BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag Review

All The Features of a Cart Bag, All The Function of a Carry Bag

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During my fall rounds of golf in AZ, my golf clubs rode in the BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag.  This bag works perfectly in a power cart, on a push cart and can be carried comfortably.  It is a do it all kind of bag.  It functions as well as any cart bag you can find, but has a stand, dual carry straps and is lightweight to function as well as any carry bag. It also is made out of Dri Lite material so it is basically weather proof too. 

This is the definitive BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag Review.

Our #1 choice of golf bag in Best Rain Gear 2024.

Hybrid Bag??

By now everyone knows the benefits of a hybrid club.  It is a blend between a fairway wood and a long iron.  It is a versatile club that can either fill a gap or be a creative shot saver.  A Hybrid Bag offers similar versatility.  It is a realitvely new category of bags, but designed for the golfer that mixes up their mode of getting around the golf course.  Some golfers walk 99% of the time, others ride 99% of the time, but what if you have a pretty even split between walking with a push cart, riding on an electric cart and carrying your clubs.  The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag is the perfect bag with features and functions that work well in all 3 situation. 

14-Way Top

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag‘s top is a 14 divider that is overall a fairly large top which is excellent for spacing and getting the clubs in and out. Each slot has a unique shape with a v notch which helps each club settle into the center of each slot.  This creates less chatter and spacing between clubs for a nice visual when looking at the bag.  There is a large putter well which means no matter what size grip you have, it will fit easily in the putter slot.  I think the 4 rows work well too for creating levels of clubs, woods, long irons, short irons and wedges. I remain a big fan of 14 way tops and this one is excellent. The molded plastic handles that surround the top rim make for protection and easy pick up from any angle.

Labeled Pockets

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag has labeled pockets.  It is one of the most unique features I’ve seen on any bag.  Each zipper is printed with what it was meant to hold.  There is a phone pocket, cooler pocket, a valuables pocket, etc.  If you are like me and your throw stuff in random pockets and then throughout the round and searching your bag for something, this labeling system can certainly help if you make use of it.  I liked that the zipper are sealed too so that they keep the contents dry.  The pockets are designed around the function of both a cart and carry bag.  There is large full length pocket on one side and a smaller pocket on the carry side.  2 spine pockets are really big.  This bag can carry everything you need for a round of golf and then some.

Dri Lite Matterial

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag is made with Dri Lite material which means it is water resistant which is a safe way of saying waterproof.  I really believe this bag is waterproof from my experience, but I suppose to meet certain criteria a little water might make it through somewhere.  However during my last round, the rain didn’t get into my bag one bit from the outside.  The top still allow water to drip down the clubs and come in the spaces of the slots, but the seems, the welded zippers kept stuff in the pockets dry.  While not 100% waterproof which is near impossible anyway with a golf bag, this is the most water repellent of any bag I’ve tested.  There are 3 color options; black, grey and red/white/blue.  They all have a nice logoing and accent colors on the bag. 

Molded Hybrid Bottom

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag has a flat bottom which pivots to engage the leg system.  It is also has a slot molded into the bottom which helps keep the bag secure from twisting on a push cart.  These two features work hand in hand for all 3 methods of golfing.  It rides nicely in a power cart, securely in a push cart and stands with the legs down. I also like how the bag will stand nicely when off a cart in the parking lot or in the office waiting for the next round.

Cart Bag/Stand Bag

The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag is designed to do it all, cart, carry, push.  It is well designed to do all 3 well.  I like the basically flat top so that it transitions from one mode to the other without requiring a rearrangement of clubs.  The strap hits at just the right spot under the handle on both push and power carts.  The pockets are accessible and useful no matter how the bag is used.  While you might think that every stand bag can be a cart bag, and that is kind of true, but the extra size of this bag makes it well suited for carts, but yet super lightweight making it easy to carry.  The flat and molded bottom help too.  The accessible pockets also add to the function as either cart or carry bag.


The BIG MAX Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Bag is really a well rounded do it all golf bag.  It can go from carry to cart to push seamlessly and impressively. The Dri Lite material keeps the water out while being very lightweight.  It is a big carry bag that doesn’t feel big while carrying it.  It has ample storage and 14-way top which serves great as a cart bag.  If you mix up your mode of transportation while playing golf throughout the season, this is the one bag that truly does it all and does it all well.

For More Information: BIG MAX Website

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