Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

With many rain-soaked rounds of golf under our belts, we’ve tested a lot of rain gear over the years. We found that Galvin Green makes the best waterproof golf jacket on the market, specifically the Galvin Green Apollo jacket.

If you love playing golf as much as we do, you won’t want wet conditions to get in the way. However, hitting the course without the proper rain gear can soon turn an enjoyable round into a miserable one. Without the best golf rain gear, you’ll be soaking wet and uncomfortable out on the golf course. That affects everything, from your golf swing to the mental side of the game. And it’s a sure-fire way to card a terrible round.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Golf rain gear these days keeps you dry, comfortable and swinging your best even in the worst weather conditions. And the Galvin Green Apollo jacket is the best waterproof golf jacket to do just that.

Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

The Galvin Green Apollo is a GORE-TEX Paclite stretch jacket, meaning it’s completely waterproof and comfortable. This rain jacket is super lightweight and breathable. Sometimes you can forget you’re even wearing a waterproof golf jacket. The only reminder is that you’re staying dry in the rain. With stretch fabric, you’ll have the freedom of movement to make your best golf swing every time. It’s just up to you to execute it then. This golf jacket won’t restrict you like a regular golf jacket. So, you’ll have the best chance to hit bombs down the fairway, even in wet conditions.

The combination of performance, comfort, and playability makes this Galvin Green jacket the best waterproof jacket on the market.

Of course, golf rain gear is about more than the best waterproof jackets. That’s why we’re not only picking the four best golf rain jackets. We’ll also give you the three best golf rain pants and the best golf rain suit.

So, make sure you check out the reviews below for the best golf rain gear in 2023.

Best Golf Rain Gear 2023

Here’s the list for a quick look at the best golf rain gear.

Waterproof Jackets

  1. Galvin Green Apollo (Best Overall)
  2. Adidas Golf Rain rdy (Best Value)
  3. FootJoy HydroTour (Excellent Premium)
  4. Puma Ultradry (Alternative Value Option)

Rain Pants

  1. FootJoy Hydrolite (Best Overall)
  2. Sun Mountian Monsoon (Best Value)
  3. Galvin Green Alpha (Alternative Premium)

Rain Suit

  1. Nike Golf Storm-Fit (Best Overall)

Best Waterproof Golf Jackets

Those are our picks for the best rain gear. Now, let’s jump into a review of each one to see why they made our list.

1. Galvin Green Apollo (Best Overall)

Galvin Green Apollo

The Galvin Green Apollo jacket is the best waterproof jacket in 2023. Although it comes at a premium price, it’s worth it. Not only is it seam-sealed and 100% waterproof, but it’s also totally windproof. So, you’ll stay completely dry and won’t be bothered by any cutting winds. That’s especially great news if you play a coastal golf course.

You might think these features will make the jacket heavy and stuffy. However, the Galvin Green Apollo is extremely lightweight and offers excellent breathability. It can get super uncomfortable if your jacket isn’t breathable. But say goodbye to feeling like your torso is basking in a sauna with this golf rain jacket. Made with lightweight material, you can store this jacket in your golf bag without taking up much space. It won’t weigh you down during a round, whether you’re wearing it or carrying it in your bag.

Also, it’s essential to consider the fit of a rain jacket. You don’t want parts hanging loose and messing with your swing or making you uncomfortable. An elastic drawstring at the hem allows you to have the desired fit. And the cuffs are partially elasticated with a tab for touch and close fastening. Some golfers find it distracting if their cuffs move during the swing. If you’re one of them, you can fasten these cuffs tight.

Galvin Green says the Galvin Green Apollo jacket is for the serious golfer. We agree! If you play golf no matter the weather conditions, this jacket is worth the premium price tag.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Extremely lightweight and breathable

  • Stretch fabric

  • Front hand pockets - good for storing accessories (or cold hands)

  • Shaped sleeves for easy movement

  • Five color combinations

2. Adidas Golf Rain rdy (Best Value)

The Adidas rain rdy jacket is the best value rain jacket on our list. It’s not quite up there with the Galvin Green. However, it’s about $150 cheaper, making it excellent value for money. This Adidas rain jacket is waterproof with a windproof construction to block wind. It has a water-repellent finish, so water beads on the jacket and runs off. And the adjustable hem allows you to tighten the fit and shield yourself against the elements.

OK, let’s cover the movement factor. It’s no good having all this protection if it’s like swinging in a medieval suit of armor. No, we haven’t tried playing golf dressed as the Mountain from Game of Thrones, though we imagine it’s restrictive, to say the least. But you don’t have to worry about that with the rdy jacket. The four-way stretch fabric ensures free movement out on the golf course. We love it when a golf rain jacket doesn’t restrict your swing. You can play your game with the usual freedom.

Additionally, this waterproof jacket is super lightweight – 9.52 ounces. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. And it’s easy to fold and store in your golf bag. Forget bulky waterproof jackets when you can go for the Adidas rain rdy jacket.

Although this is a great rain jacket, it only comes in two colors: black and navy. Also, some players might not like the design, as the material can be reflective.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and windproof

  • Hem drawcord

  • Full zip closure

  • Four-way stretch fabric

  • Seam-sealed design

  • Front hand pockets

  • UV 50+ factor

3. FootJoy HydroTour

FootJoy HydroTour

The FootJoy HydroTour rain jacket is another excellent waterproof jacket at a premium price. It’s 100% waterproof and comes with a two-year waterproof warranty, which is a nice touch. This waterproof jacket is super comfortable and has a quality feel. FootJoy is known for making exceptional golf gear, and their waterproof jackets fall into this category. You get what you pay for with this waterproof jacket.

A DrySeal technology collar keeps rain from sneaking into any gaps, as it has a drawcord on the inner layer. And if rain collects on the collar, it has two tiny holes on the outer layer to let water escape on the outside of the jacket. This keeps the back of your neck dry. The level of protection makes this jacket awesome in heavy rain.

Also, this is a warm jacket, warmer than the other waterproof golf jackets on the list. That’s great for keeping winter at bay. If you play in colder weather, this is a great choice. However, that also means it can get too hot inside if the weather is a little warm.

Unrestricted movement is a must for a waterproof jacket. The FootJoy HydroTour gets top marks in this department. That’s down to the stretchy material it’s made from. Your swing won’t be restricted like it is with some waterproof golf jackets. You can grip it and rip it with confidence wearing this rain jacket.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof

  • Two-year waterproof warranty

  • Three-panel construction and dual sealed seams

  • DrySeal technology collar

  • Inside storm flap

  • Aquaguard waterproof zippers

  • Four-way stretch fabric

  • Adjustable cuffs

4. Puma Ultradry (Alternative Value Option)

Puma Ultradry

The Puma Ultradry rain jacket is a great alternative value option. You’ll get all the waterproof and windproof protection you need with this jacket. And that’s what you need from golf rain gear. It has waterproof zippers and zip pockets at the waist. No rain can creep in through the zips, keeping you and anything in your pockets dry.

The ventilated back makes this jacket very breathable. Heat can escape, keeping you cool and minimizing sweat. Getting too sweaty during golf can become uncomfortable, which leads to distraction and bad shots.

Although it doesn’t feel like a tailored fit, it’s very comfortable. The quality is great for the price, and the Puma Ultradry is undoubtedly one of the best waterproof golf jackets at this price. That makes it a fantastic value option.

Key Features

  • 10k waterproof

  • Waterproof front zipper

  • Zip pockets

  • Adjustable cuffs

  • Ventilated back

  • Fully seam-sealed

Best Golf Rain Pants

1. FootJoy Hydrolite (Best Overall)

FootJoy Hydrolite

The FootJoy Hydrolite pants are the best overall waterproof pants. They’re 100% waterproof and come with a two-year warranty. FootJoy produces stylish rain gear, and these pants are no different. You could almost wear them to the office as well as the golf course. We love how good they look. But looks aren’t everything. Golf rain pants have to perform out on the course.

And these do just that. The lightweight Sta-Dry System is waterproof and windproof, protecting you from the elements. Also, they’re easily folded and stored in your bag without weighing you down. These pants are extremely breathable, so you won’t overheat if it’s warm and wet. And they’re quiet when you’re swinging. You won’t get distracted by any annoying rubbing sounds. It’s no good when noisy golf rain pants put you off your shot. That silence can be the difference between driving the ball down the middle of the fairway or necking one into the trees.

Additionally, these pants have a gripper waistband for a non-slip fit. That adds comfort for you. You won’t have to keep pulling them up and adjusting them during your round. And speaking of fit, a velcro bottom allows for convenient length and fit alterations. You can adjust them to fit you perfectly.

These rain pants are tried and tested, and they pass with flying colors. That’s why the FootJoy Hydrolite waterproof pants are our pick for best overall.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Sealed seams

  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Comfortable and quiet

  • Gripper stretch waistband

  • Velcro bottom for adjustability

2. Sun Mountain Monsoon (Best Value)

The best value golf rain pants are Sun Mountain Monsoon. They offer great protection at about half the price of the FootJoy pants. You’ll get everything expected from rain gear. They’re waterproof and windproof to shelter your legs from the worst weather. For freedom of movement, they’re made from stretchy material. That’s exactly what you want in rain pants. Sometimes golfers overlook the importance of leg movement in the golf swing. But you need to have maneuverability in your lower body for optimal performance.

These pants are lightweight and breathable, which is a must to make any best list. Also, an elastic waist drawcord means you can adjust them for a snug fit. And we really like the lower-leg zippers that allow for easy on and off access.

The low price combined with the performance makes the Sun Mountain Monsoon rain pants the best value.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and windproof

  • Mechanical-stretch material

  • Featherlight

  • Adjustable

  • Lower-leg zippers

  • Elastic waist drawstring

  • Three pockets

3. Galvin Green Alpha (Alternative Premium)

Galvin Green Alpha

The Galvin Green Alpha rain pants are a fantastic alternative premium option, with their waterproof GORE-TEX C-knit technology. Galvin Green makes some of the best rain gear on the market. You can be assured of the quality when you buy these products. And that quality does come at a premium price tag. However, you can literally feel the quality of these rain pants. The material is incredibly smooth to the touch, and they glide on without any friction. You won’t be struggling to get these on over your normal pants when the rain sweeps in. We love that!

These rain pants are 100% waterproof with fully taped seams. They are totally windproof while offering excellent breathability. The stretchy material offers great movement in any direction. And their lightweight nature means you’ll barely realize you’re wearing rain gear.

The two front pockets with fleece lining are a good touch. If it’s cold out on the course, you can keep your hands nice and warm. It’s not easy hitting a good shot with cold hands. And have you ever thinned a shot with cold hands? It’s like getting an electric shock up the fingers. No good. However, you won’t have to worry about that when your hands are snug in fleece-lined pockets.

Galvin Green makes some of the best rain gear on the planet, so the Galvin Green Alpha rain pants deserve a mention on the list for the best waterproof pants.

Key Features

  • 100% waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Lightweight and breathable

  • Stretchy material

  • Elasticated waist and drawstring

  • Smooth "slide and glide" inside

  • Adjustable leg width

Best Rain Suit

1. Nike Golf Storm-Fit (Best Overall)

Nike Golf Storm-Fit

The Nike Golf Storm-Fit is our choice for the best overall rain suit. This full rain suit is sure to keep you dry and comfortable when the weather turns nasty. And that’s exactly what the best rain suits should do. The storm-fit fabric is completely waterproof up to 10,000 mm of rain. It doesn’t matter how much you love golf and want to play no matter the weather, as it’s not even possible to play in that much rain. So, this rain suit is 100% waterproof for all intents and purposes. And it’s windproof in case you find the wind whipping the rain sideways. That’s when rain suits come in handy. You can be assured your whole body is protected.

This protection doesn’t come at the cost of breathability, though. The rain suit is lined with fine mesh, giving the pants and jacket excellent breathability. You won’t get the oven effect as you do with some rain suits. And that keeps you comfortable throughout the round.

Also, the Nike Golf Storm-Fit rain suit is adjustable for the perfect fit. The cuffs on the jacket are adjustable with a Velcro fastener, and it has an adjustable hem. An elastic waist with a drawcord on the pants allows you to fasten the pants so they won’t slip. That gives you a comfortable fit all day.

All of this makes it one of the best golf rain suits out there. The excellent price, however, tips the scales here. Some rain suits get very expensive, but this one costs half the price of some premium jackets. With the Nike Golf Storm-Fit, you get an awesome rain suit at a reasonable price. One downside is the limited color options.

Key Features

  • Waterproof up to 10,000 mm rain

  • Windproof

  • Adjustable full rain suit

  • Waist pockets

  • Comfortable and lightweight


Those are our top picks for the best golf rain gear in 2023. Like with buying any golf gear, there are certain things you’ll want to consider when buying rain gear. Let’s take a closer look at these so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Waterproof instead of water-resistant

When buying golf rain gear, you’ll want products that are waterproof instead of water-resistant. Waterproof garments will keep you dry all day if you’re playing in the rain. All the products on our list are waterproof instead of water-resistant. The Galvin Green Apollo, for instance, is 100% waterproof. This will keep you dry in weather that surpasses the limits of playability.

However, if you buy water-resistant golf rain gear, you’ll likely get soaked through. It won’t repel the water. It’s essential to get waterproof gear, especially if you walk the course. It sucks getting your inner layers wet and trying to play good golf. You’re weighed down with water, and your swing is restricted. If you’ve got water-resistant gear, you’ll be trudging along while your buddies are dry in their waterproof golf rain gear. We know who we’re betting on to win in that case. Do yourself a favor and make sure you buy waterproof golf gear.


It’s always best to consider windproof gear when buying golf rain gear. The wind picking up is usually the first sign of rain coming through. The two are like a tag team. If you don’t have windproof gear, the wind can get pretty nasty. It’ll take the warmth from your body and make you uncomfortable out on the course. Also, you don’t want your body cooling down too much. Being warm keeps you loose, which allows you to hit better golf shots. Cooling down too much can also lead to injuries. You might think that you can swing the same as before, but cold muscles don’t care what you think. If you try to push them beyond their limits, that could lead to an injury. We don’t want anyone throwing their back out just because they didn’t have windproof gear.


When buying golf rain gear, you’ll want to consider how it affects your movement. The golf swing needs unrestricted upper and lower-body movement. So, you’ll want a jacket and pants that don’t get in the way of your swing. Therefore, golf rain gear shouldn’t be too bulky and restrictive. You should be able to make your desired upper-body turn during the swing. And your legs should be able to move as normal as well.

That’s why all of our picks are lightweight and well-fitted. None of these options will get in the way of your perfect swing. That’s as important as staying dry. There’s no point keeping dry if you can’t play the game properly. The best gear will keep you dry while allowing you to card the best possible score in the rain.


You’ll also want to consider comfort when buying golf rain gear. Some people may be surprised by how much comfort (or lack of comfort) can affect your golf. Over the years, we’ve seen many instances of comfort impacting a player’s shot. You’ve probably noticed this yourself. We bet you’ve addressed the ball before and felt uncomfortable only to hit the shot anyway. And then you watch helplessly as the ball flies into the water hazard. Don’t underestimate comfort where golf is concerned.

Wearing comfortable golf rain gear can make a big difference during your round. If you’re dry and comfortable, you’re less likely to get distracted when playing your shots. That allows you to concentrate fully on the task at hand, hitting the fairway or the green. As well as having gear that’s waterproof and windproof with good movement, you’ll want it to be breathable too. That breathability adds to the comfort factor. You won’t overheat and start sweating buckets.


Let’s wrap this guide up so you can choose the golf rain gear that suits your needs. We’ve offered you four awesome jackets, three amazing choices for pants, and a solid rain suit. The Galvin Green Apollo jacket is a phenomenal rain jacket. You can’t go wrong with that. The FootJoy Hydrolite pants are fantastic to wear out on the course. They’re a joy to play in. And the Nike Golf Storm-Fit rain suit offers great protection at a reasonable price.

But you already know what to consider when buying golf rain gear now. We know you’ll make the best choice. You won’t have to worry about rain coming through the next time you’re out on the golf course.

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