cart is a storage bag that could also function as a drink holder and a mesh storage bag for other golfing accessories.

Besides offering 7 different unique color options, the Sun Mountain PX4s are accommodating to every style of bag with extendable axles on the front wheels (stand bag included). Adjustable length bungee cords secure bags to the cart and ensure a confident ride for the course of the user’s rounds.

We hope it’s clear why we think the Sun Mountain PX4 is one of the best golf push carts on the market today, and we hope to see it carry you to more victories in your 2023 golfing year.

Key Features

  • 7 Color Options

  • Lightweight for 4-Wheel Design

  • Cell Phone Holster

10. TaylorMade Walker Trolley Push Cart

TaylorMade Walker Trolley Push Cart

If you’re looking to turn heads with a golf push cart, look no further than the TaylorMade Walker Trolley Push Cart. TaylorMade partnered with Walker Trolley to play on the “old school pull carts” look and provide a classic style cart with modern technology.

Waxed canvas, leather, and an anodized aluminum frame create a trolley that is going to last for a very long time. Weighing 19 lbs and folding to a size of 33″ x 19″ x 24″, it isn’t the most compact of golf push carts on our list, but that’s not the point. The handle isn’t adjustable (TaylorMade recommends only golfers over 5’5″ attempt to use), the tires require air, but we’ll be damned if it isn’t one of the cleanest and stunning looking golf carts on our list today.

There’s a foot brake system attached to the lower left wheel that is large and easily accessible, and the leather straps and elevated bottom cushion keep your bag securely fastened to the cart at all times of use.

Attached to the unadjustable handle is a canvas storage accessory valued at 100$ that contains a beverage holder that can support two drinks and an outfacing pocket for quick access items (phone, scorecard, tees etc.), and a second pocket for valuables (keys, wallet, etc.). TaylorMade and WalkerTrolley go above and beyond by adding a velcro tab under the handle to easily attach a glove in between shots.

For the convenience of storage, a waxed canvas bag comes with every purchase. For a classy approach to the golf push cart scene, check out the TaylorMade Walker Trolley.

Key Features

  • Old School Look

  • High-Quality Leather and Waxed Canvas Materials

  • Velcro Tab to Keep Glove Secure

What To Look For In Golf Push Carts

Folded Size

If you don’t have the luxury of leaving your push carts at the golf courses you frequent, the folded size is a critical aspect of choosing your own. Some carts are significantly smaller and easier to transport than others. If you’re looking to minimize garage space/trunk space taken with your cart purchase, the BIG MAX Blade IP is the smallest folded cart on our list today.


The last thing you want is a golf cart that becomes a hindrance to your walking rounds. The top carts on our list rank incredibly high in maneuverability due to their swiveling front wheel. Where 4-wheel carts can sometimes offer slightly more instability, the TriSwivel II from BagBoy and the Rovic RV1S from ClicGear, with their swiveling front wheels, are most definitely the easiest to maneuver push carts on our list.


In an age where our refrigerators have touch screens, it comes as no real surprise many of the push carts on our list have some great features. Foot brakes work great but having a hand brake is a great feature. Some of the carts on our list have large/multiple storage compartments, and some even have a built-in cooler! For push carts with the most added features, check out the BagBoy TriSwivel II, the CaddyCruiser One Tour from CaddyTek, and the BIG MAX Blade IP.


If the golf courses you frequent are particularly hilly or have rocky/loose footing, stability is going to be a crucial aspect of your cart purchasing decision. If you live in a climate that is wet often, choosing to have a four-wheel ultra-stable cart like the CaddyCruiser One Tour from CaddyTek or the PX4 from Sun Mountain might be the smartest option. If you play on a particular flat or easy-to-traverse golf course, we’re sure any of the three-wheel options on our list today will provide more than enough stability.


Of course, your golf push carts should match not only your style but should inspire confidence when you look at it that you made a good decision. Many of our carts on our best of 2023 list offer up to eight different color options. The Walker Trolley (as well as many others on our list) sell more personalized versions of their storage compartments to show a player’s personality and unique taste.

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